Oracle’s End User Training and Implementation Solution: Oracle User Productivity Kit & Oracle Tutor Presenter Title.

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  • Safe Harbor StatementThe following is intended to outline our general product direction. It is intended for information purposes only, and may not be incorporated into any contract. It is not a commitment to deliver any material, code, or functionality, and should not be relied upon in making a purchasing decision. The development, release, and timing of any features or functionality described for Oracles products remains at the sole discretion of Oracle.


    Why Sell UPK?Important Issue to Customers Represents Large OpportunitySignificant problem that customers are trying to solveHigh historical enterprise application deployment failure rates associated with ERP implementation hurdles76% of end users have failing or sub-standard understanding of new systems (Source: AMR Research, 2005)End user adoption is the #1 reason for failed implementations (Source: Meta Group, 2003)Significant customer base demonstrates the products success within Oracle Applications2,000+ Oracle Applications customers use the UPK productLarge Market OpportunitySignificant part of Oracle customer base yet to be penetrated

    Oracle UPK Customer Base By Applications

    EBSPSFTJDE E1 & WorldSEBLHyperionAgileDemantraG-LogGBU'sTotalUPK Customers98666927541239792,005Est. Install Base11,0003,5004,0004,0006,500900200220Thousands30,320+% of Install Base< 9%< 19%< 7%< 1%0%0%< 5%< 3%< 1%< 7%


    Best Practice for Positioning UPKNew License OpportunitiesAttach UPK to New License OpportunitiesPosition UPK early in Sales CycleMake User Adoption a distinct component of sales cyclesCall it out as an agenda point in your presentationsLeverage UPK as competitive differentiatorEnhance overall ROI of proposal

    Stand-Alone UPK OpportunitiesTarget Customers with a Compelling EventPosition UPK to reduce cost, effort and risk Position UPK to reduce end-user training & support costImprove End User Productivity

    Understand the Software Lifecycle messageSupports the Entire ProjectPerpetual Benefit


    Pricing UPK ProUPK Developers: $17,500UPK Named Users*: $60 per userUPK Employee User*: $30 per employee

    UPK Professional Developers: $25,000UPK Professional Named Users*: $80 per userUPK Professional EmployeeUser*: $40 per employee

    Named user is a subset of employee populationEmployee user is a count of the entire employee population

  • AgendaEnterprise Application Implementation ChallengesOracles Strategy: Accelerate End User AdoptionBe Productive Day One!Results Achieved by Oracle Customers

  • Todays Downturn: Uncertainty or Opportunity? most companies limit themselves by lowering their expectations and implementing defensive measures aimed at cost cutting.

    For ambitious, forward-looking companies, however, a downturn represents not a threat but an opportunity.

    *Source: Winning in a Downturn, Boston Consulting Group, Fall 2008 Pyramid of Ambition*Fact: 34% of companies worldwide are introducing new products and services to gain market share from weakened competitors. Source: McKinsey Global Survey, November 2008 Copyright 2009 Oracle. All rights reserved.

    Copyright 2009 Oracle. All rights reserved.

  • High-Impact StrategiesCopyright 2009 Oracle. All rights reserved.

    Copyright 2009 Oracle. All rights reserved.

  • High-Impact StrategiesCopyright 2009 Oracle. All rights reserved.

    Copyright 2009 Oracle. All rights reserved.

  • High-Impact StrategiesCopyright 2009 Oracle. All rights reserved.

    Copyright 2009 Oracle. All rights reserved.

  • Enterprise Application Implementation ObjectivesAutomate Key ProcessesImplementing New FunctionalityImprove FlexibilityImprove Response TimeGain Competitive EdgeImprove Management ReportingOptimize Business Performance Increase Productivity

    Key Employee Question: How do I do my job using these new Applications?

  • End User Adoption is #1 Implementation ProblemEnd user adoption is the #1 reason for failed implementationsSource: AMR Research, 2005Source: TechRepublic Survey

  • C-Level SuiteProject Team

    TrainingCIOCFOCEOExecutive SponsorProject Team Lead Director of TrainingVP of LearningCLOThe Role, The Responsibility, The AgendaProject InfluencersSystem IntegratorsCOMPLIANCEMAXIMIZE ROIPROFICIENCYRISK MITIGATIONUSER ADOPTIONKNOWLEDGE TRANSFER

  • Non-standard knowledge platformUser efficiency of enterprise apps Fast ROI on enterprise applicationsOrganizational, business process & transactional system documentationTravel Restrictions due to cost containmentFluid workforce due to M&A or workforce reductionLack of training budget & resourcesUser Adoption Challenges In Todays EconomyDisparate communications & workforceCopyright 2009 Oracle. All rights reserved.

    Copyright 2009 Oracle. All rights reserved.

