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    the THIRD edition


    Caroline Krantz

  • New Headway Upper-Intermediatethe THIRD editionTest Booklet

    This booklet contains:

    12 Unit Tests which revise the corresponding unit in New HeadwayUpper-Intermediate the third edition Students Book. Each test includes

    a reading and writing task and has a total score of 100.

    An Answer Key for all the exercises.

    Writing Assessment Criteria to help you assess your students writtentasks.

    Note to the teacher

  • 1 Match the verb forms in 112 with tenses al.1 ___ Id never been to Ireland before.

    2 ___ It hasnt been fixed yet.

    3 ___ Shell be working in Brussels next week.

    4 ___ The products are not tested on animals.

    5 ___ Hes already met her.

    6 ___ We are being watched.

    7 ___ Ill speak to her at the end of the lesson.

    8 ___ He was kept in hospital overnight.

    9 ___ They were eating popcorn during the film.

    10 ___ The photocopiers been breaking down a lotrecently.

    11 ___ He applied for the post.

    12 ___ Theyre always arguing.

    a Present Perfect Passive

    b Past Perfect

    c Present Continuous Passive

    d Present Perfect Continuous

    e Future Continuous

    f Past Simple

    g Future Simple

    h Present Perfect

    i Present Continuous

    j Past Continuous

    k Present Simple Passive

    l Past Simple Passive

    0.5 points for each correct answer

    2 Choose the correct verb form.1 I went / have been to Scotland ages ago.

    2 My car is / is being serviced today.

    3 Ive lived / lived in Thailand for five years after I gotmarried.

    4 He is always / is always being very friendly.

    5 We visit / are visiting our grandmother after schooltoday.

    6 I think Ive fixed / been fixing your bicycle.

    7 Ive had / been having the same hairstyle for years.

    8 It was the first time he has / had ever seen snow.

    9 The little girl was stroking / stroked the dog when itsuddenly bit her.

    10 Dont disturb her between 2 and 3 oclock as shell be having / have a nap.

    0.5 points for each correct answer

    3 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verb inbrackets.

    1 I dont know how Helen is. I ________________ (not see) her for absolutely ages.

    2 Im a designer, but I ________________ (work) in thesales department at the moment.

    3 This book ________________ (print) in Spain.

    4 Before she emigrated last year, she ________________never ________________ (travel) abroad.

    5 I ________________ (wait) for days before someonefinally returned my call.

    6 Dont call the office at 11 oclock. We________________ (have) a meeting.

    7 I ________________ (not see) the sun once since Iarrived here a week ago.

    8 I ________________ (do) the ironing when thephone rang.

    9 My computer ________________ (repair) at themoment.

    10 What ________________ you ________________(have) for dinner last night?

    1 point for each correct answer 10



    4 UNIT 1 New Headway Upper-Intermediate the third edition Oxford University Press P H O T O C O P I A B L E

    N A M E :1 Test

  • 5U N I T 1New Headway Upper-Intermediate the third edition Oxford University Press P H O T O C O P I A B L E

    N A M E :

    4 Match each sentence with the correct response.1 ___ Maria comes from Madrid.

    2 ___ Maria is coming from Madrid.

    a What time does her plane get in?

    b Really? I thought she was from Barcelona.

    3 ___ What were you doing when the accidenthappened?

    4 ___ What did you do when the accident happened?

    a I called the police.

    b I was washing my car.

    5 ___ Well have lunch at 1 oclock.

    6 ___ Well be having lunch at 1 oclock.

    a All right, Ill call you after that.

    b That sounds like a good idea.

    7 ___ Shes being very kind.

    8 ___ Shes very kind.

    a Really? I wonder what she wants.

    b Yes, thats why everybody likes her.

    9 ___ When we arrived he tidied the flat.

    10 ___ When we arrived he had tidied the flat.

    a Did you have to help him?

    b Yes, hes very organized these days.

    11 ___ Ive lived in Brazil for three years.

    12 ___ I lived in Brazil for three years.

    a What was it like?

    b Whats it like?

    13 ___ How do you do?

    14 ___ How are you doing?

    a Not so bad, thanks.

    b How do you do?

    0.5 points for each correct answer

    5 Write the words which have been left out in these informalsentences and questions. There are two words for each line.(Contractions, e.g. havent, count as two words.)

