Peak Connections to Monsal Trail from Monsal Trail is a traffic free route through some of the Peak District’s most spectacular limestone dales. The trail runs along the former Midland Railway line for 8.5 miles between Blackwell Mill, 3 miles south of Buxton and

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<ul><li><p></p><p>PLUS Moneysaving vouchers!</p></li><li><p>The Monsal Trail is a traffic free route through some of the Peak Districts most spectacular limestone dales.The trail runs along the former Midland Railway line for 8.5 miles between Blackwell Mill, 3 miles south of Buxton and Coombs Road, Bakewell.</p><p>In 2011 four railway tunnels, which had closed in 1968, were reopened as part of a major investment project led by the Peak District National Park Authority. The four railway tunnels, Headstone Tunnel, Cressbrook Tunnel, Litton Tunnel and Chee Tor No 1 Tunnel, are each about 400 - 500 metres long and are lit during daylight hours. Two shorter tunnels, Rusher Cutting and Chee Tor No. 2, had remained open.</p><p>Visitors can now enjoy breathtaking views, at places like Water-cum-Jolly Dale, that have remained hidden since the railway closed. </p><p>The trail is accessible to all, from walkers and cyclists to horse riders and wheelchair users*, now everyone can enjoy this magnificent piece of the Peak District.</p><p>It is rated by Trip Advisor in the Top 10 days out in Derbyshire and access to the trail is free.</p><p>This leaflet illustrates step by step how to get to the Monsal Trail by public transport and enjoy a day out in spectacular countryside.</p><p> On the Trail Walk and enjoy the stunning limestone </p><p>scenery</p><p> Hire a cycle and enjoy refreshments at stops along the way, on and off the trail</p><p> Look out for the wildlife and birds</p><p> Marvel at the Monsal Viaduct</p><p> Enjoy the ever-changing vista of wildflowers adorning the trailside verges</p><p> Listen to the history of the railway route at the listening posts</p><p>* Level access to the trail is available at Millers Dale Station, Hassop Station and Bakewell Station</p><p>The Monsal TrailCode of conduct</p><p>The Monsal Trail has quickly become one of the most popular off-road routes in the Peak District attracting a wide range of visitors and users.</p><p>To ensure the trail remains enjoyable for everyone please respect other users by following the code of conduct below:</p><p> 2 for 1 offer on cycle hire for visitors </p><p>arriving by public transport.See reverse for Terms and Conditions</p><p> Buy one get one free on tea and coffee for visitors arriving by public transport.</p><p>See reverse for Terms and Conditions</p><p>Treading Lightly</p><p>All users please keep to the left unless passing </p><p>others</p><p>Please use the trail safely and be considerate to </p><p>other users</p><p>Cyclists, please keep your speed down and give way </p><p>to other users</p><p>If the trail is busy, please avoid being in large groups </p><p>across the trail</p><p>Horse riders, please keep to a walking pace when passing </p><p>other users and no more than a trot at any time to protect the trail surface</p><p>Dogs must be kept under close control at all times</p><p>Please respect the privacy of adjoining properties </p><p>and landowners </p><p>Do not drop litter and please clean up after </p><p>your dog</p><p>Designed &amp; produced by the PDNPA Design Department Tel:01629 816305. Illustrations by Kate Smith Designs 2011Aldern House, Baslow Road, Bakewell, Derbyshire, DE45 1AET: 01629 816200 F: 01629 816310 E:</p></li><li><p>Getting to the Monsal Trail by train and bus from Manchester and Buxton</p><p>Getting to the Monsal Trail by public transport is both fun and easy when you know how and thats what this leaflet aims to do.</p><p>Not knowing where to get on and especially where to get off in an unknown place, often puts people off using public transport. This leaflet aims to illustrate the journey in detail, provide signposts to useful websites and above all, encourage people to enjoy a day out in the Peak District using the train, bus and legs!</p><p>Enjoy the journey as part of the day out.</p><p>From Manchester to BuxtonA regular Northern Rail train service runs from Manchester Piccadilly to Buxton, calling at stations including Stockport, Hazel Grove, Whaley Bridge and Chapel-en-le-Frith.</p><p>Buxton is a famous spa town, with many town centre buildings of architectural interest linked to the spa era. The central Pavilion Gardens and magnificent conservatory are close to the refurbished Victorian shopping arcades, the exquisite Edwardian Opera House and the world famous Buxton Crescent &amp; pump room. </p><p>To the Trail from BuxtonTo get to the trail from Buxton Station you need to catch a bus, and the stop is only a minute or two away on foot. Upon leaving the station (there is only one exit), look left on the main road and youll see the bus stop, just before the Aldi store. </p><p>There are three bus services that provide access to the trail from Buxton, 65, 66 and 68, running approximately every hour.