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<ol><li> 1. 2015OriflameCosmeticsSA An entire world of cosmetics AT YOUR FINGERTIPS We believe in Dreams We believe in Beauty We believe inYou ORIFLAME Colour Cosmetics Guide YOUR DREAMS OUR INSPIRATIONTM 115395.1 http://orijen.co.uk http://orijen.co.uk </li><li> 2. 2 332 Welcome to a BEAUTIFUL WORLD OF COLOUR The world of Oriame colour cosmetics is about so much more than colours. Our approach is to enhance your natural beauty.With a wide portfolio of sophisticated products and advanced formulations, our cosmetics suit every mood and every style. Use our Colour Cosmetics Guide to give professional make-up consultations and recommend products why not help your customer discover a complete make-up set to go with her new lipstick? The Colour Cosmetics Guide is an entire world of cosmetics at your ngertips! Giordani Gold is our most premium brand offering luxurious make-up, fragrances and accessories. Careful attention to detail, superior quality and luxury at an affordable price are its hallmarks. Giordani Gold is the brand for those who appreciate the ner things in life and who seek only the best. The ONE is the rst make-up brand to combine the latest in fashion and trends with high performance products and easy- to-follow expert beauty advice. It gives you everything you need to look and feel your best effortlessly. The ONE: Your ultimate, one-stop beauty and fashion destination. VeryMe inspires and challenges young women to take a journey of discovery, by expressing and embracing their unique style. It is fresh and playful, with easy-to- -use make-up in the latest shades. The range is inspired by youth lifestyle, and is constantly updated with trendy new products. Our Colour Cosmetics Brands 49 LIPS 1013 FACE 1418 EYES 19 NAILS Whats INSIDE? http://orijen.co.uk </li><li> 3. 4 54 Whats your FAVOURITE FINISH? INSTANT ALLURE for any look Our lipsticks come in four beautiful nishes from intense matte to voluptuous high shine so that you can create the perfect lip look for any occasion. 26601 Nude Silk 26606 Coral Shell 26603 Chiffon Rose 26608 Cherry Cashmere 26602 Pink Lace 26604 Orchid Taffeta 26605 Scarlet Veil 26610 Wispy Prune 30430 Lustrous Nude 30435 Vibrant Blush 30440 Glazed Currant 30432 Rosewood Gloss 30437 Violet Shine 30442 Trendy Berry 30431 Pink Hypnotic 30436 Clover Haze 30441 Red Ovation 30433 Pink Dazzle 30438 Raspberry Sorbet 30443 Sexy Plum 30434 Glistening Rose 30439 Brilliant Fuchsia 30444 Cocoa Burst 30980 Spectacular Nude 30984 Amazing Berry 30982 Sublime Pink 30986 Explosive Pink 30981 Ravishing Rose 30985 Stunning Clover 30983 Striking Coral 30987 Dazzling Plum 30364 Mocha Dream 30368 Flirty Pink 30366 Hot Red 30370 Rockstar Pink 30365 Pink Blush 30369 Pink Kiss 30367 Fresh Peach 30371 Violet Vibe 31651 Melted Caramel 31655 Succulent Pink 31653 Rose Parfait 31657 Coral Creme 31652 Rosewood Matte 31656 Taupe Delight 31654 Fuchsia Toffee 31658 Wrapped in Red 32237 Berry Blast 32241 Orange Pop 32239 Daring Lilac 32243 Sunset Red 32245 Coral Burst 32238 Electric Crimson 32242 Flamingo Fuchsia 32240 Rose Ray 32244 Vivid Violet 32246 Rouge Attract 31684 Soft Rose 31686 Coral Matte 31685 Vivid Pink 31687 Red Passion 31688 Berry Crush S H I M M E R I N G Contains light-reecting pearls to brighten and illuminate lips S E M I - M AT T E Velvety and opaque with a slight shine, less intense than matte M AT T E Completely shine and shimmer free, with an intense, opaque look 5 LIPSLipsticks 30660 Pink Lady 30440 Glazed Currant 31654 Fuchsia Toffee 31687 Red Passion Luminous nish with a natural shine for fuller-looking lips. Shiny Contains light-reecting pearls to brighten and illuminate lips. Shimmering Semi-matte Velvety and opaque with a