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OUR VISIONOur community is measurably better because of the work of United Way/Centraide Ottawa and others.

OUR MISSIONTo bring people and resources together to build a strong, healthy, safe community for all.

OUR PROMISETo invest resources where theyre needed the most, and where theyll have the greatest impact.

Building community changing lives.In 2006, United Way/Centraide Ottawa made a record community investment to support 177 projects, programs and partnerships, in 98 different community organizations. In the 2006 campaign, United Way/Centraide raised a record $28.2 million.

MESSAGE FROM THE BOARDA New Space 2006 signalled significant change for United Way/Centraide Ottawa change that moved us into a new space, in more ways than one. We launched the year with a move to a new physical space at 363 Coventry Road. More significantly, with the hard work and support of donors, volunteers, partners and staff, 2006 also marked a number of achievements that represent the new space United Way/Centraide occupies as a community building organization. Our new headquarters offer a more central, accessible location and provide much-needed meeting space that has benefited United Way/Centraide and the community we serve. Our space is available for community groups and agencies that need meeting facilities. When our six new Impact Councils made up of close to 100 community volunteers launched into action early in the year, we had the space we needed for many meetings and consultations. And we are now expanding our role as a convenor and host of community groups and organizations choosing to work with us and others to ensure coordination of service and program delivery and to affect social change. Our vision for our new home as a true community space has become a reality. We also moved closer to achieving our larger vision that our community will be measurably better as a result of the work of United Way/Centraide and others. With the deep and specialized knowledge of our Impact Council members, we developed impact plans that focus investments strategically in six impact areas. This was in addition to the work carried out by the dedicated volunteers who serve on the Board of Directors, the Campaign Cabinet, the Community Services Cabinet

Our vision of our new home as a true community space has become a reality. Last years move gave us room to grow to extend our reach, to invite others to contribute, and to share our space. Michael Allen, Mark Sutcliffe

BOARD OF DIRECTORSand on our numerous advisory and special initiative committees. Equally important, in consultation with community agencies and others, we began work on new tools that will improve the way we measure the impact of the investment of our donors tools that agencies will put to use in the coming year. The leadership that these groups bring to the work of United Way/ Centraide is the foundation of our ability to build a strong, healthy, safe community for all. United Way/Centraides mission requires a broad view of the community as well as the capacity to engage people in many different ways. Under the inspired and inclusive leadership of our community campaign chair, Police Chief Vince Bevan, people responded strongly to the theme Everyday Heroes, which underscored that a city isnt great unless its great for everyone. Donors contributed a record $28.2 million $2.3 million more than in 2005! The participation of donors and volunteers increased in other meaningful ways in 2006, and this growing level of engagement is a strong sign that we can continue to make a difference in this community in the years to come. Last years move gave us room to grow to extend our reach, to invite others to contribute, to share our space and become part of what we do. As always, moving forward we will be sure to stay close to the changes and developments taking place around us, allowing us to remain responsive to our community as issues arise and priorities shift. More and more often we are asked to play a role in key community initiatives analyzing need, setting agendas, developing resources and bringing people and organizations together. Whatever the issue, if it is relevant to the realization of our vision, mission and promise if it is about building community and changing lives we will make the space to pull up a chair and get involved. As donors, volunteers, agencies and partners, you share with us the special space that United Way/Centraide Ottawa occupies, not just at 363 Coventry Road, but throughout the community: in neighbourhoods, at discussion tables, in everyday lives. Thank you for continuing to contribute to our shared vision of a better community.Mark Sutcliffe* Chair Ottawa Citizen Janet Yale* Past Chair Executive Vice-President Corporate Affairs TELUS Communications Inc. Dennis Jackson* First Vice Chair District Vice-President, Scotiabank Vince Bevan* Campaign Chair Chief of Police, Ottawa Police Service Mary Ann Turnbull* Treasurer Director, Turnbull School Catherine Lane* Community Services Cabinet Chair Community Volunteer Jocelyne St. Jean* Director General, Program Operations Intergovernmental Operations Infrastructure Canada Mohamed Dalmar Abdurahman Acting Manager, Settlement Services Catholic Immigration Centre Marion Balla President, Adlerian Counselling & Consulting Group Thomas C. Barber Partner, Burke~Robertson LLP Chantal Bernier Assistant Deputy Minister Community Safety & Partnerships Branch, Public Safety Canada Rabbi Reuven Bulka Congregation, Machzikei Hadas Dave Calvert Child Protection Worker Childrens Aid Society Lynne Clark Marketing Development Manager Ottawa Citizen Tracey Clark Managing Director, Bridgehead Dr. Karim Damji Associate Professor of Glaucoma and Ophthalmology Residency Program Director, University of Ottawa Eye Institute Rick Gibbons Publisher & CEO, The Ottawa Sun Robert Gillett President & CEO, Algonquin College Eric Girard Chair, Audit committee Senior Manager, Deloitte. Karen Green A/Senior General Counsel & Executive Director, Federal Centre for Workplace Conflict Management Department of Justice Canada Scott Hannant News Director, CTV News, Ottawa Chris Hughes General Manager Vangent Canada Limited, formerly Pearson Canada Solutions Limited Gloria Kelly Communications Office Canadian Forces Health Services Group National Defence Kent Kirkpatrick City Manager, City of Ottawa The Very Reverend Shane Parker Dean of the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa Meena Roberts Management Consultant Gary Seveny Former President & CEO Alterna Savings, Alterna Bank Deborah Weinstein Founding Partner LaBarge Weinstein, LLP Wayne Wouters Secretary of the Treasury Board Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat Michael Allen* Secretary to the Board President & CEO United Way/Centraide Ottawa * Executive Committee Member

Mark Sutcliffe Chair, Board of Directors

Michael Allen President/CEO



This RCMP volunteer team rolled up their sleeves to give a fresh coat of paint to Ottawa Community Housing as part of Day of Caring 2006. For us, its a chance to make a difference in our community, says Bogena Crockett, RCMP team leader. This group of community houses is special to us because its located in the neighbourhood where we work.

