NESCAF Cold Brew Coffee - Dennis Paper Food your coffee program with the full-bodied flavor of nescaf cold brew coffee expertly crafted coffee just two ingredients coffee and water

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<ul><li><p>NESCAF Cold Brew CoffeePREMIUM. ON TREND.ON DEMAND.</p><p>Now available as an easy-to-prepare concentrate.</p><p>NEW</p><p>Our slow, gentle brewing process includes steeping a unique blend of coffee beans for more than 10 hours. This draws out the coffees finest qualities. We double-filter and freeze the brew to lock in freshness. Once thawed, just mix with water and serve.</p></li><li><p>ENHANCE YOUR COFFEE PROGRAM WITH THE FULL-BODIED FLAVOR OF </p><p>NESCAF COLD BREW COFFEEEXPERTLY CRAFTED COFFEE</p><p>JUST TWOINGREDIENTSCoffee and water</p><p>No added preservatives or additives</p><p>RESPONSIBLY GROWNAND SOURCED</p><p>Our 4C-certified beans help provide sustainable livelihoods, a sustainable environment, and </p><p>these farms stimulate economies for coffee-growing regions</p><p>SLOW BREWEDCoarsely ground beans </p><p>for maximum flavor, authentically brewed at </p><p>room temperature for more than 10 hours and </p><p>double-filtered</p><p>SMOOTH FLAVOREach cup finishes with </p><p>delicious, subtle chocolate flavor and no bitterness</p><p>PREPARATION: Thaw at 32-40F for 48-72 hours prior to use. Mix 1 part concentrate with 6 parts water in separate clean and sanitized container. Serve straight up, over ice, or use in one of our recipes.</p><p>Ready to enhance your coffee program?Contact us at 1.800.439.2727 or trademarks are owned by Socit des Produits Nestl S.A., Vevey, Switzerland. </p><p>Dennis No. GTIN Shelf Life Net Wt(lbs)Gross Wt</p><p>(lbs) Length x Width x Height (inches)Pallet</p><p>(TI x HI)Case Yield</p><p>(oz)Finished</p><p>Brix</p><p>17052 011100667468 365 days 24.2 26.1 7.55 x 6.80 x 6.40 16 x4 2,520 1.5</p><p>PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS</p><p>FPO</p></li></ul>