People Who Know How To Develop Innovative Solutions

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<ul><li><p>People Who Know How</p><p>To Develop Innovative Solutions</p></li><li><p>Sometimes, there really is nothing </p><p>out there which can do the job. </p><p>This calls for innovation. Our </p><p>Global Products division plans for innovation. We know how to bring </p><p>new products to market. Often, </p><p>our military customers need things </p><p>sorting quickly to meet their </p><p>Urgent Operational Requirements. </p><p>This mix of innovation and an ability </p><p>to deliver a robust and serviceable solution fast is something which </p><p>makes our people stand out. </p><p>Force Protection ArmourWhen the UK MOD needed to replace its Land Rover Snatch Vehicles with a lightweight mine and blast protected vehicle, it selected Force Protection Europes Ocelot, (now owned by General Dynamics), which it calls Foxhound. We have people who know how to provide vital protection through behind armour effects interior armour within the vehicle which is removable. Attached with fewer bolts than conventional solutions, it reduces injury in the event of an attack. Our people designed, supplied and supported the integration of the interior armour solution for Foxhound. </p><p>Building Micro SatellitesThe European Space Agencys mission is to provide Europe with its own source of satellite data. The European Commission wants to understand changes in global vegetation patterns for environmental reasons. We have people who know how to build micro-satellites for earth observation. Our people in QinetiQ Space in Belgium supply ESA with micro-satellites weighing only 160kg which outperform older, heavier and more expensive space platforms. </p><p>Dragon RunnerWhether you are trying to locate an improvised explosive device in enemy territory, or taking samples to test levels of radioactivity, you dont want to be too near the action. We have people who know how to use robotics, so that your people dont have to get up close. Used extensively in Afghanistan, and to support recovery activities at Fukushima in Japan, QinetiQs family of robots are one example of our proven, market-leading technology solutions which saves lives. </p><p>Electric Drive for TanksElectric cars. Electric tanks. Simple? Not so simple. We have people who know how to make electric power work in tanks and other tracked vehicles. Its a more complicated problem than it may seem. Our people combined their engineering expertise and their understanding of military vehicles, transmissions, differentials, and advanced electric machines to develop this revolutionary solution. Using electric drive allows more flexibility in providing crew space, protection, firepower and mobility the key functions of an armoured fighting vehicle.</p><p>| People Who Know How18</p><p>Image courtesy of GD Force Protection Europe</p></li></ul>