slight shine, less intense than matte. Matte Completely shine and shimmer free, with an intense, opaque look. DIDYOU KNOW? Lipstick adds instant glamour a splash of colour will dress up any outt. MODEL IS WEARING: 30670 Red Passion Colour Stylist Lipstick, 30475 Black Eyeliner Stylo &amp; 30722 Black Lash Resistance Mascara. Giordani Gold Voluptuous Lipstick Light coverage, intensely hydrating lipstick. With HydraFull Complex for fuller, smoother lips. The ONE Power Shine Lipstick Medium coverage, ultra- reective lipstick. Infused with caring LipKiss Complex for softer, smoother lips. SPF12. The ONE Triple Core Lipstick Medium coverage lipstick that delivers colour impact, all-day moisture feel and a scintillating nish that enhances lips shape. Very Me Lip Addict Lipstick Medium coverage, glossy lipstick. Conditioning formula with Vitamin E. The ONE 5-in-1 Colour Stylist Cream Lipstick High coverage, multi-benet lipstick. Comfortable to wear and helps keep lips hydrated all day. The ONE 5-in-1 Colour Stylist Lipstick Intense Collection High coverage, rich and nourishing lipstick in intense shades. The ONE Colour Unlimited Matte Lipstick High-coverage and longwearing lipstick with velvety matte nish. 5 http://orijen.co.uk </li><li> 4. 6 7 LIPSLipsticks&amp;LipLiners Beautiful colour ALL DAY The secret to keeping your lipstick perfect for longer is to use lip liner. There are 2 ways. 1.Completely fill in your lips with liner. This will create a base for your lipstick and help it last longer. 2.Blend the outside edges with a lip brush. This will soften any hard lines. 3.Apply lipstick over the top. 1.Apply your lipstick. 2.Line the outer edge of your natural lip line with lip liner. 3.Blend the liner and lipstick together with a lip brush for a natural finish. S H I N Y L I P S T I C K S Luminous finish with a natural shine for fuller-looking lips 30445 Satin Beige 30450 Peach Pink 30455 Red Fatale 30447 Pink Nude 30452 Raspberry Blush 30457 Lavender Lustre 30446 Creamy Nude 30451 Lucent Pink 30456 Muted Plum 30448 Pearly Pink 30449 Rose Petal 30453 Fuchsia Divine 30458 Copper Shine 30454 True Red 30459 Cherry Love 22744 Dusky Nude 31376 Beige Suede 22748 Rose Blossom 31378 Frosted Rose 22746 Pink Secret 31377 Pink Delicacy 22749 Cerise Pink 31379 Violet Dawn 22752 Warm Coral 31380 Red Attraction 31624 Beige Taupe 31626 Sweet Rose 31625 Soft Peach 31627 Cranberry Cream 31628 Red Berries 30569 Infinite Rose 30574 Fuchsia Express 30571 Absolute Blush 30576 Violet Extreme 30570 Rosewood Eternity 30575 Endless Red 30572 Always Cranberry 30577 Forever Plum 30573 Pink Unlimited 30578 Mocha Intensity 30653 Pretty Petal 30663 Mysterious Pink 30658 Garnet Attraction 30668 Coral Ideal 30655 Uptown Rose 30665 Warm Peach 30660 Pink Lady 30670 London Red 30654 Showcase Pink 30664 Cranberry Blush 30659 Fuchsia Hype 30669 Red Devotion 30656 Pink Mayflower 30666 Coral Charisma 30661 Clover Haze 30671 Red Passion 30657 Catwalk Pink 30667 Sweet Tangerine 30662 Posh Plum 30672 Irresistible Red 30673 RedHaute Couture 30678 Beige Collection 30675 VIP Beige 30680 Nude Elegance 30674 Smoke Red 30679 Vintage Rose 30676 Chic In Taupe 30681 Refined Mauve 30677 Warm Nude 30682 Red Copper L I P L I N E R S Make your colour last longer and create definition 32191 Nude 32194 Pink 32192 Coral 31433 Nude Rose 31381 Nude 31437 Vibrant Pink 31385 Red 31435 Perfect Pink 31383 Rose 31439 Real Red 31434 Spicy Nude 31382 Coral 31438 Coral Ideal 31436 Clover Haze 31384 Pink 31440 Smoke Red Make your LIP COLOUR LAST Create DEFINITION 32192 Coral 30455 Red Fatale &amp; 31385 Red DIDYOU KNOW? Neutral shades give lips a fresh look, whilst strong shades put lips in focus. Experiment youll be surprised how many shades suit you! MODELISWEARING: 