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  • 2015-01-04, 12:31 PMPerfect Vision Today

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    From the desk of: Samantha PearsonDate: 4th of January 2015

    Dear Friend,

    If you're one of the millions of people around theworld who suffer from short sightedness (Myopia), longsightedness (Hyperopia), Presbyopia, Glaucoma, MacularDegeneration or any other eye condition then you're in the rightplace, as believe it or not, these conditions and more can becompletely reversed, by yourself, from the comfort of your ownhome and without having to visit a single optometrist, doctor orsurgery.Not to mention save you a vast amount of money every year from no longer having to purchase your soon to be non-existent glasses, contact lenses and trips to the optometrist.

    Are YOU

  • 2015-01-04, 12:31 PMPerfect Vision Today

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    Tired of having to struggle to read even the simplest day-to-dayitems?

    Tired of having to deal with the hassle of contact lenses, glasses andeye tests?

    Tired of having to squint and frown just to focus?

    Tired of all of the headaches and migraines that are associated witheye conditions?

    Then I am happy to tell you that all these symptoms of your eye conditionand more can be thrown away for good!

    The Truth Is, All The Visual Problems Youre FacingAre In Fact Completely Reversible And Curable.All the struggles, all the anxiety and frustration with your visioncan be a thing of the past.Plus, keep on reading and you'll find out the real truth about why the glasses or contacts you wearare not actually helping your vision at all, but are guaranteed to ruin it over time.

    Even though it may seem totally impossible to you now, there is a natural and method that over46,400 people just like yourself are using to perfecting their vision to crystal clear, 20/20 standards inas little as 2 weeks.

  • 2015-01-04, 12:31 PMPerfect Vision Today

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    No matter your age, or the extent of your visual problem.

    Even if your optometrist, doctor or physician has told you that your eyecondition is permanent and hopeless (which is simply not true

    Even if your eyes have not improved at all to previous treatments methods.

    You can now finally say goodbye toyour glasses and contact lenses,for good.

    You can say goodbye to countlesstests and trips to the optometrist.

    You can say goodbye to the

  • 2015-01-04, 12:31 PMPerfect Vision Today

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    frustration and hopelessness thatyour visual condition brings you.

    You can now stay completely clearof dangerous surgeries such as lasereye surgery which not only has anextortionate price, but is in fact FARmore dangerous that we are led tobelieve.

    The laser eye clinics wont care to admit it, but common complications include eyeinfections, worsened vision, floaters and even blindness. Complications can even lead tocorneal ectasia, where fluid builds up on the eye and patients require a further cornealtransplant the correct the condition.

    Plus, according to the American Academy of Ophthalmology,complications with laser eye surgery occur relativelyfrequently and theres not even a guarantee that the will actually help, or your condition wont come back at any time.Doesnt sound so great does it?

    Not In Months, But In 2 Short Weeks You Can BeSaying Goodbye To Your Eye Condition, NotTemporarily, But Permanently.

  • 2015-01-04, 12:31 PMPerfect Vision Today

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    Youll shock your optometrist as he will never see you buying a singlecontact lens, pair of glasses or even eye test ever again.

    Youll shock your friends with your ability to read all the day-to-dayobjects that you once struggled with.

    Youll shock your loved ones with your new look and confidencewithout the burden of glasses or contact lenses.

    Youll finally be able to read, see and enjoy life to the fullest, as it wasmeant to be enjoyed.

    The possibilities truly are endless.

    Keep reading, and you'll find out just how easy it is to hack your vision system and cure almost anyeye condition resulting in perfect 20/20 clear vision.

    This secret comes directly from an 84 year old optometrist doctor who has decided to and get revenge on the eyecare and ophthalmology industry, and this remarkable vision secret hasbeen written about in dozens of medical journals and featured in countless magazines. optometrists and the eyecare companies are desperately trying to suppress this information from

  • 2015-01-04, 12:31 PMPerfect Vision Today

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    becoming mainstream.

    Why?In 2012 the contact lens industry alone was worth $6.71 billion... that's right, BILLION. With theindustry set to be worth a staggering $11.7 billion by just 2015.

