Pillowcase Dresses for Little Girls

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Pillowcase Dresses for Little Girls

Pillowcase Dresses for Little GirlsFor Charity or Family

Various Examples-

BeforeAfterPlus a little lace & a pocket =

For larger sizes, consider an opening in back to help with movement.Appliqus? Trims?

Fabric SelectionPrint fabric is best as it will not show soilAvoid semi sheer fabricsPoly-cotton blend will have body and resist wrinklesFor straps, use bias tape or make your own binding/tiesPockets? Ruffled hem? Lace trim? Appliques?Check remnant rack for suitable fabrics or trim!

Sew center back seam. Finish with zigzag if notserged, for durability.

2. Finish top edge with serger, zigzag stitching, or fold under, press and stitch casing for elastic.

3. Measure and press for elastic casing and bottom hem.

5. Use the crease to help with alignment of lace or other trims.

6. Stitching elastic casing withtwill tab for size.

7. After inserting the elastic into the casing, pin firmly and stitch across each open end.8. Pin the binding in place prior to stitching

If you have sufficient scraps for a pocket, go for it!

*Using actual pillowcases No need for side seams or bottom hem.

Plan to reinforce both underarmseams if serged originally.

Fold and press for elastic casing.

Remember to include the size written with indelible ink on twill tape.

After stitching the ends of the casing & securingthe elastic, pin and stitch ties onto armholes. If desired,add a pocket or two.Now what???Give as giftsDonate to various charities:Bear Creek United Methodist Church Piece Makers will send to orphans in HaitiGo to Little Dresses for Africa and send to themOther outlets De Pelchin, Star of Hope, etc.Questions?The End