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SAP BASIS R&DVOLKAN CELK SAP CERTIFIED NW/ORACLE SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR HOME ABOUTMEMAY 11 20121 COMMENTORACLEUPGRADE TO ORACLE DATABASE 11G RELEASE 2 (11.2): UNIX FORSAPHello,In this post, I will share my Oracle Upgrade experience from 10g to 11g release 2 version on Sap Systems.My reference guide is available at :> Release & Upgrade Info > Installation and Upgrade Guides > Database Upgrades > Oracle > Upgrade to Oracle Database 11g Release 2 (11.2): UNIXThis documentation explains how to upgrade the Oracle database for the SAP system on the UNIX.operating system: From Oracle, Oracle Database 10g Release 2 ( or, Oracle Database 11g Release2 (, or higher To Oracle Database 11g Release 2 (11.2) ( or higher)You have to use this guide or related guides suitable for your system landscapeif you intend to upgrade your oracle dbwhich running under a Sap system. The oracle upgrade guides available on metalink will not cover all the aspects releated to sap application. Therefore you have take referance only documents available on that Oracle 11g is released only with SAP products based on kernel 640 (640_EX2) or higher.For OS version and compatabilty, check the note 169706.1 from the Oracle Db software from

Now I downloaded and extracted the software to the under$ORACLE_STAGE/11202/ directory with the ora:dba user and 755 permission. Create 11202 directory under $ORACLE_STAGE if you havent yet.Before the extraction remove any files from stage directory for fresh instalation.$ORACLE_STAGE : This is an Oracle user environment variable but I used in this post with root user cause it differs to the cases. So please replace $ORACLE_STAGE with your stage directory. Normaly it is /oracle/stage.I used vnc server program to connect to my aix server.First I checked my db server, if vnc rpm packages is installed or not;root@dbhost:/>which vncserverwhich: 0652-141 There is no vncserver in /home.I must install the vnc packages first;root@dbhost:/>rpm -Uvh vnc-3.3.3r2-6.aix5.1.ppc.rpmroot@dbhost:/>which vncserver/usr/bin/X11/vncserverYes. the vncserver is installed. Now I make a connection to the dbserver console :root@dbhost:/>vncserverYou will require a password to access your desktops.Password:Verify:New X desktop is dbhost:1Creating default startup script //.vnc/xstartupStarting applications specified in //.vnc/xstartupLog file is //.vnc/dbhost:1.logUsing the VNC Viewer program, I connect to the console.

vncserveris really big advantage because even your client (the server or pc where you run vnc) rebooted , the vnc prosess will remain and you can easily connect again without loosing any work.root@dbhost:/>xhost +root@dbhost:/> cd $ORACLE_STAGE/11202/databaseroot@dbhost:/>./rootpre.shroot@dbhost:/>su -oraI am checking the authorization of user ora to $ORACLE_BASE directoryecho $ORACLE_BASEcd $ORACLE_BASEtouch $ORACLE_BASE/write_testrm $ORACLE_BASE/write_testthe test must be successful. if not, do the following withrootuser;chgrp dba $ORACLE_BASEchmod 775 $ORACLE_BASENow, withorauser;umask 022setenv DISPLAY dbhost:1setenv ORACLE_STAGE/oracle/stage (this depends on your case)cd $ORACLE_HOMEmkdir 11202mkdir 112_64cd $ORACLE_STAGE/11202/database/SAP./ RUNINSTALLER_CHECK There is two missing rmp package in my dbserver but when I checked the oracle note 169706.1Operating Systems Installation and Configuration Requirements Quick Reference (8.0.5 to 11.2) these two rpm packages is required when upgrading on RAC system. I ignore this step, since I work on single instance oracle db.Updating the Installation Scripts1. Download the file, which is attached to SAP Note 1524205.The zip file contains the current version of the installation scripts.2. Copy the file to the database directory in the Oracle software stage directory.3. Rename the existing SAP directory as follows so that you have a saved copy of the previous version:mv SAP SAP.SAVE4. Extract the zip file:unzip 11ginstall__.zipORACLE INVENTORYThere is an inventory directory oraInventory usually located under / inventory directory is used to keep information about installation prosess. This directory should be empty for fresh installation or upgrade. this directory is pointed in Orainst.loc file which located under /etc. Check it if it points to the correct orainventory location. create it under /etc, if it is not exist. Permission is root:system and 666root@dbhost:/>more oraInst.locinventory_loc=/oracle/oraInventoryinst_group=dbaSETTING ENVIRONMET VARIABLESSetenv ORACLE_HOME_SRC /oracle//102_64Setenv ORACLE_HOME_TGT /oracle//11202Setenv LIBPATH $ORACLE_HOME/lib:$LIBPATHcheck the results with command envInstall the current patch set, as described in SAP Note 1431799. In my case my db versionis10.2.0.4 , so I will not apply any patchset.Installing SoftwareBefore working with dbua (database upgrade assistant), the new software ( must be installed to newORACLE_HOME. My new ORACLE_HOME is /oracle//11202cd $ORACLE_STAGE/11202/database/SAP./RUNINSTALLER

