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  • Photo Editing is the process, making use of which one may embellish the look and feel of the

    photograph. Just by making minor adjustments in the photograph, you may change the photograph

    which will exhibit more stylish.

    Now a day, every single photograph which was posted in the magazine, advertisement, comic books are

    subjected to photo editing techniques before they posted. This is why because of the stylish look which

    show off the better visual appearance. Just figure out some of the professional Photo Editing Technique,

    which are all famous in the Graphic Designing World.

    Retouching in the sense, make some little bit of alterations, retouches in the image. It took the small

    amount of work, but the resultant image will exhibit more eye catching visualization. Some of the image

    retouching techniques are as follows:

    Photo Retouching

    Image Resizing

    Image Slicing

    Photo Cropping is the familiar concept making use of which you may knock out the unwanted images

    from your photograph. By cutting out the unwanted photographs you may get the particular image.

    Sometimes, the cropped images will lose its original quality. The reason behind it is, while cutting the

    unwanted part you are cutting the pixel in the image.

  • If the pixel size enlarged then the originality of the image may or might collapse. This problem was

    rectified by the advanced Photo Editing Technique. Without affecting the resolution of the original

    image you may discard the unwanted parts from the photograph.

    It may happen sometime, to fit the photograph in a frame. When the size of the photo and the size of

    the frame will not match, then resizing of image is needed. Advancement in the Photo Editing Technique

    will find a solution to fit the photo in the frame exactly.

    It is one of the most familiar methods in the Photo Editing Technique, which was invented to slice the

    web page and save that page with a proper name. It may slice one large image into too many small

    images to reduce the Page Weight. Making use of this slicing of web pages is become quite easy.

    Photo Cleaning is nothing but removing the unwanted blemishes, dust, scratches, dirt and on and on

    present in the photographs. Removing such things you may get the crystal clear view.

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