Pacifica Photography Workshop Series Winter/Spring Pacifica Photography is a Vancouver-based photography

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  • Pacifica Photography Workshop Series

    Winter/Spring Prospectus

    UBC Student Package Includes:

    o Welcome! o Workshop Series Outline o Course Descriptions o Course Schedule o UBC Student Rate Sheet o Registration Form o Student Evaluation Form

    Pacifica Photography Studio Suite 320-825 Powell Street

    Vancouver, BC V6A 1H7

    Studio| 604.255.9596 Direct| 604.787.4576

    Email| Website|

  • Welcome! We are excited to offer UBC students yet another semester of programming for the Pacifica Photography Workshop Series! Pacifica Photography is a Vancouver-based photography company offering a range of local and international photography courses, as well as a fully active professional studio offering commercial commissions for headshots, portraits, event photography, film production and fashion. Pacifica was founded in 2000 by photographer Jessica Taylor, and is now made up of a fantastic team of West Coast photographers. All of the courses and workshops we offer are taught by our team of commercial industry photographers. Whether you are simply looking for a new hobby, or are seeking to pursue photography as a career, we have workshops that will suit your needs. While we offer courses and workshops to the general public, we understand that students are on a restricted budget. As our founder was a UBC student herself, we have always offered subsidized pricing for UBC students. We hope that you will take this opportunity to pursue a hobby that is otherwise often cost-prohibitive. Please take a moment to browse our prospectus to see which workshops catch your interest. We recommend that all students take our single evening Beginner’s Crash Course to prime them on the basics of photography before delving into our more specialized evening workshops or dayshoots. You do not need to own your own camera to take our Beginner’s Crash Course. You can even borrow SLR cameras free of charge during all of our tutorials under the supervision of an instructor. All of our students will be able to participate in a student exhibition at the end of this semester. We look forward to the opportunity to welcome back previous students, and to meet and work with new ones during another exciting semester at UBC! Sincerely, the Pacifica Team • Our courses are not limited to British Columbia. We offer Photography Retreats in Europe and South

    America as well - something to look forward to during the Christmas holidays or reading week!

    • Pacifica Photography also runs a not-for-profit organization called Illumina. Anyone is welcome to get involved in this fantastic international project through volunteering, or to volunteer for our local projects with youth in East Vancouver. Visit for more information.

  • What We Offer Our Students Courses and Workshops: We have courses suited for all levels of instruction. Whether you are a novice who has never taken a photograph before, or an experienced photographer looking to refine your skills, we have a course that will suit your needs. Our workshops are structured to allow mixing and matching of workshops that best fit your interests. Each workshop is run as a single evening or daytime program to allow you to choose workshops that best suit your schedule. We recommend that you sign up for a tutorial in conjunction with any workshop you register for. Private Tutorials: Private tutorials are one-to-one sessions between a student and their instructor. These sessions are a perfect way to practice skills learned in a workshop with an instructor through guided shooting, reviewing of work already completed, or by going over any questions or topics you may have missed during group workshops. All students are encouraged to take a one-hour tutorial in conjunction with each new workshop. Tutorials are also a fantastic option for students who cannot attend set date workshops. Any of the topics covered in workshops can be studied privately under the instruction of a tutor, allowing for instruction to be interest led and at your own pace - at the convenience of your schedule! If there is a workshop or topic that you are interested in studying privately, speak to an instructor for a consultation to determine how long a session you should book in for. Photoshop is ONLY taught through private tutorials. It is easiest to learn photoshop techniques outside of group settings. Cameras and Photographic Supplies: We offer our students shared use of cameras during workshops as well as exclusive use of a camera during supervised private tutorials free of charge. Students may also rent gear at subsidized prices for unsupervised use outside of workshop hours, or for personal use during dayshoot workshops. All of our students may choose to purchase and develop film through Pacifica at pro-rates. Studio Use: Our Vancouver studio is available to students on an hourly rental basis. Students may use the studio and lighting gear to put their photographic skills into practice, as well as use our editing equipment to practice their post-production skills. Photography Getaways: We offer fantastic weekend as well as week-long photography getaways both locally and internationally as an opportunity for students to learn about or practice their photographic skills in gorgeous locations. These getaways are a great way to interact with other students, pick up tips form each other, seek guidance from your instructor, and enjoy a vacation with a photography twist. For a full prospectus, dates, and prices, please visit our website at Please register in advance as we limit the number of students per course to guarantee enough one-to-one instruction for students - spaces book up quickly!

  • Beginner’s Crash Course

    Description: This single evening crash course is perfect for a novice photographer with no prior photographic experience, or for a self-taught photographer seeking to go over the essential basics. This workshop covers the fundamentals of camera use from aperture and depth of field to shutter speed. ISO, tripod use, multiple lens use, and filters are briefly covered as well. Applicable to all SLR cameras - digital or analog.

    Prerequisites: No prerequisites are required for this workshop.

    Supplies: * Students do not need to own a camera to attend this workshop: All required photographic gear is provided for this workshop. * Please bring a notebook and pen.

    Time of Course: 6:00pm-9:00pm

    Location: Pacifica Photography Studio

    Date Options: (Choose One) January 17th January 30th February 7th February 13th February 23rd March 6th

    March 20th March 29th April 3rd April 17th April 23rd

  • Beginner’s Digital Photography

    Description: This single evening workshop is perfect for photographers looking to hone their digital photography skills. Students may be split into two groups depending on skill level. Topics covered in this course include white balance, quality settings, shooting in RAW, digital ISO effects, digital metering, tracking and more… Prerequisite: *The Beginner’s Crash Course is a prerequisite for this workshop. Supplies: *All required photographic gear needed for the workshop is provided * Students may want to bring their own cameras to go over any differences with settings on their personal model * Please bring a notebook and pen. Time of Course: 7:00pm-9:00pm Location: Pacifica Photography Studio Date Options (Choose One): January 11th

    January 22nd

    March 18th

    April 14th

  • Studio Photography

    Description: This single evening workshop is perfect for anyone interested in learning how to shoot in a studio setting. Topics covered include using, adjusting and setting lighting kits, using remotes, setting up backdrops, using softboxes, umbrellas and grids, creating various lighting effects for different photographic subjects, metering with a handheld meter and more… Prerequisites: *The Beginner’s Crash Course is a prerequisite to this course. A Digital Photography workshop would be useful as well. Supplies: *All required gear is provided. *Please bring a notebook and pen. Time of Course: 7:00pm-9:00pm Location: Pacifica Photography Studio Date Options (Choose One): January 10th

    January 16th February 21st

    March 24th

    April 9th

  • Artistic Nudes

    Description: This single evening workshop focuses on refining skills in taking artistic nude photographs. Topics covered include chiaroscuro lighting techniques, the use of soft-boxes and diffusers for gentle lighting in portraiture, flattering composition, model-relations and more… Prerequisites: *The Beginner’s Crash Course is a prerequisite for this workshop. * The Studio Workshop is a prerequisite for this workshop. * A Digital Photography Workshop is recommended as a prerequisite for this workshop. * We recommend that students have had ample studio time prior to this workshop. Supplies: *A nude model is provided for the shoot *All studio gear and lighting is provided * All required photographic gear is provided for sharing. * Please feel free to bring your own camera, or to request a camera rental for the shoot at a supplementary charge.