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    The need for a campaign to prevent slips, trips and falls was identified at the Thames Water OPEX AMP5 Contractors forum late last year. Optimises, Nick Gilbert, and PN Dalys Steve Hills developed the initial idea and, after Steve moved companies, Nick led the development of the campaign. Now, the campaign materials are being made available to all AMP5 partners, and beyond, via the HealthandSafetyHub

    Nick said: Slips, trips and falls account for over half of all major injury accidents yet are perhaps the easiest and simplest to avoid.

    This new campaign, which begins with a teaser poster, aims to promote a culture of dont walk by and zero compromise.

    After the teaser poster, the campaign kicks off with a new set of posters for display in all office and site locations, tool box talks and the showing of a Shattered Lives DVD to all staff, and a workplace checklist for all supervisors, site and office managers.

    We hope to drive home the message that most slips, trips and falls can be prevented by everyone taking responsibility for the safety conditions of the areas in which they are working and taking action if they spot a potential hazard, said Nick.

    Optimise has produced non branded versions of the campaign material for use by any contractor. The documents are available in the Optimise training section and the video shattered lives is available in the Optimise pages video library.

    If any contractors do take up the offer to use these materials, please let Nick Gilbert know, Nick.Gilbert@optimise.co.uk , we would appreciate your feedback.

    ContentsCampaign instructionsSlips Trips and Falls Tool Box TalkWork place checklistYou said/We did poster templateTeaser posterMain poster

  • Slips, Trips and Falls Campaign October 2012Optimise has devised a campaign that will be made available across all AMP5 working arrangements, to both the client and contractor at all locations, sites and offices. Slips trips and falls account for over 50% of all major injury accidents and yet are perhaps the easiest and simplest to avoid.The Campaign Aims: Everyone gets home safely by increasing the awareness of slip and trip hazards. Promoting a culture of dont walk by and zero compromise.The Campaign The campaign has been structured to ensure: A consistent approach and launch. A clear briefing and message to everyone. Improved standards. An opportunity to share learning. The Campaign Tools The campaign will use a variety of delivery methods: Presentations Tool box talks Posters DVDs Campaign Plan - October 2012

    Replace pre-launch Teaser poster with main poster Deliver Slips Trips and Falls tool box talk to all staff Show attendees the DVD Attendees to record and sign briefing Advise attendance numbers to Emma Daborn emma.daborn@optimise.co.uk(HSEQ Coordinator)Issue workplace checklists to all supervisors, site and office managers. Keep checklists and copy them to Emma Daborn Photograph and display before and after pictures to demonstrate the campaign in action!

  • Monitoring requirements In November 2012: Review all workplace checklists and share any relevant feedback Compile see it, sort it poster with good/best practice examples Identify anyone that deserves recognition for what they have done Measures of success: Number of sites/offices inspected Number of hazards spottedBest practice identified Are sites and offices safer? Please direct any questions to Nick Gilbert, Optimise HSEQ manager Contact details:Nick.gilbert@optimise.co.uk07960 323992Slips, Trips and Falls Campaign October 2012 (continued)

  • Slips trips and falls are the single most common cause of major injuries at work, accounting for over 50% of all reported major injuries.Definitions:Slip: occurs when the foot loses grip on the walking surfaceTrip: occurs when a person may trip on an obstruction in their pathFall: happens after losing ones balance as a result of a slip or trip (We are only considering falls at same height in this campaign)Major injury: these are specified injuries to workers including most fractures, amputations, some dislocations, and other injuries requiring a 24hr admittance to hospital.

    Main causes of slips:Wet or dusty floorsWet or icy conditionsSpillagesItems left lying on floorsLoose coverings on slippery floorsPoor lightingUnsuitable footwear

    Main causes of trips:Loose or damaged floor coveringsChanges in floor levelsObstructions on floorCables, trailing leads and hoses across walkwaysPoor housekeepingPoor lightingUnsuitable footwearBags left in walkways

    Preventing slips, trips and falls:Concentrate when walking look where you are goingRegularly check work place for slip trip and fall hazardsKeep workplace clean, tidy and clear of obstructionsDemarcate paths and no go areasProperly maintain buildings and equipmentUse handrails when climbing or descending stairsWear sensible footwear

    Immediately report or deal with any slip or trip hazardsSee it, Sort it, Report it

    Slips Trips and Falls

  • CauseActionYesNon/aIf No agreed actionDate completedFlooringDo surfaces have adequate skid resistance?Are they suitable for type of work carried out?Are floors properly cleaned to ensure they dont become slippery?Is flooring properly fitted and maintained?Are changes in level avoided?Are unavoidable changes in level highlighted?Contamination and obstaclesAre walkways and routes clearly defined?Are all work areas/work stations kept clear?Is adequate storage provided?Are there areas of rainwater ingress? Are drip trays provided where necessary?Are all potential contaminants in closed labelled containersAre mats provided to dry feet at entrances?Are cables, hoses or other hazards removed from designated walkways?Is there an operable clean up policy?Are spill containment kits available?CleaningAre safety signs properly used?Are correct detergents used for type of contamination?Is detergent given time to work?Are areas dry mopped to reduce contamination or slip risks?Are areas spot cleaned as necessary?Do you adopt a clean-as-you-go policy?FootwearIs correct footwear being worn?Is it in good condition and maintained?Do individuals know how to get replacement footwear?EnvironmentIs there any glare or overly bright lighting?Is there sufficient lighting?Have adequate measures been taken for snow/ice/rain?Does condensation settle on smooth floors?Are floors kept clean and dry?PeopleDo you promote a positive attitude?Do you lead by example?Are employees actively encouraged to See it- Sort it?Are people rushing/running/stressed?Are there unreasonable distractions i.e noise?Has everyone received the slips trips and falls tool box talk?Other

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    Add text or before and after picturesWe did/Good practiceSlips , Trips and Falls Prevention Campaign