Overcome fear of public speaking and presentations

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Learn how to overcome your nervousness and fear of presenting and speaking. anxiety and public speaking public speaking nervousness phobia of public speaking anxiety in public speaking public speaking anxiety tips speaking anxiety the fear of public speaking fear of public speaking phobia overcoming fears of public speaking public speaking phobia fear of public speaking statistics tips for public speaking anxiety how to overcome fear of public speaking overcoming public speaking anxiety fear of public speaking tips public speaking fear overcoming fear of public speaking public speaking nervous public speaking anxiety nervous before presentation presentation nervousness overcome fear of public speaking fear of public speaking stage fright


PowerPoint Presentation

Do you every get

nervous before an important

presentation or speech?

Imagine you were Romney and

you were going toe-to-toe in a

heated, nationally-televised debate

against the US President

Hi, my name is Akash. Im a Professional Speaker and a

public speaking coach

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In this presentation, you are

going to pick up the 2 little-know

yet effective tools Romney uses

calm his nerves and get

100% focused on his


Using the two tools, youll learn how to give calm your nerves,

& get focused on your

presentations So that you can give a great

presentation every time!

Here are the 2 tools Romney uses to

get 100% focused on

his speech & win the


Dedicate Your Speech to


As soon as he gets on stage...he writes 'Dad' on the piece of paper

Ann Romney (Source: CNN)

Dedicate your speech or presentation to someone

important. It will help you focus on giving the best you


Before your speech or presentation,

dedicate your performance to someone

important. It will help you...

get into the right


Once you begin focusing on the person

you are dedicating your speech to, you

will begin to

feel more relaxed and


Find Someone You Care About

in Your Audience

And then he looks in the audience and he finds me. He has to find where I am. And he just he needs just

that connection - Ann Romney (Source: CNN)

Find someone important in your audience you can

make eye contact with.

If youre giving an important speech, encourage your friends, family members & supporters to be there so

you can make eye contact with them

If your friends and family cant be there to support you, find someone in the audience who looks friendly and

make eye contact with them

Before you begin your speech/presentation,

make eye contact with

someone supportive in

your audience

Making eye contact with someone you

know or someone who seems to support

you will help you calm down your nerves

and feel

more relaxed and


Prepare a Power-Phrase in


Prepare a Power Phrase in advance to

knock-out your opponent

During the first Presidential debate, Romney

used the following Power Phrase on


You are entitled to your own house and your own plane, but not your own facts

- Romney

Romney had no-doubt coined the impressive

line before the debate and was just waiting

for the right opportunity to use it

Thus, even though the line was coined

before the debate, it sounded like an

impressive and spontaneous remark

If you know youre going to be debating,

prepare your Power

Phrase in advance

If youve prepared something in advance,

you will feel more

confident and relaxed

heading into your


Oh, by the way,

One more thing


akash.speaker@gmail.com www.CommunicationSkillsTips.com