  • The OpportunityEnd User Adoption Ensure Success of Enterprise Applications & Be Productive Day OneThe ValueThe StrategyOracle User Productivity Kit & TutorThe end user training and implementation solutionReduce costs and maximize ROIManage and mitigate riskDrive user adoption and increase productivity Standardized knowledge transfer for Oracle and non-Oracle applicationsEasily capture organizational knowledge Targeted knowledge deploymentReduce training, documentation, and ongoing performance support costsCopyright 2009 Oracle. All rights reserved.Increase business efficiency

    Copyright 2009 Oracle. All rights reserved.

  • Do More with Less!

    Copyright 2009 Oracle. All rights reserved.

    Copyright 2009 Oracle. All rights reserved.

  • AgendaEnterprise Application Implementation ChallengesOracles Strategy: Accelerate End User AdoptionBe Productive Day One!Results Achieved by Oracle Customers

  • End User Adoption Is Key to Value RealizationSource: NeochangeEffective user adoption is the primary determinant of the success of a project implementation

  • Trained Users are Five Times More ProductiveChanging company environmentLack of adoption in existing appsNew rollout or upgradeNon-standard content creation method5x

  • Accelerate End-User Adoption with Complete Enterprise SolutionOracle User Productivity KitCRMERPBICRMFINSCMHCMLearning PathLearning ManagementContent Authoring

  • Oracle Offers Complete User Adoption SolutionActivationMediationOracle eLearningOracle iLearningComprehensive Content Authoring Business Process Doc. System Process Doc.(UPK) User Productivity KitOracle TutorPre-built ContentLearning Path / Content ConfigurationOracle Applications

  • RequirementOracle CapabilityThe Oracle DifferenceReduce costs associated with software implementationsRapid content creation reduces content development time and costAccelerated deployment with pre-built contentAccelerate ROI and mitigate risk through all phases of project lifecycleSingle recording session produces multiple assets for projectFaster recovery of upfront investment through accelerated adoptionDrive user adoption and productivityMultiple learning methods to address intergenerational diversityReduced risk with single training platform for Oracle and non-Oracle applicationsOracles User Adoption SolutionBe Productive Day One!

  • AgendaEnterprise Application Implementation ChallengesOracles Strategy: Accelerate End User AdoptionBe Productive Day One!Results Achieved by Oracle Customers

  • Providing Value Throughout the Project Lifecycle Be Productive Day ONE!

  • Oracle TutorCreate, audit, and maintain business process documentation (current & future state)Build and deploy role-based desk manuals,providing employees with the information they need to do their jobs Support regulatory compliance efforts (SOX, ISO9000, FDA, etc.)Integrate withOracle User Productivity Kit to provide comprehensive content authoring and end user adoption solutionEasy-to-use Microsoft Word based application

    The People to People Documentation

  • Many Ways to Access Content

  • Process Flows

  • Procedures Linked to Transaction Recordings

  • Oracle User Productivity KitThe People to System DocumentationCreate and deploymultiple assets for a project rollout or upgrade - all through a single authoring sessionMaintain up-to-date, interactive web based, transactional training, user acceptance test scripts, classroom training materials (both Student and Instructor guides)Provide pre & post-go-live performance support Integrate withOracle Tutor to wrap system training in the context of an organizations business processes and proceduresEasy-to-use application for project team members no coding required!Supports all Oracle and non-Oracle applications

  • Oracle User Productivity KitSingle Recording Multiple OutputsRecord

  • Reduce Content Development TimeReduce Documentation Content Development Time by 75% 2 to 3 days Average time to create one transaction 4 to 6 hours Average time with Oracle UPKReduce Classroom Content Development 34:1 Average classroom material creation time* 8:1 Average time with Oracle UPK

    Reduce Online Content Development 220:1 Average online training material creation time** 8:1 Average time with Oracle UPK

    *Chapman, B/Brandon Hall LCMS Knowledgebase 2006: A Comparison of 30+ Enterprise Learning Content Management Systems**Chapman, B/Brandon Hall PowerPoint to E-Learning Development Tools: Comparative Analysis of 20 Leading Systems

  • UPK Paper Documents5 document types from a single source

  • Simulation Experience: Learn by WatchingSee It! Mode

  • Simulation Experience: Learn by PracticingTry It! Mode

  • Assessment Experience: Learn by DoingKnow It! Mode

  • Do It! ModeLive Experience: Learn by Reinforcement Sits on top of live application

  • Print It! ModeReading Experience: Learn by Documentation

  • UPK Usage Tracking

  • *UPK Offers Large Library of Prebuilt Content for Oracles ApplicationsUPK Content for EBS R12

    UPK Content for PSFT Enterprise (content for 8.8, 8.9, and 9.0) UPK Content for JDE Enterprise One (8.9, 8.11, 8.12) UPK Content for JDE World (A9.1)

