Parent involvement

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<ul><li> 1. Parent Involvement or Parent Engagement Larry Ferlazzo</li></ul> <p> 2. InvolvementEngagement Being Right Being Effective 3. Energy Driving It InvolvementEngagementMouthEars 4. Invitation InvolvementEngagementIrritation Agitation 5. Relationship InvolvementEngagement Communication Conversation 6. Partnerships Involvement Narrow, ShallowEngagement Broad, Deep 7. Power InvolvementEngagement Finite PieBigger Pie 8. 1. Think of a time when youve been involved or been the person doing the involving. What could have happened differently to make you engaged? 2. Also, share any questions you might have. 9. When were you engaged, or being the engager. What made it engagement? 10. 1. What is one thing you can do over the next month to engage people in Home Visiting in your school or District? 2. What is one thing you do over the next month to engage people in the Home Visiting National Network? </p>