30449RosePetalIconicLipstick, 31384PinkLipPencil&amp; 30719Black5-in-1WonderLashMascara Giordani Gold Iconic Lipstick High coverage, satin finish lipstick imbues lips in rich, creamy colour and lasting comfort. SPF15. Giordani Gold Jewel Lipstick Medium coverage, cashmere- soft lipstick with a powerful blend of moisturisers. The ONE Colour Soft Lipstick Light coverage, caring lipstick that goes on smoothly and leaves lips with a luscious hint of colour. The ONE Colour Unlimited Lipstick Medium coverage, longwearing lipstick with luminous satin finish. Stay-true colour lasts up to 10 hours. The ONE 5-in-1 Colour Stylist Lipstick Medium coverage, multi-benefit lipstick with rich, lasting colour intensity. Comfortable to wear and helps keep lips hydrated. Very Me Lip Crayon Creamy, glossy, medium coverage lip pencil for perfect contours. Giordani Gold Lip Pencil Luxurious creamy lip pencil. Unique brush tip for applying and blending lipstick. The ONE Colour Stylist Lip Liner Pigment-rich retractable lip liner. Perfectly matches with all 5-in-1 Colour Stylist Lipstick Shades. 7 http://orijen.co.uk </li><li> 5. 8 9 S H I N Y L I P G L O S S E S For a fuller, smoother-looking nish H I G H C O V E R A G E L I P G L O S S E S Incredible colour and unbelievable shine Giordani Gold Youth Full Lip Gloss High gloss lip gloss with Hyaluronic Acid Micro Spheres for more youthful-looking lips. Very Me Mood Lip Gloss Medium-coverage, avoured gloss with natural mood- enhancing extracts. Very Me Clickit Lip Gloss Shimmering lip gloss that gives your lips kissable shine. Very Me Pink Me Perfect Lip Gloss Self-customising gloss to create your own perfect shade of pink. The ONE Colour Unlimited Lip Gloss Long-lasting lip gloss with lightweight, soft texture. Lasts up to 6 hours. 31811 Sheer Pink 24593 Energy Shock 20523 Baby Pink 22497 Pink Me Perfect 30638 Nude Confidence 30643 Pink Boost 31813 Pink Quartz 24595 Happy Glow 30640 Rose Unlimited 30645 Plum Beyond 31812 Lavender Smudge 24594 Feel the Love 30639 All Day Pink 30644 Very Fuchsia 31814 Vibrant Coral 24596 Daring Spirit 30641 True Blush 31815 Wild Rose 24597 Just Relax 30642 Peach Evermore S PA R K L I N G L I P G L O S S Ultra shine for more voluptuous lips 30628 Nude Reection 30633 Trendy Berry 30630 Soft Pink 30635 Plum Dimension 30629 Rose Glacier 30634 Luminous Violet 30631 Soft Coral The ONE Power Shine Lip Gloss Extreme shine lip gloss with ShineBoost applicator for voluptuous looking lips. 30632 Iridescent Blush The ONE 5-in-1 Colour Stylist Cream Gloss Luscious, creamy 5-in-1 lip gloss with 80% caring ingredients for high gloss shine with a nourished feel. Very Me Mirror Gloss Glamorous lip gloss with great coverage and shine. 31736 French Beige 31738 Sweet Peach 31737 Pink Charm LIPS BEFORE LIPS AFTER 31739 Rose Blush 31740 Hot Pink 26496 Clover Haze 26498 Soft Coral 26497 Pink Blush 26499 Cerise 26500 Hot Red 9 LIPSLipGlosses&amp;LipCare L I P B A L M S L I P S TA I N The ONE Lip Spa Care Lip Balm Conditioning double core lip balm with SPF 8 for soft, supple lips. The ONE BB Lip Balm Brightens, soothes and protects lips. Long lasting hydration for up to 24H. Very Me Incredibalm Vitamin E and jojoba oil-enriched Incredibalm softens and moisturises. Very Me Cheeky Lips Stain Long-lasting, natural-looking lip colour. Wear alone or under gloss or lipstick. 31442 Transparent 30511 Lovely Pink 31444 Nude 30717 BB Lip Balm 20396 Incredibalm 31443 Natural Pink 30512 Red Impact Fuller, more SENSUOUS LIPS Lip gloss, with its high-shine nish, makes lips appear fuller and more voluptuous.You can also use it to add fullness to lipstick. 31814 Vibrant Coral 31442 Transparent Start by moisturising your lips to create an even, soft base. 1. Lip Balm Dab gloss over the top for a more glamorous, voluptuous shine. 