    1 Heard any good jokes lately? _________

    2 Been here long? _________

    3 Bye. See you soon. _________

    4 Want a tea? Im just making some. _________

    5 Like the new suit? Ive just bought it. _________

    6 Be back in a second. Hold on. _________

    7 Ready? Shall we start? _________

    8 Got any plans for the weekend? _________

    9 Going anywhere special tonight? _________

    10 Finished! Can I go now? _________

    11 Sorry. Got to go. _________

    0.5 points for each correct answer

    6 Replace the words in italics with a more informal expressionfrom the box.

    a big shot take a real toll beat upreally into 24/7 itchy feeta really big deal get it puffed

    1 After jogging for three miles I was completely out ofbreath. __________________

    2 Living in a different country from your partner canhave a damaging effect on your relationship.__________________

    3 Hes on her mind all the time. __________________

    4 I dont think shes very keen on opera.__________________

    5 Id really like to go abroad for a while. Ive got a strongdesire to travel these days. __________________

    6 Why is he so keen on her? I dont understand.__________________

    7 Thanksgiving Day is very important in the UnitedStates. __________________

    8 He threatened to hit and kick anyone that came nearhim. __________________

    9 Her fathers a very important person at IBM; themanaging director, I think. __________________

    1 point for each correct answer 9



    Have you

  • 6 U N I T 1 New Headway Upper-Intermediate the third edition Oxford University Press P H O T O C O P I A B L E

    N A M E :

    7 Match the informal language 18 with the more formallanguage ah.

    1 loads of a I feel

    2 quite a bit b children/young adults

    3 I reckon c a considerable amount

    4 kids d Im very interested in

    5 Im really into e a lot of

    6 best wishes f please find enclosed

    7 here is g a variety of things

    8 all kinds of stuff h yours sincerely

    0.5 points for each correct answer

    8 Replace the words in italics with the more informal languagefrom the box.

    kind of cos been all over the placehanging in there like crazy OKhead its no problem for me

    1 I find it easy to learn languages. __________________

    2 Are you feeling all right? __________________

    3 Ive travelled widely. __________________

    4 Lifes not easy at the moment,but Im surviving. __________________

    5 Dont call me later because I wont be at home. __________________

    6 I find his behaviour quitestrange. __________________

    7 My leg is hurting a lot. __________________

    8 Shall we go home soon? __________________

    0.5 points for each correct answer

    9 Complete the sentences with words from the box.

    home-made home-grown homecominghouse plant homesick houseboundhouse-warming house-proud houseworkhomeless

    1 When John returned from his travels around theworld his family celebrated his _______________with a big party.

    2 Theres a new shop thats opened just round the cornerwhich sells all sorts of nice things including_______________ cakes and _______________vegetables.

    3 Its very hard to keep up with the _______________when youve got a full-time job.

    4 My mothers extremely _______________ .Everythings always so neat and tidy.

    5 Janet and Steve are moving to London Road nextmonth. Have you had an invitation to their_______________ party?

    6 My neighbour has just had a major operation, so hesgoing to be _______________ for a while.

    7 The floods left hundreds of people _______________ .

    8 She felt _______________ when she first went towork in Hong Kong, but shes really enjoying it now.

    9 Im just popping over to Juliets house to water her_______________ . Shes gone on holiday for a coupleof weeks.

    0.5 points for each correct answer

    10 Match the words in A and B to make compound nouns.A B

    1 ___ book a program

    2 ___ head b poisoning

    3 ___ food c pill

    4 ___ junk d food

    5 ___ computer e pot

    6 ___ tea f line

    7 ___ sleeping g case

    8 ___ door h bell

    9 ___ open i escape

    10 ___ fire j air

    0.5 points for each correct answer 5




  • 7U N I T 1New Headway Upper-Intermediate the third edition Oxford University Press P H O T O C O P I A B L E

    N A M E :

    11 Decide what the words in italics refer to. Match them withthe nouns in the box.

    bus birthday childrencity office parentspolice cycling

    1 It just makes so much sense its free, healthy, muchbetter for the environment and can actually be quickerin the rush hour.___________

    2 Its a real struggle to get them ready in time, and one ofthem has usually forgotten something! ___________

    3 I usually get there at about 9 a.m., and leave at aboutfive in the afternoon.___________

    4 They live about a four-hour drive away, but becausethey are quite old now, I try to see them at least once amonth.___________

    5 It was such a special occasion, and I really enjoyed

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