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  • Latest Pega Dumps & Other Exam Dumps 1. Following are the Options in Access Group: a) Password b) Portal c) Work Group d) Work Basket e) Work Pool

    2. It is a best practice not to work on locked rulesets in production. (T/F): True 3. Declare pages cannot be shared across requestors: False 4. In which stage is the Application Accelerator used. Elaboration-Construction 5. When an integrator shape is selected in the flow, what type of activity is to be referred in it? a) Utility b) Activity c) Trigger d) Connect e) Notify . 6. An operator enters through A rule LeaveAct belongs to Leave ruleset, is checked out by the user. The rule is placed in which RuleSet? a) Leave b) c) LeaveAct d) MyCo 7. Which of the following shapes describe GOTO

    a. Integrator

    b. Assignment

    c. Ticket

    d. Utility

    8. While choosing activities to trace, what are all displayed during tracing (Choose three)

    a. Activities divided into steps

    b. Fail Status is noted in Red

    c. Fail Status is fixed using fix button

    d. Activities are shown with a link to review rule.

    9. A unique key for instantiated work object is given in which class.

    a. Work-

    b. @baseclass

  • Latest Pega Dumps & Other Exam Dumps

    c. Class group(Not Sure)

    10. MyAlert tool is used to (Select the best option)

    e. Viewing the processes exceeding the threshold limits

    f. To set the threshold limits in prconfig.xml file.

    11. Which can provide a combined display of buttons and icons




    12. How the smartshapes filter the activity type? (like notify, utility)

    By specifying the activity type in the security tab of the activity form.

    13. For loading the activity in the declare page, what should be selected in the security tab of the activity in the activity rule?

    a. Router b. Connect c. LoadDeclarativePage d. Utility

    14.Given one diagram Assignment shape (work list) flow/sub flow shape (escalate) flow end shape(end).What does the escalate mean??

    a. Spin Off b. Split Join c. Flow/Sub flow d. Flow start

    15. Prefix of work object id. a. F- b. W- c. C- d. WO-

    16. Page list should be used in one of the below classes. Data- Work- @baseclass .Embed- (Not Sure) 17. What is meant by build for change?

  • Latest Pega Dumps & Other Exam Dumps

    a. Application should be easily adaptable to make inevitable business changes 18. What a Work user can do with the clipboard?

    a. Can update properties b. Change the portal c. Cannot access the clipboard

    19. Validation rule will be referenced in which one of the following rule?

    a. flow action b. section c. harness d. property

    20. Decision shape can be used for which of the following decision rules?

    decision table decision tree map value when

    21. What is the use of where am I icon?

    Shows the work objects status Opens the flow diagram and points out the current assignment Displays the assignment status One more option

    22. If an end user is associated with a particular work pool, the access group should contain which of the following?

    a. Class group with work classes b. A set of application ruleset associated with that work pool

    23. Which rules generate the list used in dynamic select control?

    Property Summary view Activity List view

    24. Relation between cover & work objects--one to one & one to many. 25. When PRPC acts as server, then it is Service 26. In order to circumstance a rule; a base version circumstanced rule should already exist? False

  • Latest Pega Dumps & Other Exam Dumps 27. Question on Spilt Join If A is the main flow .If B and C are sub flows ,what happen to Flow A if B completes the flow before flow C, It will wait for flow C to finish 28. Where can we refer When Rule? Activity, Flowactions, Correspondence

    29. In the above picture, what is the condition for the decision shape apart from else?

    a) Action b) When c) Status d) Always

    30. Which of the following method is used for viewing any step pages info in XML format

    a. Show-XML b. Show-Html c. Show-Page d. Show-Step-Page e. Show-Property

    31. A property named AccountStatus, associated with a step page called Account. In the activity, how is the property referred. a) .AccountStatus b) account.AccountStatus c) primary.AccountStatus d) steppage.AccountStatus

  • Latest Pega Dumps & Other Exam Dumps 32. Identify the correspondence Type (Choose four)

    a. Fax

    b. Mail

    c. SMS Text

    d. Letter

    e. Pager

    33. Find the Guardrails given below?(choose 3) a. Adapt an Iterative Approach b. Build for change c. Limit Custom java

    34. Type of connector extending from Assignment shape Flow Action 35. Section can contain section. True 36. If some error occurs while execution, then those errors are stored in which files?