PEOPLE...United Way/Centraide Ottawa is Fuelled by Community Engagement Each year we mobilize more than 14,000 volunteers. The engagement of these volunteers is essential to our success on many fronts. It allows us to keep our campaign costs among the lowest in North America about 15 percent; it allows us to leverage additional resources such as loaned representatives and donations of gifts in-kind; we benefit from the knowledge and skills of senior volunteers who provide governance, financial and strategic counsel and oversight; and hundreds of agency speakers and those whose lives have been changed generously share their personal stories every year.

Here are a few of the many examples of our communitys engagement during 2006. 218 positions filled by senior volunteers who carried out vital work as dedicated members of the Board of Directors, the Campaign Cabinet, the Community Services Cabinet and numerous other advisory and special initiative committees. 88 Impact Council volunteers with specialized knowledge served on our six councils, connecting and consulting with the community, developing plans for community solutions and guiding investment decisions. 48 loaned representatives were loaned to United Way/Centraide by their employers in order to support the workplace campaigns. 151 Speakers Bureau volunteers (agency speakers) shared their stories at 281 workplace campaign events. 876 donors and volunteers participated in Seeing is Believing tours to see how their gifts change lives. 50 community volunteers received surprise Community Builder Awards for their contribution to building community and changing lives. 500 Community Builders are now recognized on the United Way/Centraide Wall of Inspiration at Ottawa City Hall. 1200 Day of Caring volunteers lent a helping hand to agencies at this annual event sponsored by Minto Developments Inc. and organized by United Way/ Centraide, Volunteer Ottawa, the City of Ottawa and the Ottawa Community Housing Corporation. 18 youth gave their energy and enthusiasm as Youth Action Panel members, helping invest a total of $56,726 in 31 for-youth-by-youth projects, running events and encouraging others to get involved and make a difference. 1678 Grade 4 and 5 students participated in Caring for Others workshops, organized by United Way/Centraide for children to learn about the meaning of community and volunteering.



Its obvious the whole community wanted to make this goal said campaign chair Chief Vince Bevan, when commenting on the 2006 precedent-setting achievement.* * Total achievement at year-end of $28.2 million includes additional funds raised and collected after the campaign achievement announcement of $27.2 million on November 28, 2006.

RESOURCES...2006 Resource Development Achievements Reached New Heights The 2006 achievement of $28.2 million marks the largest amount raised by United Way/Centraide in our 73-year history. Over 10 weeks, thousands of campaign volunteers canvassed colleagues, held potlucks, book sales, loonie-toonie races and many other fundraising events to help achieve the campaign goal. These were the real heroes of the campaign. The groundswell of grassroots support showed that we are indeed a very caring community.

Some outstanding resource development high points in 2006 include: $28.2 million 2006 campaign result $27.2 million 2006 campaign goal 8.9 percent annual campaign growth $14.2 million raised by Community Campaign $14 million raised by Government of Canada Workplace Charitable Campaign (GCWCC)* 1800 workplace campaigns, including 78 new campaigns $9.96 million donated by 6184 leadership donors who each gave $1000 or more $2.22 million donated by 183 major donors who each gave $5000 or more 1194 new leadership and major donors combined $3 million in gifts donated through the Retirees Program $1.14 million raised through the Direct Response program, 92 percent from individuals and 8 percent from corporations 10.4 percent increase in the average gift in 2006, increased from $223 to $246 $500,671 growth in Endowment assets which now stands at $2.29 million $2.3 million value of corporate sponsorship $92,062 received in grants from community and corporate foundations $638,189 received in support of the community-wide initiatives Hire Immigrants Ottawa and Success by 6

*The national GCWCC 2006 achievement was $31 million, of which $17.2 was raised in the national capital region. United Way/Centraide Ottawa receives $14 million of this.



People in the community need to know its not a burden to volunteer and be a special part of someones life. You end up getting so much out of it. It would be a cold, cold world if nobody took the time to care about others. Evangeline Ellicott, Big Brothers Big Sisters volunteer

A quadriplegic since birth, 21 year old Rae Bell never thought about moving into her own apartment. She found a spot in a 24-hour attendant-care residence and Rae is now picking out paint colours and taking her first steps toward independence. Thanks to United Way/Centraide donors, Rae has a place of her own.

STRONG, HEALTHY, SAFE...United Way/Centraide Ottawa Invested a Record $21.5 Million in 2006 To fulfill our mission of building a strong, healthy, safe community for all, as always, in 2006 we supported a variety of essential agency programs. We also invested resources into partnerships and projects that work on long-term solutions to complex community challenges like Ottawas aging population and new Canadians seeking employment and other supports. We work with all kinds of groups to invest resources where they are needed the most: networks, corporate sponsors, labour, community groups, agencies and government partners.

