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    As time goes by: YO U R W E D D I N G T I M E L I N E

    8 Sanity Soothers

    Intricate Invitations:PA P I E R L A P I N

    So engaging: I S A N E N G A G E M E N T S E S S I O N F O R YO U ?

    Their Story: C A R O LY N & G E O R G E S W E D D I N G

    Photo albums:P R O D U C I N G YO U R OW N G R E AT E S T H I T S


    Spring 2015complimentary


    Ive been taking pictures as far back as I can remember. Those ancient days with moms automatic film camera, trying to figure out how 36 photos can fit into a cannister that tiny. Today Im shooting weddings, pets, portraits, travel, videos, and anything else I can get my hands on.

    It started the way it does for most photographers. As a hobbiest, I was in love with the craft. I would devour anything photography-related. Id carry my gear everywhere, set a tripod up in the freezing cold on New Years Day on a lake in Sauble just to see what a time-lapse might look like. The result wasnt even as important as the experience.

    It wasnt long until I realized that I need to find a way to make this hobby my profession. Well, I dont regret it for a second.

    I now get to spend my days working with Nicki, my partner and second-shooter. Every wedding is a new experience. Nothing is ever the same. Sure the formula might look similar, but the people, the sights, the sounds, the colours, the vibe -- its always unique. My goal is to capture the way it felt, so you can look at these photos years later and relive it all.

    It isnt easy by any means. Its long hours, heavy work, sleepless nights in front of the computer editing. But its what I love. Nickis dad, a sports journalist, life coach, and man of many other hats has a catchphrase: I made my vacation my vocation.

    Well, now I can say Ive done the same.

    Pedram Navid

    O U R S T O R Y


  • questions from brides

    What makes your studio different from others? Ive seen other photographers with lower prices, why should I book with you?

    There are generally two approaches to finding a wedding photographer. You can find whats called a shoot-and-burner or work with a full-service studio. Shoot-and-burners operate like a big-box department store. They survive by selling as many weddings to as many people as possible. They do this because they dont offer a full end-to-end service to the couple. Instead, they show up for the wedding, copy the files from the camera, give them to you, and move on to the next client.

    Our relationship with our clients lasts much longer and it starts before you even book us. Were known for the honest conversations we have with clients during our free consultation session. Instead of a sales pitch, we sit down and listen to you and your plans for your wedding. We answer any questions you may have, and help figure out if were the right photographer for you. If not, we try and recommend you to one of our peers.

    Once you book us with a deposit, we continuously keep in touch before your wedding and after. We offer a complementary 60-90 minute engagement session, where we get to know each other and get a chance to take photos of you as a couple without the distraction of friends and family. A month before the wedding, we reach out to you and talk over the wedding timeline and let you know if we see any issues. While weve shot countless weddings, this is probably the first one you are planning, and so we want to make sure were there for you every step of the way.

    After the wedding, its not just a matter of giving you the files and moving on. We go through thousands of images, picking only the best. We colour-correct every single image we deliver. Once the images are ready, we invite you over for some wine and a slideshow, help you order any other prints and artwork you may want, and send you home with a magazine with your proofs and a template to fill out your album selections. Every step of the way, were there to answer any questions and guide you along.

    Speaking of colour correction, what does that mean?

    There are four stages an image can go through before being provided to you. Every step is a little different in what it produces. This question comes up so often weve answered it on page 10. Flip over to see what all this photo-speak really means.

    Do I really need an album? Cant I just have the photos on a USB?

    Heres a quick exercise. Try and find the oldest digital photo you have. I tried this myself and I could only go back a few years. Think your photos are safe on Facebook? Think again. Remember MySpace? A couple years ago they wiped all user content from the old MySpace.

    Now think back to your oldest printed photo. Its probably in an album somewhere, maybe a photo of your mom and dad as kids? Or even your grandmother when she was young. They could be over a hundred years old, and sure they may be a little worse for wear, but you know exactly where they are. Your hard drive could crash and theyd still be sitting there. Fifty years from now, your children might want to pull it up, and theyd be able to just like you can today.

    We believe so strongly in albums that every single package we offer includes one. We offer a range of albums to suit every need and budget, from the simple yet elegant 10x10 coffee table book, to a luxurious 18x14 Italian-made full leather album.

    Have a question? Wed love to hear from you and answer your question in a future issue of our studio magazine.

    Please send your question to


  • C AROLYN & GEORGESIve known Carolyn for years and when I found out she was getting married I didnt hesitate to ask if I could shoot her wedding. She met Georges in Toronto but he was from France and so they decided to do the ceremony in Normandy instead of here in Toronto. An excuse to visit France and a chance to shoot a good friends wedding? Count me in.

    We hung out in Paris for a few days, taking it all in. She was the expert, having visited a few times before, but to Nicki and I it was all new. Words really cant prepare you for what Paris is like, and its nothing you can fully take in in just a few days. Its also incredibly busy, with people absolutely everywhere, and so when it came to leave for the coast it was an incredible change in scenery.

    We went from a city of millions, with tiny little houses, thousands of store fronts in every single direction with more and more peopleto the quiet calm of Honfleur. It was a sleepy town, off the northern coast of France. A few tourists here and there but on the whole a sleepy little town. The actual wedding though would take place in Villerville, a short drive away. The only problem was getting the massive rental car out of the tiny little streets.

    We made our way to Villerville, in a beautiful old stone church, hundreds of years old. The village was tiny and you could tell none of the locals were used to this much attention. People peered through their windows, little girls stopped our bride to tell her how beautiful she looked, and all around everyone seemed excited to have some excitement in their day.

    After the ceremony, we walked around for my favourite part of the day: the creatives. In front of this building with broken windows I asked Carolyn and Georges to stand and they both looked a little unsure. From just looking at it didnt seem classically pretty. But I saw more than just a building, I was looking at neutral colours, rectangles, balanced composition, and the right lighting (not too harsh, not too soft).

    I posed them carefully, placing the bouquet just a little lower than where she naturally held it so her elbows werent quite so stiff. I asked George to take his hand and place it in his pocket, and had him look right at her. Then, to give the scene a little bit of push and pull, I asked Carolyn not to look at him, but right at the camera instead. A little Mona Lisa smileand click.

    Y O U R S T O R Y


  • G E T T I N G M A R R I E D W I T H O U T

    B E I N G H A R R I E D

    Be sure to have a hair and makeup trial at least a month before your wedding. This will give you peace of mind to know exactly how you will look and give you the opportunity to change things in advance if necessary. Make sure to bring all jewelry to the trial to see how makeup shades work with the pieces.

    Have your florist deliver your flowers to where

    you are getting ready, not the ceremony venue. Since you never know when the mood will strike for a great photo, youll want your flowers there

    and ready to go.

    Find out what the rules for photographs are at the ceremony location. All venues are different, some restricting the location of photographs and even the times in which they are permitted.

    If possible, arrange to have your formal photographs taken before the ceremony. Getting this step out of the way early in the day frees up the rest of your time to spend with your guests. You will be able to go straight to cocktail hour and catch up with loved ones without stress. Its a new age, so its no longer considered bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding.

    Have food delivered to your getting ready location. It may be hectic, but take the time to have a bite before the wedding since it will be a while before you have the opportunity to nourish yourself during the reception.

    Prepare an emergency bridal kit with clear nail polish, mints, a sewing kit, stain treater, Visine, safety pins, bobby pins, pain reliever and mini deodorant.

    Allowing 50% more time for hair and makeup than you original