Personalising Learning Development and Research Hubs

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  • 1. Personalising Learning Development and Research Hubs Yorkshire and the Humber Birley Community College Curriculum Hub Andy Ireland Assistant Headteacher Ruth Sorsby SSAT Regional Coordinator


  • Personalised learning demands that every aspect of teaching and support is designed around a pupils needs
    • David Miliband, January 2004
  • The challenge is to meet more needs
  • of more students more fully than in the past

3. PL The gateways Curriculum Design&Organisation New Technologies Assessment for Learning Workforce Reform Student Voice Learning to Learn Advice&Guidance Mentoring&Coaching 4.

  • The Specialist Schools and Academies Trust works to give practical support to the transformation of secondary education in England by building and enabling a world-class network of innovative, high performing secondary schools in partnership with business and the wider community
  • by schools for schools

5. D & R Networks 1

  • 5 innovation networks in 11 regions led by a hub school
  • Student voice
  • Learn to learn
  • Curriculum
  • New technologies
  • Assessment for learning
  • Resources
  • 6000
  • Regional Coordinators
  • Developing Leaders
  • ICT infrastructure

6. D & R Networks 2

  • Four networks
  • A gateway-specific regional network
  • i.e. a hub and its local partners
  • A gateway-specific national network
  • i.e. all the regional hubs for that gateway
  • A regional hub network
  • i.e. the regions hubs for each gateway
  • A national hub network
  • i.e. all hubs of all gateways in all regions
  • Over 500 schools potentially!

7. Aims of D&R

  • Knowledge creation or production
  • Knowledge capture
  • Knowledge transfer

8. Strategy

  • lateral transfer of good practice
  • new practice through development and research
  • teacher-led, school based
  • no top-down, quick fix solutions
  • Doing things differently in order to do them better

9. Curriculum Hub Philosophy

  • To establish effective regional inter-school networks to promote greater and more effective personalisation
  • To identify and share best practice in curriculum design across the networks
  • To develop and innovate next practice across the networks
  • To share regional developments nationally with other regional Hubs

10. Background to Birley

  • 2000 Designated specialist Technology College status
  • 2001 Introduced first vocational qualifications in KS4 (part 1 GNVQ ICT)
  • 2002 Full, intermediate GNVQ in Science and ICT introduced
  • 2003 Full Pathways curriculum introduced to KS4
  • 2006 GNVQ successors BTEC, OCR National, DiDA, NVQ integrate into pathways
  • 2000 5+ A*-C GCSE 35%
  • 2004 5+ A*-C GCSE 52%
  • 2005 5+ A*-C GCSE 58 %
  • Demonstrable curriculum change management at KS4

In top 100 most improved schools 11. Background to Birley - Pathways

  • Pathway 1:10 or 11 GCSEs (some do triple science) +ECDL+ (some able engineers do Applied GCSE in engineering as a double award)
  • Pathway 2:One of four GNVQs (or now, their successors) + 6/7 GCSEs +ECDL for most
  • Pathway 2a:Asdan (Cope), NVQ1 (one day at Sheffield College) and 5/6 GCSEs + ECDL(or similar)
  • Pathway 3:Asdan (Cope), NVQ1 or similar (external),3 GCSEs and work based learning + ECDL (or similar)
  • Pathways has now become established in many schools particularly across the SSAT network.
  • The Hub needs to broaden its focus to cover KS3, KS5 and alternative approaches

12. Establishing the Hub Birley submits Plan to cover all aspects of curriculumRegional SSAT schools invited to participatein HubSteering group forms shares experience and expertise Next practice to develop from best practice within hub Conferenceorganised toshare practice with school notyet changed curriculumNetwork Established and maintained by Birley/hub steering group 13. Key Hub Schools

  • Birley Community College, Sheffield
  • Pathways curriculum at KS4
  • Oakwood TC, Rotherham
  • Alternative provision at KS4
  • Firth Park Community Arts College, Sheffield
  • Pathways and secure routes to KS5
  • Outwood Grange School, Wakefield
  • Compression of KS3, expansion of KS4
  • Beckfoot School, Bradford
  • Early GCSE entry
  • Kingstone School, Barnsley
  • Thematic approaches to KS3
  • Yewlands School, Sheffield
  • Thematic approaches to KS3


  • Establishing and managing pathways at KS4
  • B. Wider qualification choice at KS4
  • C. Progression to post 16 with vocational courses
  • D. 2 year KS3, 3 year KS4, Y9 GCSE entry
  • E. Pedagogy driven curricula in Y7,
  • F. Changes to the Science Curriculum at Key Stage 4

Workshop/network opportunities 15.

  • Contacts:
  • Andy Ireland Assistant Headteacher
  • Birley Community College
  • Thornbridge Avenue
  • Sheffield
  • S11 7LQ
  • Tel: 0114 2392531 Fax: 0114 2655034
  • Email: [email_address]
  • Ruth Sorsby Regional Coordinator, Yorkshire and Humber
  • Tel: 01709 532705 Mob: 07734 814509
  • Email:[email_address]