Our priorities are well defined. We invest resources in programs, projects and partnerships that make a difference in six Impact Areas: Promoting healthy development for children and youth Reducing isolation and enhancing seniors quality of life Reducing barriers and increasing participation for people with disabilities Strengthening individuals and families in times of need and crisis Reducing barriers and increasing engagement for immigrants Strengthening agency, neighbourhood and community capacity

Here are highlights of United Way/Centraides community investment in 2006, from dollars raised in 2005: $21.5 million: Total community investment 8.6 percent: increase over 2005 (up from $19.8 million) $10.9 million: invested in United Way/Centraides six Impact Areas in support of programs, services and initiatives provided by local community agencies and organizations $6,477,872: individual donor-directed investments to more than 1000 registered Canadian charities 81 percent: percent of the total invested in programs and services delivered by agencies $683,000: in support to the Success By 6 secretariat, Ottawas early childhood development initiative $139,095 in support of Internationally Trained Workers Partnership Gifts In-kind: In addition to the above investments, United Way/Centraides Gifts In-kind program linked organizations and businesses with goods and services to donate, with local agencies in need. In the past five years, close to $1.2 million worth of in-kind goods and services were donated in our community through United Way/Centraide.



2 0 0 6 S U M M A R I Z E D F I N A N C I A L S TAT E M E N T S

The accompanying summarized statement of financial position and summarized statement of operations are derived from the complete financial statements of the United Way/Centraide Ottawa as at December 31, 2006 and for the year then ended on which we expressed an opinion without reservation in our report dated March 16, 2007. The fair summarization of the complete financial statements is the responsibility of management. Our responsibility, in accordance with the applicable Assurance Guideline of The Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants, is to report on the summarized financial statements. In our opinion, the accompanying financial statements fairly summarize, in all material respects, the related complete financial statements in accordance with the criteria described in the Guideline referred to above. These summarized financial statements do not contain all the disclosures required by Canadian generally accepted accounting principles. Readers are cautioned that these statements may not be appropriate for their purposes. For more information on the entitys financial position, results of operations and cash flows, reference should be made to the related complete financial statements.

Chartered Accountants Ottawa, Canada March 16, 2007




MANAGEMENT REPORTThe accompanying financial statements have been prepared by management in accordance with Canadian generally accepted accounting principles. The integrity and fairness of the data presented are the responsibility of management. In discharging its responsibility for the financial statements and for the accounting systems from which they are derived, management maintains the necessary system of internal controls designed to provide assurance that transactions are authorized, assets are safeguarded, and proper records are maintained. The Board of Directors is responsible for ensuring that management fulfils its responsibilities for financial reporting and internal control. It exercises this responsibility through the Audit Committee, which is composed of directors who are not employees of the organization. KPMG LLP, the independent auditors, examine the financial statements in accordance with Canadian generally accepted auditing standards and express their opinion on the fairness of the statements. The auditors have full and unrestricted access to the Audit Committee and the Board of Directors to discuss their audit and related findings as to the integrity of the organizations financial reporting and the adequacy of the system of internal controls.

Michael Allen President & CEO United Way/Centraide Ottawa

SUMMARIZED StAtEMEnt of fInAncIAl PoSItIonDecember 31, 2006, with comparative figures for 2005 2006 2005

AssetsCurrent assets: Cash Pledges receivable Accounts receivable Prepaid expenses Long-term assets: Investments: Endowment Other Capital assets $ 5,307,325 20,305,177 1,663,259 89,773 27,365,534 2,289,196 457,762 2,746,958 655,386 3,402,344 $ 3,769,007 19,136,003 1,363,646 244,013 24,512,669 1,788,525 920,282 2,708,807 126,140 2,834,947

$ 30,767,878

$ 27,347,616

Liabilities and Fund BalancesCurrent liabilities: Accounts payable and accrued liabilities Deferred revenue Designations payable Deferred campaign funds Long-term liabilities: Deferred lease inducement Net assets: Unrestricted Internally restricted for community services Internally restricted for capital assets Endowment $ 2,283,708 792,261 11,040,322 12,070,851 26,187,142 42,259 1,203,967 389,928 655,386 2,289,196 4,538,477 $ 2,123,213 114,328 9,835,780 11,710,346 23,783,667 45,278 1,604,006 126,140 1,788,525 3,518,671

$ 30,767,878On behalf of the Board:

$ 27,347,616







SUMMARIZED StAtEMEnt of oPERAtIonSYear ended December 31, 2006, with comparative figures for 2005 2006 2005

Revenue:Donations Funds transferred from other United Ways/Centraides Gross campaign revenue Less: uncollectible pledges Net campaign revenue Other revenue $ 25,280,116 623,958 25,904,074 (1,500,000) 24,404,074 1,380,345 25,784,419 $ 23,495,811 576,461 24,072,272 (1,420,000) 22,652,272 815,128 23,467,400

Expenses:Fundraising Net revenue available for programs Programs (schedule): Allocations and designations United Way/Centraide Ottawa programs One-time moving expenses 3,579,757 22,204,662 17,436,928 3,993,221 21,430,149 104,932 21,535,081 3,692,737 19,774,663 16,551,222 3,241,285 19,792,507 24,281 19,816,788

Excess of revenue over expenses (expenses over revenue)





The complete audited statements are available upon request from United Way/Centraide Ottawa.

