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Emily Odenwald #610 The Boy from the Plane The author of Hatchet is Gary Paulsen. It is a survival story. Gary is a three time Newberry Award winning author, Hatchet is one of the Newberry books. It was written in 1987 so it is an old book. Hatchet is a great book full of action, adventure, and survival. Brians story shows that Brian was a survivor. Thirteen year old Brian was a city boy from New York whose parents just recently divorced. He was on a plane on the way to visit his father who works at an oil mine in Canada. The pilot had a heart-attack and died in the plane, leaving him to fend for himself. Once the plane ran out of fuel, he crash-landed into a lake in the middle of the Canadian wilderness. Then, he must survive alone in the woods. Brian had to survive. Surviving was a must. Fire was a must. Brian's story shows that Brian was a survivor. Brian has made sparks before, but he has never been anywhere near fire. He aimed his hatchet toward the sun, but he didnt get fire. He needed something for sparks to land on, paper. Then, he ripped up his twenty dollar bill but the sparks went out on it. Next, Brian found paper bark from the trees so then he

ripped it off and made a big fluffy wad. Later, he went again to make the fire. The sparks could only live on the fluff for a few seconds then they went out. The sparks need to breath. I need to blow on the sparks. Brian thought. Finally, he blew on them as soon as they landed on the fluffy ball and then he had fire! After weeks of surviving in the woods, the rescuers came. Very faintly, at first, Brian heard a plane engine. Then of course, it got louder, until he could see the plane. It lands on the lake. Then, a strange man comes out, the pilot, and realizes who Brian is, the kid who had been stranded for almost 2 months. Brian introduced himself, and then Brian realized that he could go home, to live with his dad in the forest. In conclusion, Brian learned throughout the story that he was not a city boy, because, of course, he had survived in the wilderness for so long. This was a life-changing series of events that Brian would never forget for as long as he lived. He would never forget the fire, the animals, the food, or the shelter. He became a new person throughout the story. He has changed from a city boy to a wild, free spirited outgoing boy with an exciting future ahead of him. Brians story shows that Brian is a survivor. Not bad, He had thought, not bad for somebody who used to have trouble greasing the bearings on his bicycle. Not bad at all.