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Pengenalan Komputer / Operasi Komputer Dasar

Pengenalan Komputer / Operasi Komputer Dasar

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Pengenalan Komputer / Operasi Komputer Dasar. Kurikulum TIK @2013 (Dihapus)-issue. “Anak TK dan SD saja sudah bisa internetan…” TIK / KKPI bisa integratif (terintegrasi) dengan mata pelajaran lain - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Pengenalan Komputer / Operasi Komputer Dasar

  • Pengenalan Komputer / Operasi Komputer Dasar

  • Kurikulum TIK @2013 (Dihapus)-issueAnak TK dan SD saja sudah bisa internetanTIK / KKPI bisa integratif (terintegrasi) dengan mata pelajaran lainPembelajaran sudah seharusnya berbasis TIK (alat bantu guru dalam mengajar), bukan TIK/KKPI sebagai Mata Pelajaran khusus yang harus diajarkanJika TIK/KKPI masuk struktur kurikulum nasional maka pemerintah berkewajiban menyediakan Laboratorium Komputer untuk seluruh sekolah di Indonesia, dan pemerintah tidak sanggup untuk mengadakannyaBanyak sekolah yang belum teraliri LISTRIK, jadi TIK/KKPI tidak akan bisa diajarkan juga disekolah

  • Introduction to Information TechnologySession : 01Source : Shelly, Gary B. Discovering Computers (2004/2005/2006). Thomson Course Technology. Chapter 1.Topic : Introduction to ComputersObjectives :

    Recognize the importance of computer literacyDefine the term computer and identify its componentsExplain why a computer is a powerful toolRecognize the purpose of a networkDescribe the categories of computersDetermine how the elements of an information system interact

  • A World of ComputersWhat is computer literacy?Knowledge and understanding of computers and their usesComputers are everywhere

  • How is a computer defined?What Is a Computer?Electronic device operating under the control of instructions stored in its own memory

  • What Is a Computer?What is the information processing cycle?InputProcessOutputStorageCommunication

  • The Components of a ComputerWhat is an input device? Hardware used to enter dataand instructions

  • The Components of a ComputerWhat is an output device?

    Hardware that conveys information to a user

  • The Components of a ComputerWhat is the system unit? Box-like casecontainingelectroniccomponentsused to processdata

  • Why Is a Computer So Powerful?What makes a computer powerful?

  • Networks and the InternetWhat is a network?Communications MediaCommunications DeviceCollection of computers and devices connected together

  • To shareNetworks and the InternetWhat are the reasons to network?ResourcesHardware devicesSoftware programsDataTo save time and moneyInformation

  • Networks and the InternetWhat is a server?Manages the resources on a networkA client accesses the resources on the server

  • Networks and the InternetWhat is the Internet?Worldwide collection of networks that connects millions of computers

  • Networks and the InternetWhy do users access the Internet?InformationShoppingBanking and InvestingClassesEntertainmentCommunications

  • Computer SoftwareWhat is a graphical user interface (GUI)?

    Allows you to interact with the software using graphics and iconsControls how you enter data and how the screen displays information

  • Computer SoftwareWhat is system software?Operating System (OS) is a set of programs that coordinates all activities among computer hardware devices and allows users to run application softwareUtility Programs allow the user to perform maintenance-type tasks usually related to managing a computer, its devices or its programsPrograms that control the operations of the computer and its devices

  • Computer SoftwareWhat is application software?Presentation GraphicsSpreadsheetDatabaseWord ProcessingPrograms that perform specific tasks for users

  • Categories of ComputersWhat are the categories of computers?

  • Personal ComputersWhat are the two most popular series of personal computers?

  • Personal ComputersWhat is a desktop computer?Designed so all of the components fit on or under a desk or table

  • Personal ComputersWhat is a notebook computer?Portable, small enough to fit on your lapAlso called a laptop computerGenerally more expensive than a desktop computer

  • Handheld ComputersWhat is a tablet PC?Especially useful for taking notesResembles a letter-sized slateAllows you to write on the screen using a digital pen

  • Handheld ComputersWhat are Web-enabled handheld computers?Allow you to check e-mail and access the InternetWeb-enabled telephone is a smart phone

  • Handheld ComputersWhat is a personal digital assistant (PDA)?Provides personal organizer functionsCalendarAppointment bookAddress bookCalculatorNotepad

  • ServersWhat types of servers are there?Midrange server Powerful, large computer that supports up to a few thousand computersMainframe Very powerful, expensive computer that supports thousands of computersSupercomputer The fastest, most powerful, most expensive computer. Used for applications requiring complex mathematical calculations

  • Elements of an Information SystemWhat are information system elements?PeopleProceduresDataSoftwareHardware

  • Examples of Computer UsageWhat are five categories of computer users?

  • Examples of Computer UsageWhat software is available for a home user?

  • Examples of Computer UsageLocal area network (LAN)Productivity softwareSpecialty softwareWeb usageE-mailWhat software is available for a small office/home office (SOHO) user?

  • HardwareExamples of Computer UsageWhat is available for a mobile user?SoftwareProductivityPresentationPersonal information manager

  • Examples of Computer UsageWhat are the needs of the large business user?Web accessPublic kioskTelecommutingNetwork Productivity softwareScheduling

  • Examples of Computer UsageWhat are the needs of a power user?Speed and large amounts of storageTypes of power usersEngineersArchitectsDesktop publishersGraphic artists