Photo Fusion: A Wedding Photographers Guide to Mixing Digital Photography and Video

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  • Jennifer Bebb

    A Wedding Photographers Guide to Mixing Digital Photography and Video


    Photo FusionPhoto Fusion

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    Give your clients more than moments


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    Fusion. Its capturing not only the sights and colors, but also the voices. The music. The sweep of her train, and the way his fi ngers tremble ever so slightly. The toast, and the emotion in the best mans voice. By blending still photography with audio and video, you can give your clients more than just the moments of their day. You can preserve the day in all its dimensions, forever.

    Create a legacy your clients will cherish. Theyll tell their friends, and your business will bloom.

    Includes more than 200 breathtaking color images by the author!

    Jennifer Bebb, with her husband Stephen, operates Bebb Studios, named one of the top 10 wedding photographers in the world by American Photo in 2007. In addition to a thriving photography business in Vancouver, BC, the Bebbs conduct several seminars each year and recently produced a DVD, entitled Fusion Is Now, about the Fusion technique.

    Easy steps to creating and sharing Fusion Select the right cameras, sound recording systems, and auxiliary equipment

    Choose the medium that best showcases each portion of the wedding day

    Learn where to place microphones and video cameras and plan your setup

    Compare editing options: iMovie, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, and other choices

    Edit and blend video footage, stills, audio, and music tracks

    Prepare your Fusion for DVD and showcase it online

    Includes instructional DVD

    DVD includes magnifi cent examples of the effects you can achieve with Fusion


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    Wiley Publishing, Inc.

    Photo FusionJennifer Bebb

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  • Photo Fusion

    Photo Fusion: A Wedding Photographers Guide to Mixing Digital Photography and Video

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  • About the Author

    Jennifer Bebb is a fun loving, life living, hate-getting-up-early, dream weaving, wife, mom, friend, daughter, sister, writer, photographer, storyteller and business person, Jennifer has certainly taken the idea that she can have it all to heart.

    Together with her husband, Steve, she was thrust into the international spotlight in 2007 when American Photo named them as two of the top Wedding Photographers in the World. Traveling the globe together, the Bebbs work tirelessly to educate within their industry while keeping focussed on their most important roles as spouses and parent.

    Based in Vancouver, Canada, the Bebbs quickly grasped the impact that Fusion would have on wedding photographers and spear headed a revolution in storytelling. Spurred on by their own wedding experience, and the raising of their children the Bebbs are quietly Fusion-ing their way into their clients hearts.

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  • Photo Fusion

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  • Credits

    Acquisitions EditorCourtney Allen

    Project EditorCarol Person

    Technical EditorLonzell Watson

    Copy EditorCarol Person

    Editorial DirectorRobyn Siesky

    Business ManagerAmy Knies

    Senior Marketing ManagerSandy Smith

    Vice President and Executive Group PublisherRichard Swadley

    Vice President and Executive PublisherBarry Pruett

    Media Development Project ManagerLaura Moss

    Book DesignerErik Powers

    Media Development Assistant Project ManagerJenny Swisher

    Media Development Associate ProducerDoug Kuhn

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  • Photo Fusion

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  • Acknowledgments

    Ive often read this section in other publications and wondered at how many people an author will thank. Having never written a book before, I had no idea how many people were involved, how much collaboration there was with the team, or how all consuming this process can be. So, I humbly offer my own acknowledgments for those who helped make Photo Fusion a reality.

    I must fi rst thank Barry Pruitt who rocked my world with an e-mail asking me if I would be interested in writing a book. Thinking at fi rst it was a joke, Barry quickly assured me that this was, in fact, a reality, and I am humbled that he reached out to me.

    To Courtney Allen and Carol Person whose unfl agging encouragement, gentle critiques, and shared sense of humor helped me keep moving forward. Our e-mail exchanges make me smile, even with deadlines looming. Though our relationship started as business, I believe we have become friends through this process and I only wish we could get together in person. Words dont adequately express how much I appreciate the two of them and I hope to work with both of them again soon.

    To Lonzell, my technical editor, thank you for helping me clarify the technical aspects of this book and for reminding me that we must always be open to learn something new, no matter how long we have been doing something.

    To Erik who made the book truly beautiful, thank you for your appreciation of our art and for making Photo Fusion a truly extraordinary extension.

    To my extended family, friends, colleagues, and clients: Thank you for sharing me with this project, for supporting me as I fulfi lled this lifelong dream, and for understanding when I had to focus on this task. You are truly an amazing group of people and I am humbled to have you all in my life. Mom and Dad, you watched me grow up writing and though you may have wondered if it would ever get me anywhere ... here we are! Thank you for your support even when you thought I was crazy for the choices I was making. And Jackie and Trevor the worlds best in-laws, you gave me your son and with that a lifetime of support and love. Thank you.

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  • Photo Fusion

    A special thanks to our clients Alicia and Alex and Lindsey and JP for letting us use them as guinea pigs when w