Now, the installation finished successfuly.Copying and Adapting the SQL*Net FilesIf you use the wrapper to perform the database upgrade with DBUA, the SQL*Netfiles are automatically copied from the source Oracle Home to the target Oracle Home.Running the Pre-Upgrade Scriptsif you cant find scripts under your oracle home, download it from SAP Note 1431793 and copy underthe oracle /oracle//112_64/sap/ora_upgrade/pre_upgradesqlplus / as sysdbaSQL>spool pre_upgrade_tasks.logSQL>@pre_upgrade_tasks.sqlSQL>spool offNow, check the results;SQL>@pre_upgrade_status.sqlthere should not be any invalid db objects. Run the pre_upgrade_tasks.sql scripts again and again untill all the invalid object compiled.C A U T I O NMake the changes listed in the log file, otherwise you might have problems during the upgrade.However, you must ignore the warning regarding the database parameterremote_os_authent, which is reported as DEPRECATED.Donottouch this parameter. The post-upgrade script sets it to TRUE again after the databaseupgrade. This parameter must be set to TRUE for the SAP logon mechanism to work correctly after the database upgrade.Checking the Sap System Prerequities

3. If your SAP system uses SAP Kernel 711, you need to use DBSL ( patch level 81 or higher.For more information, see SAP Note 1456323.Now, stop listener and SAP Instance. DB must be open.add the line below to the /etc/oratab::NDFS:/oracle/DFS/102_64:NDB UPGRADE ASSISTANTcd $ORACLE_HOME_TGT/sap/ora_upgrade/post_upgrade3. Run this script in query mode initially to verify that the environment is correct:./ q./

POST STEPSsu oradfscd /oracle/ 102_64 >> 102_64 >> 112_64.cshrc.dbenv_unibwdv.csh.dbenv.cshUpdate ORACLE_HOME in this profile files.Old : /oracle/DFS/102_64New : /oracle/DFS/112_64brconnect -u / -c -f stats -t system_stats noworkload optionbrconnect -u / -c -f stats -t oradict_statsCheck the Oracle database parameters againstSAP Note1431798 and adjust them if necessary.You can find an automated script inSAP Note1171650 to help you check whether your SAP system complies with the database parameter recommendations at any given point in time.You need to create this link so that BR*Tools (which is linked to the Oracle 10.2 client) can use the newer Oracle 11.2 $ORACLE_HOME/libln -s libnnz10.somv /bin /bin-oldupdate environments of dfsadm(sidadm user)cd /home/dfsadmupdate profile files. check ORACLE_HOME value.Updating the Oracle Instant ClientYou need to ensure that the SAP system runs with at least Instant Client release Version 5 (V5)or Oracle O T EThis step also applies to SAP systems running the 640_REL kernel with the Oracle database.The Instant Client or is used immediately after the kernel switch to 640_EX2 orhigher (including SAP 7.XX kernels).ProcedureUpdate the Oracle Database Instant Client for UNIX as described inSAP Note1431794.Note :Add the following entry to the tnsnames.ora file that is used by the adm user:LISTENER_.WORLD = (ADDRESS = (COMMUNITY = SAP.WORLD)(PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST= )(PORT = ))The upgrade is completely and successfuly finished.Thank you for reading this post. If you have any questions, please dont hesitate tocontact me.Volkan elikSap Basis SpecialistOracle Certified AssociateAbout these adsShare this: Twitter Facebook Like this:One thought on Upgrade to Oracle Database 11g Release 2 (11.2): UNIX forSAP1. Basis newbiesays:May 30, 2013 at 9:14 ammy company will upgrade from oracle 10 g to 11 g soon.Thank you for share this post.ReplyLeave a ReplyTop of Form

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