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Printcolor's pad printing inks are versatile, highly brilliant and opaque.









  • office suppliesElectrical goods and household appliances

    bottle caps

    High performance inks for pad printing

    The variety of materials used in the manufacturing of offi ce supplies is virtually limitless. We offer a wide range of ink systems to produ-ce almost any application. The inks can easily be processed and arecharacterized by their excellent resistance.

    Series 711 Series 712 Series 751 Series 752 Series 792

    The printing inks used on electrical goods and household appliances, such as washing machines, telephones, computers and remote con-trols need to be able to withstand the wear-and-tear of daily use and meet various standards. They also have to provide excellent opacity and a brilliant appearance on the fi nished product.

    Series 711 Series 751 Series 752 Series 786

    The key requirement in bottle cap manufacturing is speed with con-tinuity of quality in the printed design. Series 786 features high opa-city, outstanding processing properties, and excellent adhesion to PE and PP (after pre-treatment).

    Series 786

    Our systems for pad printing offer the ideal solution for every application. All of our pad printing inks stand for high brilliancy and excellent opacity as a standard. Along with the 1-component and 2-component solvent-based inks, the product range also includes an applicable UV system.

    Through a wide range of additives, the universal color systems can be adjusted for different processing para-meters, needs and environmental infl uences. Additionally, specialized products for diffi cult surfaces (e.g. Softtouch) and custom-made inks, according to all common color charts (RAL, Pantone, etc.), guarantee the perfect soluti-on in any situation.

    Performance is not the only aspect to consider when buying a car the cars design and special features also factor into the decision ma-king. Demands on printing inks performance, in particular, are high as well. Customers require high resistance and excellent adhesion on a wide range of substrates.

    Series 711 Series 751 Series 786


  • Glass and ceramic

    Toys and products for babies

    Sporting goods

    High-end packaging for cosmetics, mobile phones, drinking glasses or ceramic mugs are glass and ceramic products we use every day. Products like these, things that we use regularly, need to be able to withstand a great deal of wear-and-tear and must be non-toxic. Our high-opaque Series 751 meets all essential criteria: they contain no PAHs, halogen and cyclohexanone, offer brilliant color shades; and a high level of mechanical and chemical resistance.

    Series 751

    Toys and products for babies need to be able to withstand a lot of wear-and-tear. The printing inks therefore need to be resistant and, above all, safe. Series 708, 751 and 786 are 100 % free of PAHs and halogen. All available color systems have an impressive level of detail and resistance.

    Series 708 Series 751 Series 752 Series 786

    Sports require stamina, strength, and discipline. The same can be said for our pad printing inks, albeit in a slightly different way. Our uni-versal ink systems impress customers with their outstanding adhesion to a wide range of materials. They produce a brilliant print finish and are ideal for use on ski bindings, protective helmets, golf balls, fishing lures, and countless other sporting goods.

    Series 752 Series 786 Series 792


    Promotional items

    Watches are technical masterpieces that demand the very highest perfection in every component and in every stage of the production process. From printing through to resistance and life cycle testing, only one thing counts: quality and the very best technology. We would be happy to talk to you in person and show you our exclusive product series for watch making.

    Promotional items and pad printing are intrinsically linked, and the printing ink makes the promotion stand out to customers. Our uni-versal ink systems are ideal for printing on a wide range of promoti-onal items such as lighters, writing implements and bottle openers, as well as high-end products made from glass and metal. They can be used on manual printing machines, as well as high-speed printing machines. The easyMEMO mixing system offers a limitless selection of color options.

    Series 711 Series 712 Series 751 Series 752 Series 786 Series 792

    Optical aids, whether glasses, binoculars or measuring tools, all in-corporate some form of printing, e.g. brand names or how-to-use in-structions. Glasses in particular are used on a regular basis. As such, it is especially important that the ink used is brilliant and wear-resistant. Printcolor inks are also easy to process.

    Series 711 Series 751 Series 752 Series 792

    Optics / Glasses

    Medical technology

    Products used in the medical sector need to meet the very highest demands, and of course it is essential that the printing inks do not contain any hazardous substances. We offer a number of special inks that meet the standards in medical technology (USP Class VI) and that convince by a high resistance.

    Certified special products

  • Your satisfaction is our mission

    As an owner-managed Swiss family company, we develop, produce

    and sell printing inks of the very highest quality. Guided by our core

    values of quality, innovation, flexibility, trust and a human touch,

    we serve our customers with approximately 100 employees, who

    develop and produce customized solutions and high-end standard

    products in proven Swiss quality. We also have a global network of

    sales partners to ensure that customers all over the world benefit

    from our expert support in their local area.

    We have made producing first-rate quality inks our tradition, and

    satisfying our customers is a matter of course for us. To us, this

    means more than completing an order in a timely and flexible man-

    ner. It is about offering competent support throughout the entire


    Technical data sheets and transparent documentation

    High-quality documents and resources, e.g. easyMEMO

    Taking into account each customers specific requirements

    Solution-oriented implementation

    Experts on call

    Quality guarantee

    Extensive testing and qualified analyses

    Safe and documented processes


    Contact us.Printcolor Screen Ltd.

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    Printcolor Deutschland GmbHJosef-Baumann-Strasse 3944805 Bochum, GermanyPhone +49 234 6 87 19-0

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