SUMMARIZED ScHEDUlE PRoGRAMSYear ended December 31, 2006 2006 Distribution United Way/Centraide Ottawa program expenses: Support of United Way of Canada Capacity Building Children and Youth Children and Youth Success by Six Families and Individuals in Crisis Immigrants Immigrants Internationally Trained Workers Partnership People with Disabilities Seniors 2005 Distribution

$ 192,219 369,646 401,197 301,612 335,758 319,958 139,095 325,881 321,913 2,707,279 1,285,942

$ 177,805 264,931 264,931 271,527 264,931 263,680 71,133 264,931 264,772 2,108,641 1,132,644

Allocation of general administration expenses

$ 3,993,221Allocations and designations: Allocations and designations to funded agencies Donor directed designations to other Charitable Organizations Donor directed designations to other United Ways/Centraides $ 10,959,056 5,318,151 1,159,721

$ 3,241,285$ 10,798,005 4,682,775 1,070,442

$ 17,436,928

$ 16,551,222






As a result of our investment process, the following agencies offered programs, partnerships and projects to make our community stronger, healthier and safer. 2005 Campaign Dollars Invested in 2006 Action Logement Alliance to End Homelessness Amethyst Womens Addiction Centre Andrew Fleck Child Care Services Association pour Lintgration sociale dOttawa Autism Society of Ontario, Ottawa Chapter Banff Avenue Tenants Association Big Brothers Big Sisters Ottawa Boys & Girls Club of Ottawa Britannia Woods Community House Canadian Council on Social Development Canadian Hearing Society Canadian Mental Health Association, Ottawa Branch Canadian Mothercraft of Ottawa-Carleton Canadian Red Cross, Ottawa Branch Carlington Community and Health Services Catholic Family Service of Ottawa Causeway Work Centre Centre dalphabetisation, Moi, japprends Centre dapprentissage et de formation dOttawa Centre de Jeunes de la Basse-ville Centre de Jour Guigues Centre de Resources de la Basse-ville Centre de services la famille Centre des services communautaires de Vanier Centre Espoir Sophie Centre Psycho-Social dOttawa Centrepointe Child Care Corporation Centretown Community Health Centre Childrens Hospital of Eastern Ontario Foundation Childrens Village of Ottawa 15,000 14,000 94,144 30,000 2,577 25,000 22,406 603,187 769,354 1,000 8,202 146,210 349,602 20,494 197,843 39,577 594,360 68,777 15,000 5,000 26,149 74,996 25,701 16,461 40,000 25,046 54,642 4,000 10,000 1,860 3,489 Christie Lake Community Centres Christie Lake Kids Citizen Advocacy of Ottawa CNIB Ontario Division Coalition of Community Houses Community Information Centre of Ottawa Confederation Court Community Organization Council on Aging of Ottawa Crossroads Childrens Centre Dave Smith Youth Treatment Centre Debra Dynes Family House Disabled Persons Community Resources Distress Centre of Ottawa and Region Eastern Ottawa Resource Centre Elizabeth Fry Society of Ottawa Empathy House of Recovery Entraide Budgtaire Ottawa Family Services la famille-Ottawa First United Church, Ottawa Focus Vanier (Action antidrogue Vanier) Friends of the Earth Global Child Care Services Good Companions Good Day Workshop Programs Inc. Guides franco-canadiennes, district dOttawa Harmony House Help The Aged (Canada) Horizons Renaissance Inc. Housing Help Corporation of Ottawa-Carleton Hunt Club Riverside Community Services Centre Immigrant Women Services Ottawa 52,631 2,200 175,225 285,054 34,384 78,154 14,394 90,456 81,556 14,922 53,300 220,253 202,483 62,102 231,647 36,338 193,034 722,915 31,252 20,000 2,500 8,000 223,832 18,348 34,372 37,731 8,936 25,000 19,223 6,612 31,200 Incorporated Synod of the Diocese of Ottawa Jewish Family Services of Ottawa John Howard Society of Ottawa Labour Community Services of Ottawa-Carleton LASI World Skills Leadership Ottawa Learning Disabilities Association of Ottawa-Carleton Lebanese and Arab Social Services Agency Lifetime Networks Ottawa Liveworkplay (LWP) Incorporated Maison Fraternit Military Family Resource Centre of the NCR Minwaashin Lodge/Aboriginal Womens Support Centre Multicultural Arts for Schools & Community Nelson House of Ottawa-Carleton Nepean Community Support Services Inc. Odawa Native Friendship Centre Osgoode Youth Association Ottawa-Carleton Association for Persons with Developmental Disabilities (OCAPDD) Ottawa-Carleton District School Board - Albert Street Ottawa-Carleton Independent Living Centre Ottawa Centre for Research and Innovation (OCRI) Ottawa Arts Court Foundation Ottawa Catholic District School Board Ottawa Community Immigrant Services Organization (OCISO) Ottawa Rape Crisis Centre Overbrook-Forbes Community Services Association Parent Preschool Resource Centre Patro dOttawa 57,104 191,813 181,382 114,150 52,326 15,000 27,234 12,979 4,463 9,407 37,301 22,762 31,038 5,448 10,000 15,000 21,565 31,328 120,736 25,000 30,630 10,000 2,200 3,100 285,524 130,627 88,652 25,750 453,195

Nepean, Rideau and Osgoode Community Resource Centre 1,250




Pinecrest-Queensway Health and Community Services Pink Triangle Services Planned Parenthood Ottawa Rseau Ado/Youth Net Rideau Seniors Centre Rideauwood Addiction & Family Services Sandy Hill Community Health Centre, Inc. Schizophrenia Society of Ontario School Breakfast Program Senior Citizens Council of Ottawa Service dEntraide Communautaire Sexual Assault Support Centre Sierra Club of Canada Foundation Social Planning Council of Ottawa Somali Centre for Family Services Somali Teachers Association Somerset West Community Health Centre South-East Ottawa Centre for a Healthy Community St. Marys Home St. Matthews Harmony House, Ottawa Tamir Foundation Inc. Tapestry House Inc.

