Picture Perfect: AAG Landscape Photography Competition Winners

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  • Picture Perfect: AAG Landscape PhotographyCompetition Winners

    byChris W. Post

    For approximately seven years now,the Cultural Geography Specialty Groupof the Association of American Geogra-phers (AAG) has hosted a Landscape Pho-tography Exhibit during the AAGs annualmeeting. In 2014, the event was held inTampa, FL. Last summer, the CGSG Boarddecided to add a special componentacompetition of sortsto our annual photoexhibit, that would provide an opportu-nity for the top photographers to publish

    their work in a peer-reviewed academicjournal. We are pleased to have theopportunity to partner with FOCUS onGeography and present this years top threephotographs as Picture is Worth featureswith landscape images from Curacao, Sic-ily, and Mexico City.

    We hope that matching the CGSGPhoto Exhibit with FOCUS becomes anannual endeavor. This addition to theyearly events that we host at the annual

    AAG meeting is an opportunity to repre-sent the CGSG to a wider audience in thehopes of increasing membership and inter-est in our group. Any partnership betweenthe AAG and its specialty/affinity groupsand the American Geographical Society isa worthy endeavor. We look forward tocontinued synergy between the groupsand hope you enjoy the best of what thisyears CGSG Landscape PhotographyExhibit has to offer!

    134 Focus on Geography Volume 57, Number 3