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<ul><li><p>Petersham and Ham Sea Scouts newsletter</p><p>Autumn 2016</p><p>SCOUTING is all about helping those less fortunate than ourselves - and heres a chance to help some of the worlds most needy. Along with Crusader Travel in Twickenham, I am organising a collection for the Calais Refugee Camp and we need your help.We are looking for donations of sleeping bags, mats, blankets and tents. We also need food including cartons of UHT milk, 1kg bags of rice, sugar or lentils, cooking oil, tinned chickpeas, fruit, veg or kidney beans plus tea, coffee and dried fruit and nuts.Please bring your donation to Crusader Travel 57-58 Church Street, Twickenham TW1 3NR by Friday October 14.</p><p>We also need Cubs and Scouts to volunteer to sort the donations on a rota basis up to October 14, and helpers to drive to Calais with the collection on October 20 and 21.</p><p>If you can help, please contact: Shona on 020 8744 0474 or email: or email</p><p>Finally, we need to raise 150 to cover the travel and ferry costs, so please donate at:</p><p></p><p>Newsletter Editor</p><p>the Fundraising section as we urgently need to bank the money before planning permission runs out in April next year. Even if you can only spare a pound or two, it all helps, so please dig deep and read on to see if you can contribute and get the New Scout Hut built.</p><p>Finally, thank you to everyone who sent stories and photos for the newsletter. If youd like your article or activity to be featured in the Spring edition, please email me at - and I look forward to hearing from you. Many thanks and Ill see you at the Scout Hut. </p><p>A VERY warm welcome to our Autumn newsletter, just as the days and nights are getting chillier. In this edition we take a look back at what the Troop was up to over the long, hot summer - and we take a look forward to all the wonderful events coming up this winter.</p><p>Now on the run up to Christmas its also time to think of those less fortunate than ourselves, so please support our efforts to help others, including Maggie Perrins Calais Refugee Trip with donations needed this week!</p><p>Meanwhile closer to home theres still quite a way to go to raise the money we need for New Phoenix - and time is of the essence. Please read Karins update in Jane Hamilton</p><p>TROOP NEWS</p><p>CALAIS REFUGEE DONATIONS by MAGGIE PERRIN</p></li><li><p>IM A CELEBRITY, GET ME INTO THE SCOUT HUT by KARIN NOBLE</p><p>IBN BATTUTA CUB CAMP by KARIN NOBLE</p><p>THANK YOU AND GOODBYE from SARAH ELVISS</p><p>EACH year the Troop comes together to say a special thank you to the people who put in extra effort and make it possible for our members to enjoy such an amazing range of activities. This year our annual Celebrity Dinners were held on Tuesday May 3 and Friday May 6, with the Scouts cooking up a delicious feast at the Scout Hut.Four patrols cooked a three-course meal for up to five guests each, and a wonderful time was had by all. </p><p>SCOUTING is for everyone so we are proud of our links with the Ibn Battuta Scout Group. Based in Whitton, this branch of 3rd Whitton Scout Group caters for young people from the local Muslim community and introduces them to all that Scouting has to offer.</p><p>Each year we host an event with Ibn Battuta and this year their Cub Pack camped in</p><p>Douglas House Meadow. They had a great time visiting Ham House garden and canoeing on the Thames. Next year we hope to hold a joint camp with them, so watch this space!</p><p>MONDAY Cubs leader Sarah Elviss is moving to Germany as her husband has been posted there for Military service. So as we say Auf Wiedersehn but not Goodbye, heres Sar-ahs farewell message. </p><p>Dear Monday Cubs &amp; Parents,Thank you so much for your generous gifts, which I will enjoy and have very fond memories of my time at P&amp;H Sea Scouts. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with both the Beavers and Cubs and it has been great fun getting to know your children!It is a real pleasure to see them learn, grow and enjoythemselves every week! A massive thank you though to Andy, Paul, Richard and Matthew, your fantastic Lead-ers, who run the show every week! I am also extremely grateful to Karin, who welcomed me and the boys so warmly over two years ago when we moved to the area. I hope that you all have a fantastic year and that all the children con-tinue to enjoy Scouting - wherever that may be!</p><p>Kind regards, Sarah</p></li><li><p>A NEW LITTER IN THE MONDAY CUB PACK</p><p>CUBJAM</p><p>DESPITE Sarahs sad departure Monday Beavers and Cubs continues to go from strength to strength. Please join us in congratulating all our newest members - pic-tured here at their investiture - and all the Cubs who gained so many badgers over the Summer Term.</p><p>If youre new to the pack, heres the Cub Scout Promise, Law and Motto for you to print, learn and keep.</p><p>The Cub Scout Promise:I promise that I will do my best. To do my duty to God and to the Queen.</p><p>To help other people. And to keep the Cub Scout Law.</p><p>The Cub Scout Law:Cub Scouts always do their best. Think of others before themselves.