    Its an endless gold mine and its nowonder they dont want this visionperfecting secret to become publicknowledge. You can probablyrealize now the real drive andincentive behind the marketing andselling of contact lenses andglasses.The industry even ensures that most optometrists work on a commission basis. The morethe optometrist can get you to spend on glasses and contact lenses, the more they willmake; knowing too well that glasses and contact lenses are in fact worsening your condition.

    So what are others saying about this vision perfecting secret, that the eyecare industry is sodesperately trying to hide?

    "I don't even need my glasses!""Its been about 11 days, and already I can focus and read so much better. Itsremarkable. I dont even need my glasses anymore! My eye sight is a million timesbetter than it was, and I wouldnt have believed this was even possible to achieve all thisnaturally until I found out for myself. Thank you so much."

    Doris P. - US

  • 2015-01-04, 12:31 PMPerfect Vision Today

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    "My results are beyond my wildest dreams!""Its been 13 days of following the secret to 20/20 vision you shared with me andhonestly my results are beyond my wildest dreams. Ive ditched my glassescompletely. I cant believe I achieved this without surgery and in less than 2 weeks.Truly amazing. Thank you!"

    Clifford A. - UK

    "My optometrist doesn't believe me!""I was honestly very sceptical when I was told I could naturally cure my myopia fromhome. But I really had nothing to lose. Well, as you can probably tell, I am no longerwearing my glasses and its been just 2 weeks. I cant believe just how effective thissecret method to 20/20 vision really is. My optometrist doesnt believe me that Imreading his eye chart! Thank you!"

    Ana H. - US

    Unfortunately For Me, I Found Out The Hard WayAbout This Secret.At 13 years old I was diagnosed with having myopia, or sightedness. It couldnt have come at a worse time. A week laterI started high school, and, well, having thick lens glasses andalready low confidence made me the easy target for bullying. Itwas a truly upsetting time.

  • 2015-01-04, 12:31 PMPerfect Vision Today

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    After reaching the age of 30, not only had my confidence been bruised frommy teenage years, but my vision was worse than ever. I was a step away forbeing classified legally blind. I tried to deny it. I tried to hide it, but sadly itwas the truth. It was frustrating not being able to enjoy life as it should beand how everyone else was.

    In desperation I saved up a huge$4,650 for this so-calledrevolutionary laser eye surgery. Onthe onset it seemed like a dreamcome true.Little did I know in my haste and naivety of the dangersthat laser eye surgery could bring. After the operation I fastbecame extremely disappointed. Not only was there noimprovement, it turned out my vision has actually gotworse. Yes, worse.

    The last straw was when a couple of days later I realized my left eye had become infected. infection was pretty bad and I was immediately given a course of antibiotics and other medicine. Iwas asked to stay in hospital so they could monitor me.

    And the scary fact is I was one of the lucky ones. Some have even goneblind from this surgery.

    As I lay in my bed I realized that I was sick, penniless and on the edge of being blind.

    I broke down and cried like a baby.

  • 2015-01-04, 12:31 PMPerfect Vision Today

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    Now Here Is Where My Story Gets ALittle Weird.As luck would have it, an old friend of mine was actually the nursewho cared for me during my stay in hospital. She recommended I visitan 84 year old, very off-the-grid doctor named Dr. Sen.

    After explaining my situation to Dr. Sen, he then toldme something very eye opening.

    It turned out that nearly all visualconditions, including short sightedness long sightedness, Astigmatism, Presbyopia, Lazy Eyes, Cross-Eyes, Macular degeneration, Glaucoma and many more are allin fact learnt traits throughout your life and not genetic as youroptometrist has lead you to believe.Yes thats right. Nearly all eye conditions are learnt and occur after you are born.

    Think when you were a baby, you didnt need glasses in yourcrucial years to learn how to walk, see and learn. So whysudden do you need glasses or contact lenses now?Dr. Sen then told me about research carried out in 1968 by ProfessorFrances Young. He led a research team to Alaska to study Eskimo familieswho were being introduced to the modern American lifestyle. This provideda unique opportunity to test the genetic theory because the parents were

  • 2015-01-04, 12:31 PMPerfect Vision Today

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