111,890 25,958 78,824 10,420 15,876 45,722 45,000 10,200 115,794 51,937 115,076 15,622 1,500 238,527 22,381 5,000 66,607 82,867 84,723 20,000 2,589 6,667

Tel-Aide Outaouais The Mens The Mission Tungasuvvingat Inuit Vanier Community Service Centre VHA Health and Home Support Victorian Order of Nurses, Ottawa-Carleton Branch Volunteer Ottawa Wabano Centre for Aboriginal Health Western Ottawa Community Resource Centre YMCA - Ottawa Youth Services Bureau of Ottawa Youville Center Ottawa Grand total

76,875 10,000 141,328 24,985 3,325 3,744 42,377 231,978 70,890 35,196 575,317 193,849 36,915 10,959,056

In addition to supporting United Way/Centraides investments in community programs, partnerships and projects, individual donors may choose to direct their gifts to more than 1000 registered Canadian charities. Agencies that received more than $1000 in donors designated gifts in 2006 are listed below. Please note that the names of designated agencies are listed as they appear on pledge forms, donors directions and the Canada Revenue Agency web site. Organization Name Action Life Ottawa Inc. Aga Khan Foundation Canada Agudath Isreal Congregation Aids Committee of Ottawa Air Cadet League of Canada 872 Kiwanis Air Cadet League of Canada No. 51 Air Cadet League of Canada, 632 Orleans All Nations Full Gospel Church ALS Society of Ontario Alzheimer Societ De LOutaouais Alzheimer Society of Ottawa-Carleton Amnesty International Canadian English Amnistie Internationale, Section Canadian Francophone Amputee Society of Ottawa & District Aplastic Anemia and Myelodysplasia Association of Canada Arche Ottawa Ashbury College Foundation Ashbury College Inc.orporated Association des Parents de Lecole Elementaire Publique Le Trillium Association pour lAide a lEduc et au Develop Association Quebec pour les Enfants Atteints dAud. Autism Society Canada Autism Society Ontario Autre Chez-Soi Inc. Barrhaven Fellowship Christian Reform Church Barrhaven United Church Amount 3,025 3,482 1,079 3,099 2,582 1,784 1,247 10,099 2,003 2,962 3,119 7,759 1,802 1,315 1,016 3,932 3,131 6,630 1,853 2,091 1,048 1,703 2,145 1,700 6,770 1,227 Organization Name Bedeque United Baptist Church Beechwood Cemetery Foundation Bells Corners United Church Bereaved Families of Ontario - Ottawa Bernadette Child Care Centre Inc. Bhawani Anantaraman Memorial Foundation Board of Governors Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology Boy Scouts du District de LOutaouais Boy Scouts du District dOttawa Boy Scouts of Canada National Council Brain Injury Association of Canada Brain Tumor Foundation of Canada Breast Cancer Action Breast Cancer Research & Education Fund Breast Cancer Society of Canada Bridlewood Community Church of the Nazarene Bruce House Bytown Association for Rescued Kanines Caldwell Family Centre Inc. Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa Foundation Canada-Africa Community Health Alliance Canadian Aids Society Canadian Association for Disabled Skiing, NCR Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation Canadian Breast Cancer Network Canadian Cancer Society Ontario Canadian Celiac Association Ottawa Chapter Amount 1,310 1,317 1,092 1,781 1,520 1,374 9,814 1,820 2,489 2,249 1,441 3,608 4,115 1,252 2,102 1,310 29,295 14,324 1,077 1,139 1,109 4,069 1,702 12,885 1,101 6,894 2,057 Organization Name Canadian Food for Children Canadian Foodgrains Bank Association Inc. Canadian Foundation for Aids Research Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association Canadian Mental Health Association Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society Canadian Ski Patrol System Canadian Society for Mucopolysaccharide Canadian Unicef Committee Canadian Wildlife Federation Canadian Womens Foundation Cancer Research Society Inc. Candle Childrens Cancer Support Programs Inc. Canines with a Cause Canterbury Arts Centre Development Association Care Canada Carleton Preschool Carleton University Catholic Education Foundation of Ottawa Cedarview Alliance Church Centre 507 Association of Ottawa Centre daction bnvole de Gatineau Centre dAide 24/7 Centre dalphabetisation, Moi, japprends Centre de la petite enfance Centre de Resources de la Basse-ville Centre de sant lizabth Bruyere Amount 1,263 1,092 6,427 7,618 1,132 1,750 2,402 1,058 1,649 11,021 1,363 1,136 1,803 4,205 2,313 1,081 7,481 1,122 1,158 115,404 4,887 1,015 1,070 1,536 2,269 1,298 1,139 8,900




Organization Name Centre du Silence Inc. Centre for Addiction and Mental Health Centre Mechtilde Cepal-Canadian-Palestinian Educational Exchange CFB Esquimalt Military Family Resource Charlotte Birchard Centres of Early Learning Chelsea Foundation Child Haven International Children at Risk Ottawa Childrens Aid Society of Ottawa Childrens Bridge Foundation Childrens Hospital of Eastern Ontario Foundation Childrens Hospital of Eastern Ontario Childrens Wish Foundation of Canada Christ Church Cathedral Christian Hit Radio Inc. Christian Horizons Church Jesus Christ Latter-Day Saints Church of St Alban the Martyr City Church Club des Petits Dejeuners Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB), Library for the Blind Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB), Ontario Division Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB), Quebec Division Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB), Toronto Code Community Foundation of Ottawa Community Pentecostal Church Compassionate Friends-Ottawa Valley Concordia University Foundation Congregation Beth Shalom West Congregation des Services de Jesus-Marie

