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  • Onderwerp: ICC. NorthKorea.BRICS. Buckingham palace

    Van: "d.e.stokkel"

    Datum: 29-12-2011 8:19

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    BRICS, N-Korea, S-korea Buckingham palace, IAEA, NCVO, NLF-readers, Mikhail Prokhorov,

    Kuwait, Secret Services,

    Kim Jong-un,

    As you now, the NL-tv broadcasted a small docu on the fact that NL-compagnies do business with

    N-Korea, Yesterday.


    Famous retailers on NL buy your stocks... or have their designs produced in N-Korea.

    I sincerely hope, that you wil help me 'to stop civil war in NL'.

    We are in a civil war too, as you know for about 2 years.

    ICC- lies are going to explode in our face.

    I believe that trade is a good platform to start on.

    We - N-korea & NL - must have transparant trade-flows, so N-Korea can become part of prosperity

    as soon as possible.

    I also think that we've got scientist who can actually assist you with watermanagement & agriculture.

    First you need to grow food four your own people.

    Politicians need to stop talking about war... and implement Human right-treaties for all of us on Earth.

    In USA 49 million people are starving, NL courtsystems are 100% corrupt in 2012... etc...

    We need a new planet, without those wars.

    Desiree Stokkel


    ICC. NorthKorea.BRICS. Buckingham palace

    1 van 2 29-12-2011 8:20

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    ICC. NorthKorea.BRICS. Buckingham palace

    2 van 2 29-12-2011 8:20


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