</p><p>Catch any of these buses to start your route on the trail from Wyedale or Millers Dale. Ask the driver for a ticket to either Topley Pike for Wyedale or Millers Dale, and opt for a return ticket if you plan returning from the same place.</p><p>If you are unsure of anything regarding the journey just ask the driver. They are very familiar with the route and are happy to help. </p><p>Wyedale To access the trail at Wyedale, get off the bus at the Topley Pike stop, (approx. 7 mins). With the bus stop behind you, turn left along the pavement, until you reach the small car park at Wyedale. Walk through the car park, taking care as it can be very busy, and exit on the bridleway at the far end of the car park, signposted as Bridleway to Monsal Trail. Follow the bridleway by the River Wye for mile, then turn right at the sign for the trail. </p><p>Millers Dale To access the trail at Millers Dale, get off the bus at Millers Dale (approx. 14 mins) and follow the road up the hill. At the sharp bend on the left there are steps and a pathway which take you directly to the station and trail. Alternatively, for level access, continue up the hill on the road and walk through the car park at Millers Dale station to the trail. </p><p>Return Journey This is the above process in reverse. Catch the bus back to Buxton from Millers Dale or Wyedale (the bus stops are on the opposite side of the road to where you got off) and take the return train journey to Manchester.</p><p>Enjoy the Journey</p><p>Buxton Crescent Clear Signage The Magnificent Dale</p><p>Images above </p><p>1. Manchester, Piccadilly</p><p>2. Buxton Train Station</p><p>3. The bus to the Trail</p><p>4. Topley Pike bus stop</p><p>5. Millers Dale bus stop</p><p>Topley Pike, Wyedale</p><p>Monsal Trail</p><p>Millers Dale</p><p>Stockport</p><p>Hazel Grove</p><p>Whaley BridgeChapel-en-le-Frith</p><p>7 mins</p><p>5 mins</p><p>20 mins</p><p>7 mins</p><p>60 mins</p><p>ManchesterPiccadilly Station</p><p>Buxton</p><p>1</p><p>2</p><p>3</p><p>4</p><p>5</p><p>Station Approach</p><p> A515</p><p>Palace Road</p><p>Train Station</p><p>Aldi</p><p>WaitrosePalace Hotel</p><p>Buxton</p><p>Bus stop</p><p>Station</p><p> Road </p><p> A53</p></li><li><p>Monsal TrailThere is plenty to do and see along the trail. Plan your day out using this map and information within the leaflet.</p><p>During the winter and at other times we may have to close the tunnels at very short notice for safety reasons and urgent maintenance. Please check the website for up to date information on the status of the tunnels before you travel. There are gates at the tunnel entrances so they be can be closed if needed. Tunnels Closed signs will be placed on the trail at Hassop station, Great Longstone station, Millers Dale station, Bakewell Station and Wyedale.</p><p>Monsal Trail is one of the most scenic cycle routes in the Peak District</p><p>Clear signposting all along the Trail will help you keep to your route!</p><p>Havent got your own bike? No problem! A wide range of bikes are available to hire.</p><p>Spectacular wild flowers are in abundance, including purple orchids</p><p>The trail is designed to be accessible to all </p><p>The trail is accessible by public transport</p><p>Designed and produced by the Peak District National Park Authority. Tel 01629 816 305. The background illustration is supplied and Copyright Alan Marshall. Not all footpaths are shown and White Peak OL24 should be used, particularly off the trail. Crown Copyright. All Rights Reserved. Licence 1000005734. 2012</p></li><li><p>Wildlife The trail is a wildlife haven. In spring, look out for early purple orchids and cowslips, followed by ox-eye daisies, common rock rose, cranesbill and delicate, small lilac scabious. This feast of flora helps the many varieties of butterflies to thrive.</p><p>You can also see and hear many birds along the trail. Keep a special watch out for green woodpeckers in the woodland, wheatears on grassland and grey wagtails and dippers on the rivers.</p><p>Industrial Heritage Look out for Litton and Cressbrook mills, once powered by the River Wye, to make cotton for the lace making industry. </p><p>The lime kilns near Millers Dale were built in the 19th and 20th centuries next to the limestone quarries. They produced lime for the chemical and steel industries as well as for agriculture, which was transported by the railway.</p><p>For more information on the Trail visit</p><p>Take time to explore one of the most spectacular leisure routes in Britain for cycling, walking and horse riding.Enjoy views of the stunning limestone dales, once hidden when the tunnels were closed. Discover the history of the railway along the route from the information panels and listening posts. Monsal Memories are about people who worked on, lived by or travelled on the former Midland Railway, which ran from 1863 to 1968. These posts are powered by a winding handle, great fun for children to wind up.