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  • STRATEGIC CONCEPTA parthership of business, state ant the public at large - to create a knowledge-based society. The latest technology, information and ideas - to realise this aim. Human personality is the highest concern of the present day.



    Independent communications is the basis of the democratic society.dr. Juozas Kazickas

    In 1991, after Lithuania regained its independence, Dr. J. Kazickas founded the Company. The idea behind this was to establish independent communications with the rest of the world. The first private telecommunications company in Eastern Europe. One of the first major investors in the countrys economy.

    Firm initial steps helped to lay down the foundations for successful activities of OmnitelThis year Omnitel celebrates the 10th anniversary of its activities.The company made its first steps together with the newly-independent state. One of the founding members of Omnitel, Juozas Kazickas, was actively involved in the preparation of state programmes to transform the Lithuanian economy from the model of planned economy to a market economy.The founding of Omnitel was one of his personal contributions to the development of the Lithuanian economy. The importance of independent communications with the world was one of the most important issues to the state which at that time got involved in information wars with RussiaThe idea of Mr Kazickas to found a telecommunications company which would be independent from the Russian dictatorship was approved and encouraged in 1991 by the Lithuanian Government of that time. Following the establishment of Omnitel, Lithuania opened its door to the world. We did this before Latvia, Estonia, Byelorussia, Ukraine and many other neighbouring countries. Furthermore, the establishment of a telecommunications company meant the influx of huge private capital to Lithuania. The first major investments into the newly-independent Lithuanian economy gave this country a real opportunity to get on its feet.From the very start, Omnitel became one of the largest investors into the Lithuanian economy and one of the largest Lithuanian companies. The founders of Omnitel set a goal to bring the latest telecommunications technologies to Lithuania and provide the broadest possible range of services. The successfully chosen operational strategy and the philosophy of a company striving for leadership allowed fast development of activities and formed a basis for securing a leadership position for this company working in the field of telecommunications.

  • OMNITELS SHAREHOLDERSShareholders guarantee basis for viable business

  • OMNITEL TODAY The largest telecommunications company in the Baltic States according to the number of customers: by the end of September 2003 Omnitel had 965.000 subscribers. In June 2003 Omnitel became Lithuanias largest provider of telecommunications services. One of the largest investors - about 1 billion Lt into Lithuanian economy. Service leader: widest range of GSM services; widest choice of data solutions; broadest experience in the development of convergence solutions (Internet+mobile); largest number of mobile Internet solutions.Services and solutions are developed taking into account customer needs. Technology leader: - first in Lithuanian to introduce GSM connection (1995), - one of the first in Europe to provide integrated services portal to GSM service users (1999), - first in Lithuania to introduce WAP protocol for data transfer and the first WAP portal ( (1999), - one of the first in the world to introduce GPRS (2001), as well ast MMS, Bluetooth technologies (2002),- the first in the world to launch and operate Motorolas latest base stations Horizon II (2003).- Omnitel is the 4th company in Europe and the 7th in the world to have implemented on its network the latest GPRS technology CS3/CS4 (2003). GPRS data transfer rates are increased up to 70 per cent.Omnitel is the largest mobile communications company in the Baltic StatesOmnitel has reached its goal and today has the strongest position on the Lithuanian telecommunications market. (Leader of technologies) Omnitel often implements technologies in Lithuania even before they are introduced in other countries of the world or introduces them alongside with other world operators. (Leading service provider) The company places great importance to ensuring that the latest technologies produce real benefits to Lithuanian people, therefore, it makes a lot of efforts and works hard to develop specific services. Currently, Omnitel, as a telecommunications company, offers the broadest range of services to its customers. Omnitel now offers the same services to its customers as those provided by West European and Scandinavian mobile operators. (Investments) The company is currently one of the most important economic entities in the country. It is one of the largest investors and tax payers. It has the largest influence on the formation of the Lithuanian and Baltic telecommunications markets. (Number of customers) Omnitels efforts and investments was a determining factor for the company in securing a leadership position in the Baltic region. In terms of the number of customers, Omnitel is currently ahead of all the Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian mobile telecommunications companies. Today Omnitel is the countrys unsurpassable leader in the field of mobile telecommunications.


    The Lithuanian mobile telecommunications market by July 31st, 2003 The Lithuanian business segment chooses Omnitel: the company has secured 70 percent of the Lithuanian business market (Baltic Surveys). Around 90 per cent of 100 biggest Lithuanian companies use Omnitel services.Lithuanian business leaders rely on services provided by OmnitelMarket according to Omnitel evaluation

  • OMNITELS TURNOVERThe telecommunications market is one of the most rapidly changing business areas. Fast advances of world technologies forces us to observe the changes and latest developments very closely so that we would be able to offer the newest services to our customers. Most up-to-date services is the key to success in the business of mobile telecommunications. The company implements and puts on the market state-of-the-art solutions on favourable terms. Rapid development of the companys business proves that Omnitel is able to keep pace with the development of world technologies. The company got on its feet within five years and has been earning profits since 1996.Last year, the turnover of the company reached 340 million Lt. Omnitel is one of the largest tax payers in Lithuania: in 2000, it paid a total of 33.7 million litas to the state budget. This approximately equals the amount paid out in pensions in three regions of Lithuania. From the very first year of operation, Omnitel has been one of the largest investors in Lithuania. As stated earlier, investments of Omnitel amounted to 800 million Lt over the 10 years.Today the company is among the five largest investors. Its investments are growing every year (chart). The main investments are made into the latest technologies, the development of GSM services and improvements of the GSM network. Investment strategies ensure the development of services and growth of the company.

  • OMNITELS INVESTMENTSSuccessful investments were the determining factor for the profitable activities of the company

  • COMMUNICATIONS NETWORKOmnitel network reaches the remotest places in Lithuania.

    Omnitels network covers 99,7 percent of the countrys territory. Two-band network: GSM (900 MHz) and DCS (1800 MHz). Today Omnitel has more than 700 base stations. 3 switching centres. Subscribers of Omnitel can use mobile services in 81 countries of the world supported by 182 GSM operators. Our clients can access the internet in 90 countries around the world, internet via GPRS in 24 countries.

    Investments into network and state-of-art technologies build a bridge towards 3G


    Omnitels joint portal OMNI.LT the most popular multi-channel personalized portal providing most convenient electronic communication tools, opportunities to manage GSM services, information and electronic entertainment.Mug ( - one of the first e-shops in Lithuania. Now it is Lithuanias largest e-commerce portal. In co-operation with partners, the first in the Baltic region solutions of applying GPRS technology in business were introduced establishment of mobile managers work places. There are more than 10 solutions at present. Integrated data transfer solutions (IP VPN via fixed connection and via GPRS). Mobile Manager solution for mobile information management at Vilniaus bankas unique solution meeting individual customer needs; Data transmission networks at companies (largest project during six months integrated solution for Vilniaus bankas).MPLS service to organize networks for big companies.Mobile marketing solutions.OMNI DSL fast Internet with supplementary service package (whole solution - fixed IP address, e-mailboxes, room for website and database).

    In March 2001, Omnitel started providing a new service to its business clients Save komanda (Your team) which is created on the IN (Intelligent network) platform: it is a possibility to provide the short numbers for the companys mobile telephone users and to connect them into a unanimous network. Short numbers can be used both for making calls within and outside the company. A customer may decide to which subscribers of his/her company or external subscribers a short number will be allocated thus the customer may create his or her own team.

    Omnitel seeks to stimulate e-commerce in Lithuania. It was the first company in the country to offer an e-shop "