Amount 2,184 2,752 1,449 1,446 1,095 3,761 2,876 4,243 6,478 1,807 2,524 23,322 46,176 6,180 4,234 2,718 1,302 5,460 2,772 2,512 7,607 4,121 3,775 1,158 3,812 1,232 8,336 1,931 1,714 1,304 2,502 1,248

Organization Name Cooperative Ami Jeunesse Corporation Episcopale Catholique Romaine Covenant House Toronto Crisis Pregnancy Centre of Ottawa David Suzuki Foundation Debra Dynes Family House Doctors Without Borders Canada Down Syndrome Association Ducks Unlimited Canada Duke of Edinburghs Award Eating Disorders Support Centre of Ottawa Ecole Parsifal School Education Foundation of Ottawa Elim Fellowship Canada lisabth Bruyere Research Institute Epilepsy Ontario, Ottawa-Carleton Epilepsy Canada Epilepsy Ontario Federation CJA First Unitarian Congregation of Ottawa Focus Humanitarian Assistance Canada Focus on the Family (Canada) Association Fondation College St-Alexandre Fondation de la Cite Collegiale Fondation de la Police Montee Fondation de lEcole du Grand-Boise Fondation de lHopital Montfort Fondation de lHopital Sainte-Justine Fondation des Maladies du Coeur de Quebec Fondation du Centre de Sante et de Service de Gatineau Fondation du Centre Hospitalier Pierre-Janet Fondation du Centre Psycho-Social pour Enfant Fondation du Centre Hosp. Gatineau Memorial Fondation Franco-Ontarienne Fondation General Vanier de lAssociation

Amount 5,602 4,359 1,074 2,566 5,204 1,068 31,276 2,638 2,199 2,548 2,855 1,571 50,238 5,000 1,510 1,080 1,089 1,474 3,608 2,394 5,287 1,332 8,511 5,029 1,549 2,687 4,284 1,053 1,104 4,762 2,764 1,061 2,181 1,453 1,514

Organization Name Fondation Jules et Paul-Emile Lger Fondation Mira Inc. Fondation Pavillon du Parc Fondation Quebecoise du Cancer Inc. Foster Parents Plan of Canada Friends of Abandoned Pets Friends of Amethyst Womens Addiction Centre Garderie Tunneys Day Care Gay and Lesbian Community Services Association Girl Guides of Canada, Ottawa Area Glebe Centre Inc. Glebe St. James United Church Gloucester Emergency Food Cupboard Gloucester Senior Adult Centre Good Shepherd Community Governors of St. Francis Xavier University Grace Community Bible Church Great Canadian Theatre Corporation Groupe de la Place Royale Groupe Scout et Guide de St-Pierre Chanel Habitat for Humanity Canada Habitat for Humanity National Capital Region Hahnemann Centre for Heil Kunst Trust Harvest House Ministries of Ottawa Head Injury Association (Ottawa Valley) HealthPartners Alzheimer Society of Canada ALS Society of Canada Arthritis Society Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Canadian Diabetes Association Canadian Hemophilia Society Canadian Liver Foundation Canadian Lung Association Ottawa Canadian Cancer Society National Office

Amount 1,781 2,589 1,050 2,555 2,068 15,123 1,252 2,183 1,092 3,317 1,047 1,398 1,276 2,338 1,663 1,268 1,747 2,558 1,210 2,286 1,196 4,836 2,044 7,334 1,545 1,226,044 196,410 29,787 75,116 32,489 204,958 2,226 16,109 52,305 705,232

Childrens Hospital of Eastern Ontario Research Institute 2,300

Centraide Abitibi-Temiscamingue-Ungava Centraide Bas-Saint-Laurent Centraide Centre du Quebec Centraide Cote-Nord Inc. Centraide du Grand Montreal Centraide Duplessis Centraide Estrie Centraide Gaspesie-iles-de-la-Madeleine Centraide Gatineau-Labelle Centraide Lanaudiere Centraide Laurentides Centraide Mauricie Centraide Outaouais Centraide Quebec Centraide Richelieu-Yamaska Centraide Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean Centraide Sud-Ouest du Quebec Crohns and Colitis Foundation of Canada Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada Huntington Society of Canada Kidney Foundation of Canada Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada Muscular Dystrophy Association of Canada Parkinson Society of Canada Healthy Start for Mom & Me Inc. Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario Hellenic Community of Ottawa Highland Park Standard Church Histiocytosis Association of Canada Hnatyshyn Foundation Holy Spirit Catholic Parish Hopital Montfort Hospice at Maycourt Hospice of All Saints Human Concern International (HCI)

6,877 5,798 3,429 1,939 56,177 1,790 8,434 7,267 50,116 4,157 2,632 4,459 289,051 13,367 4,401 5,685 2,218 75,040 301,149 8,985 48,842 121,465 14,972 51,688 1,267 2,099 1,202 1,529 1,253 1,890 3,770 1,009 13,984 14,243 2,345