</p><p>Walking The route is relatively flat with a compacted surface which makes it a good walking route for all.</p><p>Many footpaths join the trail providing great opportunities to explore the surrounding countryside. For more ideas, maps and walks leaflets, visit Bakewell Visitor Centre.</p><p>Geology Take a journey through 5 million years of the earths geological history. The trail cuts through the limestone and shales that make up the White Peak.</p><p>Building the railway was a feat of Victorian engineering. You will experience the cuttings and tunnels, where the layers of rocks have been blasted by gunpowder, and gangs of navvies would have cut away the stone. </p><p>Stand tall on the iconic Monsal Viaduct, over 90 feet high, and a source of controversy when it was built in 1863.</p><p>Images above, from top to bottom: </p><p>1. Treat yourself to a real Bakewell Pudding!</p><p>2. Savour the wild flowers such as ox-eyed daisies</p><p>3. Monsal Memories</p><p>4. Keep your eyes peeled for wildlife </p><p>Time to explore!</p><p>Monsal Viaduct</p><p>A Great Family Day Out Rich Industrial Past Places to Relax</p><p>Bakewell Visitor Centre</p><p>Cressbrook Tunnel Cressbrook Mill</p><p>1</p><p>2</p><p>3</p><p>4</p></li><li><p>Cycle Hire Cycling along the trail is extremely popular. On the trail there are two cycle hire businesses, at Hassop Station, near Bakewell and Blackwell Mill at Wyedale, near Buxton. A wide range of cycles are available including electric bikes.</p><p>Blackwell Mill - 01298 71986</p><p>Monsal Trail Cycle Hire at Hassop Station - 01629 810588</p><p>Refreshments Refreshments are available at Millers Dale Station car park and in the summer months, some of the cottages next to the trail offer garden refreshments.</p><p>There is also a range of pubs and other businesses just off the trail providing a good choice of refreshments.</p><p>Images above</p><p>7/8. Relax and sample local hospitality</p><p>Right</p><p>Green Woodpecker </p><p>Previous Page</p><p>5. Bus stop near the trail</p><p>6. Clear signage to help you on your way</p><p>Monsal Weir Cycle HireSix Railway Tunnels to Explore</p><p>8.5 Miles of Cycle Trail The Lime Kilns Water-cum-Jolly</p><p>5</p><p>7</p><p>8</p><p>6</p></li><li><p>Public Transport Information For full bus timetable information either purchase a bus timetable from a Tourist Information Centre or other local outlet, or alternatively visit: and follow the link for timetables. </p><p>For rail information visit or for 24 hour train times, connections and fares information call National Rail Enquiries on 08457 48 49 50. </p><p> There are lots of websites that allow you to plan your journey on line, simply enter where youre going from and to and theyll come up with options. Visit or alternatively call Traveline on 0871 200 22 33 (calls cost 10p per minute plus network extras). </p><p>Buses are not equipped to carry bikes, the exception being folding bikes. Trains may carry a limited number. For further details check with individual operators.</p><p>Hassop Cycle Hire </p><p>Terms &amp; Conditions Blackwell Mill </p><p>Terms &amp; Conditions Terms and Conditions, Valid bus or Rover ticket for day of use must be shown with this voucher. Voucher must be given up when paying. Voucher cannot be used in </p><p>conjunction with any other offer.Valid until 31/03/2013 only. </p><p>Terms and Conditions, Valid bus or Rover ticket for day of use must be shown with this voucher. Voucher must be given up when paying. Voucher cannot be used in </p><p>conjunction with any other offer.Valid until 31/03/2013 only. </p><p>Derbyshire Wayfarer Day Rover Ticket The Derbyshire Wayfarer is a day rover ticket allowing virtually unlimited bus and train travel throughout Derbyshire for a whole day.</p><p>It can be bought from the bus driver, staffed rail stations (not available on the train) or from a Tourist Information centre. </p><p>A Manchester Wayfarer ticket is available visit for more details.</p><p>Peak Connections is all about getting people onto buses and trains to visit the area and enjoy a day out, without the hassle of driving or finding parking spaces. Instead take in the spectacular scenery and be proud that youre helping to keep the Greater Peak District green. </p><p>Visit or to view and download Peak Connections guides which provide days out information by bus and train across the Peak District.</p><p>For more information on the Monsal Trail visit</p><p>For more tourist information, visit Bakewell Visitor Centre, Bridge Street, Bakewell, 01629 816558 or www.visitpeakdistrict.comAll information correct at time of going to print.Copyright 2012. Image credits: K Frenkel, J Dixon, S Wyatt, T Nicholson, A Richardson, C Lavell and R Lavell. Select photographs (PDNPA) Peak District National Park </p><p>Authority, Design &amp; Photography Department Tel:01629 816305 </p><p>Designed and produced by OB Design.</p></li></ul>


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