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  • 74 Cheshire RoadWallingford, CT 06492203-679-5555, 800-562-3952masonicare.org/mcf

    Foundation Staff

    Jennifer A. KingExecutive Director

    Patricia L. MorganDirector of Development

    Alison E. KoonsGift Planning Associate

    Adam J. RaiderCommunications Associate

    Susan W. CroccoAdministrative and Database Assistant

    Foundation Board of Directors

    J. Arthur CarbonaroChairman

    Robert F. Polito, Jr.Vice Chairman

    Martin L. RudnickSecretary

    Benjamin A. IsaacsonTreasurer

    Janet S. BerryRobert G. DunbarChristopher J. EarleWilliam L. GreeneGordon C. Hurlbert, IIIThomas KnowltonBonnie McWainMarshall K. RobinsonCharles A. RogersGrant UlrickGregory J. WentworthGregory K. WhitehouseJennifer A. King, Executive DirectorStephen B. McPherson, President & CEOJames Rude, CFO


    Carleton V. EricksonA. Norman JohnsonGail N. Smith

    The Masonic CharityFoundation of ConnecticutThe Philanthropic Affiliate of Masonicare

    Dear Friends,

    We are proud to share with you REFLECTIONS 2015, The

    Masonic Charity Foundation of Connecticuts annual report of

    fundraising activity.

    Charitable contributions to The Foundation are of critical

    importance because they help Masonicare meet the needs of its

    residents and patients when no other funding source is available.

    At Masonicare Health Center, your gifts pay for dental care,

    power chair repair and outdoor concerts. Residents of

    Masonicare at Newtown are spending more time outdoors in the

    company of a CNA thanks to donor support. Foundation dollars

    have also subsidized the purchase of equipment and software

    used in speech therapy for Parkinsons patients.

    As you may know, a significant portion of Masonicares

    residents and patients receive the government benefit Medicaid,

    or Title 19. In 2015, 69% of residents at Masonicare Health

    Center and 81% of residents at Masonicare at Newtown were on

    Medicaid, and 88% of residents at the Wright Residence

    qualified for Title 19 benefits. Because Medicaid reimbursement

    falls short of meeting the actual costs of delivering care to this

    population, Masonicare relies on gifts to The Foundation to help

    cover the shortfall.

    Reflecting on the previous fiscal year, we are inspired by not

    only the generosity and friendship of Foundation supporters, but

    also by the variety of donors who choose to contribute to

    Masonicare. Generous contributions were received from

    individuals and organizations with Masonic affiliations,

    Masonicare residents and patients and their loved ones, board

    members and employees, corporate sponsorship and matching

    gift programs as well as grants from family foundations and

    donor-advised funds. All told, 3,474 donors contributed

    $2,584,633 to The Masonic Charity Foundation of Connecticut in

    fiscal year 2015 in support of programs and services of


    We thank our donors for giving so generously, for every gift is a

    vote of confidence in the good work we do. Gifts to The

    Foundation continue to help Masonicare distinguish itself as

    Connecticuts leading nonprofit provider of healthcare services

    for the elderly, and help position Masonicare for a bright future.

    Jennifer A. King J. Arthur Carbonaro

    Executive Director Chairman, Board of Directors

  • Year in Review ................................................ 4

    Why I Give: Carol Isaacs ................................ 5

    Our Benefactors .............................................. 6

    A Tribute to the Masonic Family ................... 8

    Why We Give: Richard and Wendy Memmott ........................ 9

    Annual Appeal ............................................... 10

    New Pavilion Dedicated ............................... 11

    Serving Our Veterans ..................................... 14

    Why I Give: Donald Hasbrouck .................. 15

    Special Events ................................................ 16

    Your Dollars at Work ..................................... 18

    Table of Contents

    New Cleaveland Society member Ronald G. Busch (left) with Foundation Board of Directors Chairman J. Arthur Carbonaro atThe Masonic Charity Foundation of Connecticuts annual Benefactor Luncheon