</p><p> And do a good turn every day.</p><p> The Cub Scout Motto:Be Prepared</p><p>DEADLY 60 star Steve Backshall helped unveil a giant Lego birthday cake to mark 100 years of the Scouting Movement. The TV adventurer joined over 1,200 young Cub Scouts from across England and Wales at the CubJam event in Gilwell Park Activity Centre in East London over the Summer.</p><p>The mega cake was built by the UKs only LEGO Certified Professional builder, Duncan Titmarsh, and constructed of a whopping 22,000 LEGO bricks.The tricky creation was topped with 100 Lego candles by Cubs from across the country</p><p>Rachel Jardine aged 10, Cub Scout from Fenstanton, Cambs, said: CubJam is brilliant. I have made friends with other Cubs from all over the place. I have done so manyactivities and had I loved taking part in all the campingactivities.</p><p>Louise Clover, an adult who has helped to organise the event, said: Most people dont realise how much fun it is being a volunteer with Scouting. Its great to put my spare time into something that makes such a difference to so many boys and girls. It helps them to believe they can do anything. I love being part of a team with a like-minded bunch of people running events like this. You cant beat the feeling when you see the young people having so much fun.</p><p>Want to volunteer yourself? See our Helping Hands section below. </p></li><li><p>WE KNOW P&amp;H is special, but its always lovely whenothers recognise our efforts too. So please join with us in congratulation Devin Cleta who was presented with his Chief Scout Gold Award by District Commissioner, Mike Pain.</p><p>Other awards over the last few months include Chris Wright who was presented with a long service certificate, also by District Commissioner, Mike Pain. </p><p>LOTS of our helpers have been working hard to earn their pulling (rowing) permits to take our boats out onto the Thames. Our photo shows the members of P&amp;H who gained their attendance certificate for the weekend course at the District Scout Boating Centre in April. From left to right: Russell Holroyd, Marie Stefan, Robin Corti centre (Assessor for permits) Him Huggett and Christine Taylor.</p><p>DID you know St George is the patron saint of Scouts? In Scouting for Boys, Baden-Powell said that St George was typical of what a Scout should be. When St George faced danger he did not avoid it but went at it with all the power he could, and that is exactly the way a Scout should face a difficulty no matter how great or terrifying it may appear. He should go at it boldly and confidently, using every power that he can, and the probability is that he will succeed.So, the Sunday nearest to St. Georges Day has become an annual occasion for UK Scouts to hold ceremonies tore-affirm their Promise and acknowledge the Scout Law.On April 17th the Scouts and Cubs and Beavers did just that, in Richmond College Hall and on the streets of Twick-enham. A big thank you to everyone who attended for P&amp;H. </p><p>THE Jack Petchey award allowed us to go horseriding recently with the lovely team at Ham House Stables. You couldnt ask for a nicer way to spend a Friday evening.</p><p>AWARDS &amp; PRIZES</p><p>VISITS &amp; ACTIVITIES</p><p>AMAZING AWARDS! </p><p>ON THE PULL THANK YOU JACK by CON OBRIEN</p><p>BY GEORGE! by CON OBRIEN</p></li><li><p>MATCH OF THE DAY by SARAH ELVISS</p><p>SCOUTS BOARD HMS DUNCAN by CON OBRIEN</p><p>OUR WORLD OF ADVENTURES AT CHESSINGTON by ANNABEL HOBLEY</p><p>HE SHOOTS, he scores and he raises a magnificent 320.70! That was the fantastic result from the Six-a-Side football tour-nament at the Kew and Ham grounds in Riverside Drive, Ham.Held in the glorious early summer Sunshine on May, 30 junior members took part in the tournament</p><p>As well as entry fees to the tournament, we raised 73 from the raffle and 37 from the barbecue. Thank you all for your support, and the grounds are booked for an even larger event for next year.</p><p>THE Saturday Cubs had a real adventure when they spent the day at Chessington World of Adventures in September.</p><p>Russell Holroyd (Special Activities Co-ordinator) was desig-nate the job of measuring up our Cubs for the rides height restrictions! The photos were taken by Charlotte Krag, profes-sional photographer &amp; Cubs mum, as a memory of the special day and all the fun we had. </p><p>ALL aboard, me hearties! Petersham &amp; Ham Sea Scouts were lucky enough to spend a Sunday morning on HMS Duncan while she was moored at Canary Wharf. HMS Duncan is one of the Royal Navys newest ships, a type 45 Destroyer. The Scouts received complimentary tickets to visit the ship from our RN sponsors.While on board, we took a look into the operations room where the crew monitored threats to the ship from the air, the surface and sub-surface. We saw the big gun on deck, and tried to </p><p>lift the heavy 35 kg rounds. The crew told us they can lift and load one of these every four seconds - a truly impressive feat!</p><p>The Royal Marines showed us some of their weapons which we even got to handle (unloaded of course!), and we got to try out the firefighting gear. At the end of the visit we stood on the helicopter deck and invested our new Scout Oliver. A great day out.