Humane Society of Canada Incorporated Synod of the Diocese of Ottawa Inglewood United Church Inter Pares International Development and Relief Foundation International Prison Chaplains Associationiatio Interval House of Ottawa-Carleton Jewish Federation of Ottawa Jewish Theological Society of Canada Juvenile Diabetes Foundation of Canada Kanata Food Cupboard Kanata Pentecostal Church Kanata Youth Centre Kemptville District Hospital Foundation Kids Help Phone Kings Daughters Dinner Wagon Charitable Trust Lakeland United Way Lanark Animal Welfare Society Learning Disabilities Association of Canada Leucan Inc. Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada Lifeline Centre for Addicted Survivors of Trauma Liveworkplay (LWP) Inc.orporated Lupus Canada Machzikei Hadas Congregation Maison Mathieu Froment-Savoie Maison Victor Gadbois Make-A-Wish Foundation of Eastern Ontario Manjari Sankurathri Memorial Foundation Manotick United Church Mashado Masonic Foundation of Ontario May Court Club of Ottawa Medical Aid for Palestine Association

1,597 2,389 1,335 1,790 1,169 2,359 4,757 2,471 2,833 9,081 2,307 1,092 1,204 2,404 1,158 1,758 1,184 1,576 1,182 1,748 2,324 3,011 5,147 2,034 5,990 10,605 1,136 1,164 2,721 1,226 1,010 1,598 1,415 1,420

Mennonite Central Committee Canada Mennonite Central Committee Ontario Military Christian Fellowship of Canada Military Police Fund for Blind Children Miriam Centre for Mothers in Need Ottawa Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) MSGR Paul Baxter Memorial Foundation Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada, Ontario Division National Arts Centre Foundation National Capital Childrens Oncology Care National Ovarian Cancer Association National Science Museum Nationside Pentecostal Church Native Counselling Services of Alberta Nature Conservancy of Canada Nelson House of Ottawa-Carleton Nepean Community Support Services Inc. Nepean Seniors Home Support Odawa Native Friendship Centre Old Ottawa South Firehall Redevelopment Foundation Ontario Lupus Association Ontario Society for Crippled Children Ontario Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Ontario Special Olympics Inc. Operation Enfant Soleil Inc. Operation Go-Home Options Bytown Non-Profit Housing Corporation Organisation Catholique Canadian pour le developpement et la paix Orleans-Cumberland Township Community Resource Osteoporosis Society of Canada Ottawa C G I T Committee Ottawa Chapter, Childrens International Ottawa Childrens Treatment Centre Ottawa Childrens Treatment Centre Foundation

4,237 1,111 1,492 3,414 2,592 1,531 2,746 3,234 1,978 2,278 4,160 3,858 1,420 2,184 6,788 2,040 1,120 2,130 3,998 4,183 3,987 2,343 1,674 1,121 2,127 8,065 1,645 2,854 1,263 1,095 2,512 4,485 3,396 2,270

Maritime Forces Atlantic Military Family Resource Centre 1,176


Organization Name


Organization Name


Organization Name



Organization Name Ottawa Christian Counselling Services Association Ottawa Christian School Association Ottawa Church of Christ Ottawa Church of God Ottawa College of Jewish Studies Ottawa District School Board - Greenbank Ottawa Food Bank Ottawa Hospital Ottawa Hospital Foundation Ottawa Humane Society Ottawa Innercity Ministries Ottawa Jewish Community High School Ottawa Mandarin Alliance Church Ottawa Mennonite Church Ottawa Muslim Association Ottawa Peace & Environment Resource Centre Ottawa Regional Cancer Centre Foundation Ottawa Rotary Home Ottawa Rotary Home Foundation Ottawa Salus Corporation Ottawa School of Speech and Drama Ottawa Senators Foundation Ottawa Therapy Dogs Ottawa Valley Wild Bird Care Centre Our Lady of Fatima Parish OXFAM Canada Oxfam-Quebec Palliative Care Outreach Program Parish of St Bartholomews Parish of St Georges Parish of the Annunciation Ottawa Parkinson Socit du Quebec Parkinsons Society of Ottawa-Carleton Paroisse Sainte-Marie Paroisse St Laurent

Amount 2,552 1,201 1,068 3,494 1,800 1,310 3,023 4,802 47,076 134,790 4,630 24,958 3,713 4,133 1,220 1,309 20,091 1,193 1,109 1,362 4,064 1,890 1,127 6,852 2,251 13,901 5,176 3,971 3,500 2,555 1,092 1,058 1,285 3,315 1,045

Organization Name Paroisse St Medard Parsifal Waldorf School Pavillon Jellinek Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada People, Words and Change Perley & Rideau Veterans Health Centre Foundation Perley & Rideau Veterans Health Centre Phoenix Youth Programs Charitable Foundation Polish Heritage Foundation of Canada Inc. Primates World Relief & Development Fund Prostate Cancer Research Foundation of Canada Queensway-Carleton Hospital Foundation Reach-Equality & Justice for people with Disabilities Relais Plein Air du Parc de la Gatineau Renfrew Victoria Hospital Foundation Resource Communautaire en Sant Mental de lOutaouis Rideau Park United Church Rockland Help Centre Rogers House for Palliative Care Ronald McDonald House Charities Rotary Club of Ottawa Inc. Royal Institute for Advancement of Learning Royal Ottawa Health Care Foundation Royal Ottawa Health Care Group Royal Reg.of Canadian Art. Regimental Fund Saga Jeunesse Salvation Army Alberta & NT Division Salvation Army Correctional & Justice Services Salvation Army Ottawa Bethany Hope Centre Salvation Army Ottawa Booth Centre Salvation Army Ottawa Citadel Corps Salvation Army Ottawa Grace Manor Salvation Army Territorial Headquarters Salvation Army Woodroffe Temple Corps