    System logs

    37. Except @baseclass, all classes should have a directed inheritance (True).

    38. List, 3 PRPC predefined data classes that serve the purpose of work parties

    a) Data-Party-Person b) Data-Party-Operator c) Data-Party-Group d) Data-Party-Org

    39. Which method is used to retrieve rows from a database and place the results as embedded pages in a clipboard? a) Obj-Browse b) RDB-Open c) Work-Open d) RDB-Retrieve 40. Declarative Rules use circumstance values. True or False 41. Declarative Rules must start with DECLARE_ True/False 42. Screen Flow Types

    a)BreadCrumb navigation b)Classic c)standard Tabbed

    43. Nodes can only be shared among requestors in a particular work group True/false 44. You have to grade the marks according to the following rule. Marks>75 Return Grade A, Marks>65 Return Grade B, Marks

  • Latest Pega Dumps & Other Exam Dumps a) Map Value b) Decision Tree c) Decision Table d) When Condition 45. Using which of these options can the rules be migrated to another system a) System b) Application c) Product d) Class 46. If your Assignment shape uses the standard rule Worklist, and your Router uses the

    standard rule ToWorkbasket, what happens? (a) The flow will not save (b) The flow will be suspended (c) The flow will save, but an execution Java exception will be raised (d) The flow will be suspended, and control will be transferred to the FlowProblems

    flow 47. Integrator can only call the type of connect activity true/false 48. Prior to the Application Accelerator, what can we run?? Application Profiler. 49. Which type of shape can call connect activity? Integrator 50. Prior to the Application Profile what can we collect? Users,Correspondence,Interface 51. Rulesets referenced in _____ referenced in ________referenced in ________

    a. Application,Access group,Operator b. Access group,Application.operator c. Operator,Application,Access group d. Application,Production,User pages

    52. Split-Join will split the current work object into multiple workobject and start the flow of execution parallely on those work object-T/F 53. How to initialize a property in a model rule? (Choose 4)

    a. Property reference in value field b. Literal Value c. Using Property-Set method d. Calling a Function e. Boolean Expression

    54. In the below Diagram this is of which Type?

  • Latest Pega Dumps & Other Exam Dumps


    55. Choose correct answers related to the concrete classes(choose 3) a. This is a classgroup b. Belongs to the classgroup c. Doesn't belong to the classgroup d. must end with dash

    56. Implementation Layer extends a reusable class structure for a specific implementation 57. How can we define multiple properties at a time? Define Properties Wizard 58. Html property is used in which rule that is related to User Interface?

    Flow action Validate Property Section

    59. If different models are used for the same property what happens? Throws an exception Property is not overridden once the first model is applied Property are overridden for every instance of the applied model (one more option)

    60. Embedded pages cannot be nested in other embedded pages true/false 61. When all the evaluation in the decision table is not true, what happens? Otherwise value 62. PRPC acting as a server and external application acting as client represents? Service

  • Latest Pega Dumps & Other Exam Dumps 63. The below diagram is what type of Diagram?

    Class Inheritance 64. When we are using Utility in the Flow we have to set the Activity type in the Security tab of activity as Utility 65. What type of harness will give user to enter information?? Perform 66. All the Cover classes that are directly or indirectly inherits from Cover- baseclass? False

    67. What are the 3 types of screenflows

    a. ScreenFlowBPMN b. ScreenFlowStandard c. ScreenFlowClassic d. ScreenFlowTabbed

    68. What is the name of the html rule where you define the level of tabbing in screenflows 69. How is the access controlled for users accessing declare pages defined at node level. Using Accessgroup 70. How are declare pages information refreshed.

    a. The load activity executes the first time any requestor within the scope (Node or Thread) references the page (such as to access the value of a property, or