</p></li><li><p>CUBS CENTENARY CAMP AT WALTON FIRS by CHRIS WRIGHT</p><p>SCOUTS WALTON FIRS CAMP by CON OBRIEN</p><p>HOWZAT by ALEC HAMILTON</p><p>WHAT do you get when you mix 280 Cubs plus 60 helpers and leaders? The answers - a weekend filled with fun!</p><p>The Cubs Centenary Camp at Walton Firs was a fantastic opportunity for Cubs from across the local area to get to-gether, learn new skills and enjoy the great outdoors.</p><p>Amongst the activities on offer were climbing, crate stacking, caving and having a water fight. Every spare moment was used to kick a football round the field. A highlight was the 3 token for the tuck shop, which our Cubs exchanged for a great variety of souvenirs - bracelets, woggles and shiny sand filled animals and as many sweets as possible to make up exactly 3.</p><p>When Sunday morning dawned the boys were up at 5.30am who naturally then woke up the girls - but who needs sleep at camp anyway. The children went home tired but happy, which is exactly as it should be on a successful camp!</p><p>EVERY year we join other Scouts groups from Richmond Upon Thames borough, for a weekend camp at Walton Firs campsite at Cobham. 2016 was a camp of sudden downpours, muddy adventure courses, a solid perfor-mance on the tug-of-war, and a campfire only slightly distracted by real-time updates from the Euro finals!</p><p>THE Monday Cubs were bowled over to have a cricket training sessions with Monday dad Geoff Bond. We met on Ham Common - some of us in cricket whites andothers in their sports gear.</p><p>Whether youd played cricket before or were a totalbeginner, Geoff made it fun for everyone. The sun shone, the stumps fell and we all enjoyed our evening session.</p><p>You could say it was wicket, not wicked! </p></li><li><p>THE JUNE SCUBS CAMP by RUSSELL HOLYROYD</p><p>SWIMMING - OR ROWING! - AGAINST THE TIDE by CON OBRIEN</p><p>THE Cubs gathered on a gloomy but dry afternoon in mid-June and with some welcome help from parents we pitched the camp in good time. We had a range of participants, some new Cubs on their first camp, some old Cubs transitioning to Scouts, newly named the Scubs, and even some visitors from the other groups.</p><p>Dinner was provided by the Cubs with help from Rebecca, lighting some stubbornly damp wood from the forest and cooking full backwoods flat bread, sausage and beans, with chocolate banana dessert.</p><p>In the evening we walked off our dinner by visiting Pem-broke Lodge and King Henry VIII mound, learning the gruesome reason that it was built. King Henry who was resident in Hampton Court Palace wanted to know im-mediately when his divorce to Anne Boleyn was com-plete. A signal man with a red flag on top of St Pauls let a messenger posted on top of the mound know when the deed was done, so avoiding a lengthy wait on a messen-ger travelling from London.</p><p>After cocoa and marshmallows the cubs settled down to a quiet night, all this before midnight - but only just. </p><p>The leaders were once more grateful to be awoken with the dawn chorus of cubs up at 6am and pleased to find Karin, the Bear Grylls of P&amp;H, untouched by wild animals or cold temperatures after sleeping under the stars in her fortress of fold away tables.</p><p>Pancakes were provided for breakfast by the Cubs with a little help from Annabel. A game of Kwik Kick Crick-et, while the tents dried in the glorious sun, then camp was cleared away as if we were never there. Once again helped by the parents we achieved this in record time, many thanks all help is greatly appreciated!</p><p>ALL P&amp;H Scout troops had a chance to pull on the eight-oared Royal Shallop Jubilant out of Richmond Pier over the summer. Its a large vessel, and took some work to get upstream against an outbound tide. It took an hour of hard work to reach Petersham Meadow - and then about five minutes to come back downstream!</p><p>Many thanks to Dick Byswater for getting us safely out and back home.</p></li><li><p>ON A glorious sunny evening in September the Cubs from Seawolves had a fantastic time paddle boarding at Thames Young Mariners. None of them had done this before so they arrived with a mixture of apprehension and excitement, but it wasnt long before they were all up and standing on their boards. There was much shrieking and laughter and as they wobbled and fell in - nobody minded getting soaked as that was half the fun! </p><p>SATURDAY Cubs set sail on the Jubilant on May 21 and had fantastic fun out on the river.</p><p>We had to hold up some really heavy oars while the leaders pushed the boat away from the dock. We also had to be careful when going under Richmond Bridge because we didnt want to crash against the sides of the bridge - and luckily we didnt.It was quite hard rowing because it was very windy and there were other rowers on the water. Rowing back towards Richmond Bridge was easier because the wind wasnt against us, it was helping us.The girls had to row longer than the boys, but it was harder for the boys because the wind was against them. But on the way back the boys seemed happy being in the cabin while the girls...</p></li></ul>