4. Lip Gloss 31438 Coral Ideal 2. Lip Liner Line your lips for longer lasting colour either along the edges or over the entire lip. 30668 Coral Ideal 3. Lipstick Apply lipstick in your favourite colour.A lighter colour makes thinner lips appear fuller. Preparation and colour ARE EVERYTHING DIDYOU KNOW? Lip gloss gives your look an instant refresh glossy lips appear fuller, rejuvenated and more sensuous. MODELISWEARING: 30630SoftPinkPowerShineLipGloss, 30475BlackEyelinerStylo&amp;30719Black 5-in-1WonderLashMascara 9 http://orijen.co.uk </li><li> 6. 10 1111 FACEFoundations FIND YOUR PERFECT FIT! GIORDANI GOLD THE ONE VERY ME Invisible Touch Foundation Ultra lightweight for a naturally nude nish Hydration System for essential moisturisation CC Cream All-in-one make-up/ skin care for intense moisturisation Patented Anti-Ageing Brightening Technology Age Defying Foundation Visibly younger looking skin White Trufe Extract for a more even skin tone Age Defying Compact Foundation Velvety-smooth cream to powder formula for awless result Active Ingredients to reduce appearance of signs of ageing Long Wear Mineral Foundation Long Wear Skin revitalising Italian Volcanic Minerals for healthy, youthful- looking skin IlluSkin Foundation Illuminates &amp; perfects with Halo- Light Technology Skins natural beauty is highlighted BB Cream 8-in-1 make-up with skin care benets Clinically proven all-day hydration EverLasting Foundation Outlasts the day with 25-hour wear Revitalises, renews and protects the skin with patented SkinRenew Complex Matte Velvet Foundation Mattifying with Anti Shine Technology Minimises appearance of pores Just BB Bliss Balm 5-in-1 make-up and skin care benets Smoothie Foundation With berry and yoghurt extract No Time for Shine Foundation Mattifying Coverage Sheer Medium Medium Medium Full Sheer Medium MediumFull MediumFull SheerMedium SheerMedium Medium Finish Translucent Illuminating Natural Natural Semi-Matte Illuminating Natural Radiance Semi-Matte Natural Matte Natural Luscious Matte Best skin type t Normal to dry All skin types All skin types Normal to combination All skin types Normal to dry All skin types All skin types Oily/combination All skin types Normal to dry Oily/combination SPF 35 8 15 15 20 30 20 12 Fair Pink 30423 Light Rose 30988 Light 32048 Light Rose 26894 Porcelain 31803 Light Rose 30596 Porcelain 31594 Fair 31162 Nude Pink 30496 Extra Light 20386 Porcelain 31901 Snow Touch Yellow/ Neutral 30422 Porcelain 30988 Light 32047 Porcelain 31802 Porcelain 30597 Fair Nude 31594 Fair 31160 Porcelain 31587 Porcelain 30496 Extra Light 20386 Porcelain 31901 Snow Touch Light Pink 30423 Light Rose 30988 Light 32048 Light Rose 31803 Light Rose 30598 Nude Pink 31595 Light 31158 Nude Porcelain 30497 Light 20387 Ivory 31902 Natural Beige Yellow/ Neutral 30424 Light Ivory 30988 Light 32049 Light Ivory 26895 Light Ivory 31804 Light Ivory 30899 Light Ivory 31595 Light 31159 Nude Beige 31588 Fair Nude 30497 Light 31902 Natural Beige Medium Pink 30425 Rose Beige 30989 Natural 32050 Rose Beige 31805 Rose Beige 31596 Medium 31164 Light Ivory 31589 Light Ivory 30498 Medium 20388 Sand Yellow/ Neutral 30426 Natural Beige 30989 Natural 32051 Natural Beige 26897 Natural Beige 31806 Natural Beige 30600 Natural Beige 31596 Medium 31163 Natural Beige 31590 Warm Beige 30498 Medium 20388 Sand Medium/ Dark Olive 30989 Natural 26896 Rose Ivory 30601 Olive Beige 31596 Medium 31164 Light Ivory 31591 Natural Beige 20389 Cocoa Yellow/ Neutral 30989 Natural 26898 Amber Beige 30600 Natural Beige 31596 Medium 31163 Natural Beige 20389 Cocoa 1 2 3 D E F I N E YO U R N E E D S Choose your foundation based on your needs, desired result and nish. F I N D YO U R S K I N T...</li></ol>