  • Year In Review

    Fiscal Year 2015 Contributions

    Bequests $263,500

    Trusts $867,722

    Major Gifts $493,196

    Gift Annuity Residuals $128,994

    Masonicare Annual Appeal $368,363

    Holiday Appeal $24,705

    Gifts to Masonicares Hospice Program $100,582

    Tree of Life $78,355

    Masonicare Golf Classic $222,170

    Tribute Gifts (Memorial & Honorarium Gifts) $11,650

    Other $25,396

    Total Funds Raised $2,584,633

    During fiscal year 2015, the fundraising efforts of The Masonic Charity Foundation of Connecticut

    secured $2,584,633 in support of the programs and services of Masonicare and its affiliates. Between

    October 1, 2014 and September 30, 2015, unrestricted contributions totaling $2,388,861 were received,

    as well as $195,772 in restricted gifts. These gifts came in many forms, including bequests, charitable gift

    annuities and trust distributions, as well as donations to the Masonicare Annual Appeal and to The Foundations

    special events. Of particular significance was the very generous gift of $392,000 from The Eastern Star Charity

    Foundation of Connecticut, Inc.

    Theres so much good that comes out of the money thats donated to the AnnualAppeal, so many things that are made available. My favorite is probably the renovations to the Health Center Chapel. That wouldnt have been possible withoutgifts to the Annual Appeal. I see the enjoyment that people are getting out of it, andhow its being used by people of all faiths.

    Bill Dadlani is Director of Support Services at Masonicare Health Center and aregular contributor to the Masonicare Annual Appeal

    4 The Masonic Charity Foundation of Connecticut

    Robert W. Harriman, joined here by FrancetteGingell, became a Foundation Benefactor in2015 by funding a charitable gift annuity

    Worthy Grand Matron Maryann Pronovost andWorthy Grand Patron Jeffrey Wayand, Order ofthe Eastern Star of Connecticut, at TheFoundations annual Donor Breakfast

  • The Masonic Charity Founda-

    tion has become closer to

    my heart every year since I

    moved to Ashlar Village. I have no

    Masonic affiliation; I give to The

    Foundation as a resident who has

    seen the wonderful work that they

    do in enhancing the quality of life

    for Masonicare residents and pa-

    tients in need.

    Theres a saying that charity

    begins at home. It means that one

    should take care of family and

    others who live close by before

    helping those who live further

    away or in another country. Ive

    thought about that definition and

    how it pertains to me.

    I have chosen in recent years to

    support organizations that serve

    people in this country rather than

    abroad. If charity begins at home, I

    want my biggest charitable

    contribution to do the most good

    right here on the Wallingford

    campus of Masonicare, helping the

    people who live close to me. After

    all, this IS my home.

    As a child growing up in West

    Hartford, I was good at the piano

    and my mother had visions of my

    playing at Carnegie Hall. Then, in

    high school, I wanted to be a

    lawyer. But after taking a career

    interest test, it turned out I was

    better suited for business adminis-


    My parents instilled in me a

    strong work ethic and the need to

    save. They also taught me about

    the stock market something I still

    follow closely and the

    importance of estate planning.

    After college, I worked at a firm on

    Wall Street doing a lot of the

    legwork for the more senior

    security analysts. It was the early

    1950s, and there were very few

    women in that field, but I was

    treated well and I learned a lot.

    As time went on and my parents

    grew older, we discussed their and

    my assets and how they might be

    impacted by estate taxes. We

    changed our wills more than once

    to minimize possible estate taxes

    while making sure we had what we

    needed to continue our accustomed

    lifestyle. Having been frugal all my

    life, and having made sure that my

    children will be taken care of,

    about 20 years ago, I established a

    Charitable Remainder Unitrust.*

    After I came to Ashlar Village, I

    decided to change one of the

    beneficiaries upon my death to The

    Masonic Charity Foundation. In

    addition, I have been able to make

    outright gifts to The Foundation as

    a benefactor for the last couple of

    years and hope to continue to do so

    for the remainder of my life.

    I do not consider myself to be a

    philanthropist in any way. But of

    the various charities I support, The

    Masonic Charity Foundation of

    Connecticut has become my

    favorite by far.

    Carol Isaacs relocated fromOrange, CT to Ashlar Village in2009 and today serves herneighbors as president of theAshlar Village Association. Shewas inducted as a Benefactor ofThe Foundation in 2015 inrecognition of her generousoutright giving. Carol is also aloyal supporter of the MasonicareAnnual Appeal.

    *An irrevocable, funded trust that pays an

    income stream to a named individual(s)

    with the remainder interest passing to a

    qualified charity or charities.

    Why I Give: Carol Isaacs