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1. 1) Social media is a great way to go behind the veil andshare your personality and creative process.2) People love handcrafted goods and webshops like Etsybecause they feel like they are buying something that isunique from a real person.3) Social services like Facebook, Pinterest and Instragram aredesigned specifically to share photos that are a perfect way toshowcase what you are doing.4) Social lets you include your fans in your process. 2. 1) Who is your fan base? What do they like? What can youtell us about them?2) How can you share with them? Which networks are youmaintaining? Website? Email?3) Content - What are some intermediate steps of yourprocess you can share with your fan base other than yourfinal product?4) What kind of content can you create to share thesesteps? Photos, blogs, videos, podcasts.5) Can you include your audience in your creative process? 3. Landing page test 4. Kickstarter/Presale test 5. Popup shop test 6. What is a major assumption your business makes? Generally: People want to buy this product at this priceWhat is your hypothesis to test?Think about how you can test that assumption.Run that test before next weeks class. Landing page test Kickstarter/Presale test Popup shop test