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  • Olympus Eco-Products: SZX7/SZ61, Stereo Microscopes

    Realized light-weight, rigid products and saved resources by adopting structural analysis design.

    Major Features as ECO-products

    A series of stereo microscopes SZX7/SZ61, were developed based on specific product planning and

    development goals based on conventional life cycle assessment (LCA) seeking a slim, compact design

    through computer-aided engineering (CAE) that lightened weight and increased rigidity. The

    SZX7/SZ61 were the first certified Olympus Eco-products marketed.

    SZX7 Galileo Optical

    SystemSZ61 Greenough Optical System

    Use of Lead-free Glass for Optics

    Lead-free glass is used for all types of optical glass such as lenses and prisms.

  • Structural Analysis Design Realizing Light Weight and High


    A rigid light-weight microscope was developed based on the rigidity

    analysis of basic components such as the brace and its optimal

    design through 3-dimensional (3D) computeraided design (CAD) to

    reduce the size and weight and the number of components to save


    Simulation of CAE Frame Structure Analysis

    Phase-out of



    Separability and


    The use of adhesives

    in positioning and

    fixing frames for

    optical lenses was

    discontinued to

    improve separability

    and make

    disassembly easier.

  • Environmentally Conscious Design of Accessories

    White LED lighting unit

    A compact incident-light/transparent lighting unit 1) was developed as an example of

    electricity-saving accessories using a white LED as the illumination source to cut electricity

    consumption to one sixth that of conventional lighting units and to realize a product life 12 times

    longer than conventional products.

    1) The lighting stand is not certifiable as an Olympus Eco-product.


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