Online Collaborative Learning Environments

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Online Collaborative Learning Environments. Integration into the 9-12 Classroom. Introduction. K-12 Teachers continuously strive to: Create a sense of classroom community Promote life-long learning Many things prevent this from occurring: 50-60 minute class periods - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Online Collaborative Learning Environments

Integration into the 9-12 ClassroomOnline Collaborative Learning Environments1K-12 Teachers continuously strive to:Create a sense of classroom communityPromote life-long learning

Many things prevent this from occurring:50-60 minute class periodsState standardized testingSchool-wide common assessmentsRequired core curriculumEveryday interruptionsIntroduction2Online Collaborative learning environments act as:Classroom extensionsMore time Convenient for teachersStudents see the value of learning outside classroomCollaboration between peers21st century skills

Solution3PredatorsInappropriate materialMisuse of technologybutStudents spend large percentage of time on InternetCulture of Fear (Boyd)Students must be enrolled in online collaborative learning environmentPassword protectedTeachers model appropriate useTechs have ability to monitorSafety4Moodle can be used to augment face-to-face courses or blended learningMoodle is an Open Source Course Management System (CMS), also known as a Learning Management System (LMS) or a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). It has become very popular among educators around the world as a tool for creating online dynamic web sites for their students. To work, it needs to be installed on a web server somewhere, either on one of your own computers or one at a web hosting company.Moodle is free to download and registration is voluntary, so we don't have full information about everyone that uses it. Moodle Overview

Multimodal Component5System of posting information 6

7ForumsWikisStudent blogsPollsInteractive lessonsAssessments Assignments

Other internal components8All subjects can benefit:HistoryScienceLanguage ArtsForeign LanguageHealth/P.E. MathArt

Sample Moodle Unit

Practical Uses for content areas

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