    UPK Content for Siebel (

    Tutor Content for AppsUnlimitedHundreds of model business flows, policies and procedures covering Financials, Human Resources, Projects, Manufacturing, Order Management, Inventory, Sales and more

  • Knowledge PathwaysStore project assets in a central repository to keep stakeholders abreast of project statusCompile and deliver courses from UPK and Tutor content as well as other assets based on user role or business needAssess users on conceptual and transactional knowledgeTrack content access and measure end user readinessCreate AICC or SCORM compliant courses that can easily be integrated with any standards based Learning Management System The Knowledge Portal for Projects

  • Knowledge PathwaysThe Knowledge Portal for ProjectsDesigner, Manager, and Player modules

  • Oracle UPK ProfessionalDevelop and Deliver ContentManage and Deploy TrainingMeasure Organizational Readiness


    Customers who purchased UPK will then develop many, many UPK recordings over time. This increases the need to create courses that include a multitude of recordings, as well as other corporate assets like ppt, doc, swf files. UPK ProFilling a gap between content and its useKnowledge PortalExisting ContentContent Aggregation


    When to Position UPK ProA deployment mechanism for content (any content, not just UPK)To create knowledge paths for usersA quick way to provide content for a project team and end usersTo assess knowledge on conceptual topicsMultiple ChoiceTrue/FalseMatchingMultiple SelectReporting capabilities on content (usage, assessment scores, hours spent, etc..)A course builder to work with their enterprise LMSCustomer Needs:


    UPK Pro: Knowledge PathwaysDesigner: create coursesManager: manage server & usersKnowledge Portal: deploy to end usersDesignManageDeploy

  • English, US EnglishFrench, EuropeanGerman, EuropeanJapanese, JapanSpanish, European

    Chinese, SimplifiedChinese, TraditionalDanish, DenmarkDutch, NetherlandsFinnishFrench, CanadianHungarianItalian, EuropeanKoreanNorwegian, BokmalPolishPortuguese, BrazilRussianSpanish, MexicanSwedish, SwedenTurkish


    *Oracle UPK 3.1 introduced several features that allow customers to easily and efficiently create content in languages not listed above.Supported Languages Oracle UPK and Knowledge PathwaysUPK Tier 1UPK Tier 2Knowledge Pathways

  • English (US) French CanadianSimplified ChineseTraditional Chinese KoreanJapanese

    Brazilian PortugueseDanish Dutch FrenchGerman Spanish Latin AmericanSpanishItalianRussianSwedish Greek Norwegian Polish Portuguese Romanian

    Full Support - Author and Publisher have been tested with this language; Author user interface has been translatedVerified Support Language has been defined in our tables and/or customers are using this languageNon-verified Support - Language is similar to other supported languages; has not been defined in tables & software has not been testedSupported Languages Oracle TutorFull SupportVerified SupportNon-verified Support

  • Clearly DifferentOnly Oracle can deliver ALL of the following:A single platform for interactive training and just-in-time support for the enterpriseEditing accelerators for Oracle and other applicationsCollaborative content development via a multi-user authoring environmentAccelerate translation of content into multiple languages

  • AgendaEnterprise Application Implementation ChallengesOracles Strategy: Accelerate End User AdoptionBe Productive Day One!Results Achieved by Oracle Customers

  • Successful Deployments Across VerticalsHealthcare & PharmaceuticalManufacturing & Processing FinancialCommunicationsRetail & ServicesPublic Sector

  • SAP Customers

  • How does SAP fit into an Oracle strategy?SAP is one of Oracles largest partnersDatabase powers well over 50% SAPs customers

    Siebel, Hyperion, Agile, Retek, iFlex Demantra, Glog, and AIA co-exist with SAP

    UPK technology will continue to be supported for non-Oracle applications including SAP and Microsoft Enabling customers to deploy a single solution for their entire portfolio of applications, Oracle and non-Oracle

    Copyright 2009 Oracle. All rights reserved.

    Copyright 2009 Oracle. All rights reserved.

  • Medtronic: Consistent End User Training Across Applications

    ChallengesA biomedical device company with diverse and customized enterprise applicationsLack of standardized tools for trainingManually maintained context sensitive helpDesire to move from transactional to business role contextNeeded to repurpose content for multiple delivery formatsInability to efficiently deliver in multiple languagesSolutionPersonal Navigator & Knowledge Pathways (now UPK Pro)Business ResultsUniform management and distribution of role based trainingTests and tracks user competency prior to production system accessGlobally integrated education systemContent leveraged and maintained in multiple languages

  • Silicon Image: Increased Efficiencies, User Adoption and User Productivity

    ChallengesAn integrated circuit company Simplify instructional design and end-user training development and deploymentProvide web-based, user-friendly materials for employee trainingEnsure that materials are easily maintained for upgrades and changes to processIncrease user adoption of Oracle E...


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