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PayLeap’s Commitment to Delivering Unequaled Value to its Resellers Building a mutually rewarding partnership

Pay Leap Reseller Partnership

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  • 1. Building a mutually rewarding partnership PayLeaps Commitment to Delivering Unequaled Value to its Resellers

2. The PayLeap difference PayLeap provides one secure, reliable and hosted payment solution for credit card/ACH/check/gift card processing and payment gateway services.Our bundled package offers an exceptional value when compared to the competition. PayLeaps customer care department provides a single point of contact for both Merchant and Gateway Accounts. Resellers benefit from one of the most generous revenue sharing plans in the industry. 3. Our value propositionPayLeap will provide a way for PayLeap will offerthe Reseller tolifetime residuals on offer their both MC/Visa andcustomers the Gateway profits to ability to process the Reseller.on-line transactions.PayLeap ensuresPayLeap is anlower costs and integrated, securesimplified billing for and reliable hostedtheir customers.service. 4. Ourcommitment Our partnership will be driven by: Providing Turn-Key SolutionA New Definition of Revenue ShareYour Partnership is Our Number One PriorityLeveraging Partnership Through Joint MarketingEnjoy Lifetime Residuals!An Easy To Integrate SolutionPresent New and Innovative Technology 5. Our core competency As a leader in the electronic payment processing industry PayLeap can fully leverage its knowledge, expertise, and people in the following areas:Certified Processor of First Datafinanced by Wells Fargo Bank 24/7 World Class Customer Service 99% Uptime Guarantee 100% PCI Compliant State of the Art RedundantInfrastructure 6. A proven system Our ability to deliver consistent, reliable solutions is based on a proven methodology that places customer needs above all other considerations.Marketing MerchantPayLeapCrossDrive TrafficKit andgetsprovides Marketing to your site.Online approved Reseller andEfforts, PressMerchantsApplication and set up MerchantRelease and sign up for Placed on with PayLeapwith login Promotionservice. your site.Account. credentials. Reseller Receives Ongoing Support, Service and Lifetime Residuals! 7. Measureable benefits PayLeap will share 30% of its profitable revenueLifetime residual revenue will be paid monthlyReporting available through online reseller portalHighly competitive pricing structureOne call for all service related issuesOne combined monthly bill for your merchants 8. Projected incomeResidual Stream$180,000$160,000$140,000$120,000$100,000 $80,000 $60,000 $40,000 $20,000$0 Year 1Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 1 Deal/mo $1,872 $5,328$8,784 $12,240 $15,696 5 Deals/mo$9,360 $26,640 $43,920$61,200 $78,480 10 Deals/mo $18,720$53,280 $87,840 $122,400 $156,960 9. Next stepsJoin Complete formal reseller agreements. Receive PayLeap partnership welcome kit. Verify PayLeap integration with your preferred software Integrate solution (e.g. shopping cart, ecommerce software , custom software package etc).Placement Embed online application link, marketing verbiage, and price comparison on your site (provided by PayLeap). Promote PayLeap SEO team will produce an article announcing the partnership and place it in several places on the web.Results One Solution for all of your customer payments needs. Earn Lifetime Residuals!