Amount 1,069 1,646 1,179 1,310 1,181 3,973 1,909 1,008 1,898 1,848 1,947 5,971 1,124 1,576 1,903 1,328 1,730 1,156 4,121 1,934 1,807 5,776 8,860 2,075 1,310 1,554 2,016 1,814 3,121 3,459 3,343 1,054 11,900 1,993

Organization Name Save The Children Canada Schizophrenia Society of Canada Schizophrenia Society of Ontario School of Dance Ottawa, Pre-Professional Program Scouts Canada Foundation Search and Rescue, Global 1 Serena Ontario Serenity Renewal for Families Corporation Shepherds of Good Hope Shepherds of Good Hope Foundation Sierra Club of Canada Foundation Sir Edmund Hillary Foundation Sisters of Charity of Ottawa Sisters of Charity of Ottawa Health Services Snow Suit Fund Socit Franco-Ontarienne de lautisme Socit pour la prevention contre la cruante Socit pour la prevention cruaute aux animals Outaouais Societe faim daider - Hungry to Help Solidarite Jeunesse Soupiere de LAmitie de Gatineau Inc. South Gloucester United Church Southgate Community Church St. John Council for Federal District St. Josephs Parish St. Lukes Parish St. Marks Parish St. Matthews Harmony House, Ottawa St. Patricks Basilica St. Patricks Parish St. Pauls Eastern United Church St. Sharbel Church of Ottawa St. VInc.ent de Paul (Hull) Stanley Francis Foundation

Amount 3,154 1,359 9,910 1,011 2,894 1,819 2,948 9,607 24,457 1,354 2,255 1,050 2,134 35,242 4,950 3,436 4,050 8,713 1,092 2,044 2,427 1,048 1,310 1,436 2,210 1,683 1,092 2,137 1,136 3,700 1,216 1,394 1,512 5,465

Salvation Army Community and Family Services, Victoria 1,008

Stephen Lewis Foundation Terry Fox Foundation Therapeutic Riding Association of Ottawa-Carleton Thyroid Foundation of Canada Total Communication Environment Township of Rideau Senior Citizens Service Trait dunion Outaouais Inc. Trillium Gift of Life Network United Jewish Appeal of Metro Toronto United Jewish Appeal of Ottawa United Way of Avalon United Way of Battlefords United Way of Brandon & District United Way of Bruce Grey United Way of Burlington-Hamilton United Way of Calgary and Area United Way of Canada United Way of Cape Breton United Way of Central & South Okanagan United Way of Central Alberta United Way of Central N-B United Way of Colchester County United Way of Cumberland County United Way of Greater Moncton United Way of Greater Saint John Inc. United Way of Greater Simcoe County United Way of Greater Toronto United Way of Greater Toronto United Way of Greater Victoria United Way of Guelph United Way of Halifax Region United Way of Kingston United Way of Kirkland Lake & District United Way of Kitchener-Waterloo and Area United Way of Lanark

14,198 2,446 2,757 1,086 3,044 1,276 1,295 1,310 3,100 6,247 9,861 1,118 1,853 1,098 11,859 17,569 4,435 18,745 1,018 6,967 7,913 1,142 4,506 10,466 6,995 1,715 4,724 35,022 7,348 1,106 23,178 11,793 2,091 3,683 117,498

United Way of Leeds and Grenville United Way of London United Way of Lower Mainland United Way of Nanaimo & District United Way of Niagara Falls & Fort Erie United Way of Oakville United Way of Peel Region United Way of Peterborough & District United Way of Pictou County United Way of Porcupine United Way of Prescott-Russell United Way of PrInc.e Edward Island United Way of PrInc.e George United Way of Quinte United Way of Regina United Way of Sarnia-Lambton United Way of Saskatoon United Way of Sault Ste. Marie United Way of St. Catharines & District United Way of Stormont, Dundas & Glengary United Way of Sudbury and District United Way of The Alberta Capital Region United Way of Thunder Bay United Way of Upper Ottawa Valley United Way of Winnipeg United Way of Yellowknife University of Ottawa Heart Institute University of Ottawa Heart Institute Foundation University of Western Ontario Urban Christian Outreach USC Canada Victorian Order of Nurses for Canada, Ontario Victorias Quilts Canada Vietnamese Canadian Centre Villa Marconi Long Term Care Center

54,734 8,814 31,298 3,141 1,058 1,359 3,840 3,708 2,683 2,028 136,295 5,959 1,335 2,978 10,060 4,069 4,048 3,878 3,993 20,047 5,514 13,166 2,862 14,638 24,260 1,676 8,533 3,740 1,327 1,092 2,142 1,063 1,405 2,756 1,158

Voice for Hearing Impaired Children VON Canada Foundation War Amputations of Canada War Child Canada Watch Tower Bible & Tract Society of Canada Watercan/Eaucan Corporation Waupoos Foundation Westboro Academic Society White Wind Zen Community Corporation WInchester District Memorial Hospital Foundation WInchester District Memorial Hospital Winnipeg Humane Society for the PCA Woodlawn United Church Woodvale Pentecostal Church World Society for the Protection of Animals Canada World Vision Canada World Wildlife Fund Canada Youth Canada Association (YouCan!) Total >$1000 Total