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Peterborough Creative City. The journey of a creative city. A programme of high quality arts events and programme to raise the creative profile of Peterborough A talented city with a growing creative economy Supporting talent & growing creative industries - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Peterborough Creative City

  • Peterborough Creative City

  • The journey of a creative city A programme of high quality arts events and programme to raise the creative profile of Peterborough A talented city with a growing creative economy Supporting talent & growing creative industries How communities are activated, participating and contributing to the cultural life of the cityLegacy of Citizen Power programme and participatory arts projects Culturally networkedEngaging with communities and growing potential audiencesharness our cultural assets in ways that maximise their contribution to growth Working towards the development of new cultural infrastructure

  • The developing role of VivacityGenerate a clear vision for the arts in PeterboroughStrengthen the cultural and creative product in our venuesSupport the development of arts activity across PeterboroughCreate the strategic framework to implement changeDeveloping partnerships Enable and broker new opportunitiesResource and investment alignmentExpertiseCommunication and advocacy

  • Peterborough BOP 2008 Cultural Gap AnalysisNeed to develop local arts economy and support communityNeed to improve current cultural asset baseNeed to capitalise on the opportunity to create a new flagship arts development

  • Principles for development: ConnectivityThread together the key sites and venues, linking Peterboroughs cultural assets and maximising their value as a complete offer

    Peterborough Cultural Cross

  • Principles for development: PartnershipNeed for a solution that leverages high quality work to achieve local benefitsIncrease density of numbersOne stop from idea to source external partners and audiences

  • Southbank Arts ShedPrinciples for development: BoldnessRaise the profile of Peterborough; and raise the profile of the arts in Peterborough

    New, distinctive, high profile, and nationally/internationally recognised

    Link to the international connections of Peterboroughs diverse population and environment city

    Dortmunder ULa Machine - Nantes

  • Twin Track Approach1. Continuing to strengthen artistic product and capacityDeveloping Peterborough Arts FestivalCreative collaborationsRelationship with Arts Council England 2. Catalyse Growth South Bank Arts ShedDevelop programme to Creative People and Places Chauffeurs Cottage introducing Metal to PeterboroughMaximising the collaboration with NPOs e.g. Eastern Angles Forty Years on Project connections back to place and historyBusiness case development and feasibility study

    Consensus and partnership development

  • 2. Next Steps cont - Creative People & Places37 million national fund to establish around 15 projects The purpose of this programme is to create 15 action research partnerships to deliver these outcomes:

    More people from places of least engagement experience and are inspired by the arts.An increase in the range of people regularly engaging in the arts.A demonstrable increase in high-quality arts offer for people in places of least engagement. Sustainable projects and programmes that support the arts and cultural sector to continue to increase reach and improve engagement.

  • Timetable Creative People and Places

  • Next Steps today and beyondOur ambition for the arts in Peterborough should be bold; Peterboroughs local communities, businesses and visitors should not be deprived of the unique and wide-ranging benefits of the arts

    Common issues easy to identify what we need today is progress on solutions and prioritiesHow will my contribution be used?How will the broader arts agenda be developed?