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    Everything for digital imaging

    Everything for digital imaging

  • BX51System Microscope


    The new BX2 series addresses the research demands of the future with Olympus' mostadvanced optical system to date. UIS2 optics deliver the world's highest standard offluorescence performance, along with the image quality and clarity needed to progressfast-developing life science research programs. With the increased S/N ratio, high opticaltransmission factor, and diverse illumination capabilities, the UIS2 optical systemprovides excellent performance over a newly extended wavelength range between UVand IR. This improvement meets all current demands in fluorescence digital imaging andprovides a firm foundation for future developments. As modern research advances to everhigher levels of complexity and sophistication, the need for quality and dependabilitymake the BX2 series today's most convincing solution.

    The UIS2 optical system: a new evolutionary advance in fluorescence digital imaging.

    BX61Motorized System Microscope

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  • Higher S/N ratio enables clear capture ofweak fluorescence emissions.

    High S/N objectives detect evenslight fluorescence emission

    Mirror unit with straylight reducing functionto eliminate noise

    High-performance filters with hightransmission factor, optimized toindividual fluorochrome characteristics

    Transmittance (%


    400 450 500 550 600 6500








    World leading fluorescenceperformance a vital key to modernlife science researchThe ideal in fluorescence observation is tocapture high-contrast images with thelowest exposure to excitation light, thusminimizing the chances of cell damage andfluorescence fading. Olympus' UIS2objectives are precisely designed to obtainbright images from weak fluorescencesignals. This improvement in transmission isdue to the increased S/N ratio of the UIS2optics.

    The best S/N ratio...andthe best fluorescenceperformanceUIS2 objectives' fluorescence S/N isimproved by up to 1.5 times that ofconventional objectives by using strictlyselected, low autofluorescence glassmaterial, and adopting measures tominimize fluorescence from the reflectionprevention coating and cementing material.


    Stray light reducing functionThe slight transmission of stray lightwhen excitation light is reflected inthe dichromatic mirror causes a rise in thelevel of noise. Olympus mirror units absorbmore than 99% of this stray light throughtheir light absorber.

    High-qualityfluorescence mirror unitsfor fluorescence proteinsThe BX2 series HQ type mirror units areideal for the wavelength characteristics ofECFP/EGFP/EYFP/DsRed. The rapid risetime and high (90-95%) transmission factorefficiently transmit the fluorescence emittedfrom fluorescence proteins. This allowsbright observation images even with weakexcitation light, while preventingfluorescence fading and minimizing thechances of cell damage.

    Improved performanceof interferencemembrane-typefluorescence mirror unitsS/N ratios are improved by applying newcoating technology to the interferencemembrane of the mirror unit. S/N ratios arealso increased by reducing the excitation(BP) and emission (BA) bandwidth by 6nm.The hard coat technique, applied toOlympus fluorescence mirror unit, prolongsthe lifetime of the filter.

    Light source

    Stray light

    Excitation filter

    Emission filter

    Stray light reducing function

    Fluorescence light for observation



    Excitation light: Illumination light

    Dichromatic mirror

    400 450 500 550 600 6500





    Transmittance (%


    Wavelength (nm)




    Image captured by the UIS2 objective

    S N

    S N

    S NN


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    Trinocular tube compatible fornear infrared region

    Camera adapter compatiblefor near infrared region

    High sensitivity cooled CCD cameradeveloped for live cell imaging

    Lamp housing with asphericalcollector lens providingexcellent excitation efficiency

    Image captured by a conventional objective

    High sensitivity cooled CCD cameraThe cooled CCD camera DP30BW isdesigned for fluorescence live cell imaging. It features high sensitivity, high-speed imageacquisition and vibration-free operation.

    Excellent trinocular tube performanceeven in the near infrared region The trinocular tube U-TR30NIR improves the transmission factor and compensates foraberrations over a wider wavelength range.A new multi-coating is applied to thetrinocular optical surfaces to widen the IRspectral characteristics and allow forobservation of newly developedfluorochromes in the near-infrared region.

    Camera adapter suitable for near infrared regionUsers can choose from a variety of lowmagnification camera adapters with C-mount, all IR-compliant.

    High transmission factor across a widewavelength spectrumThe latest UIS2 objectives achieve a flat,high transmission factor over a widewavelength spectrum, from visible to nearinfrared thanks to the incorporation of anewly-developed ultra wide wavelengthreflection prevention coating (UW multi-coating). The improvement in transmissionfactor on the near infrared region isespecially notable, and typifies the highperformance which makes UIS2 objectivesthe natural choice in many leading-edgeresearch fields.

    Up to near infrared compensation forchromatic aberrationUPLSAPO series objectives' SuperApochromat performance compensates forall chromatic aberrations, from visible to upto 1000nm wavelength light. Clear imageswithout color shift are provided even in multicolor observations that use fluorochromeswhose excitation light wavelength is spreadover a wide range. Imaging all the way fromUV to IR can be performed with a singleobjective.

    High N.A. objectives forfluorescence imagingThe BX2 series features thenewly-developed PLAPON60XO objective,offering the world's highest N.A. (1.42) forfluorescence imaging, and theUPLSAPO100XO with high 1.4 N.A. andadvanced universal features. In addition totheir outstanding fluorescence S/N ratio,they enjoy UV transmission that waspreviously unachievable with 45mmparfocality. The UPLSAPO100XO objectiveis especially notable for maintaining itstransmission factor up to the 340nmwavelength.

    S N

    S Signal Up

    N Noise Down


    This has improved N.A. while also reducingautofluorescence, two benefits previouslyconsidered incompatible. As a result, evenweak fluorescence emissions from weakexcitation light are efficiently detected,enabling the UIS2 system to provide thebest fluorescence imaging of live cells.

    U-TV0.35XC-2 U-TV0.5XC-3 U-TV1X-2 + U-CMAD3

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    High-rigidity reflected light illuminatorTwo types of reflected light illuminator areprovided: the multi-purpose BX-RFA,suitable for a wide range of different researchprojects, and the economical BX-URA2. Up to 6 mirror units can be attached in thecassette, which is especially useful whenobserving multi-stained specimens. A clickweight adjustment function is provided forfilter exchange, and a click release functionthat eliminates vibration.

    Convenient 6-position filter sliders U-RSL6/U-RSL6EMSetting the excitation and emission filters onthis sextuple filter slider enablessynchronous and continuous exchangebetween positions.With ND filtersattached, illuminationcan be adjusted in 6steps.

    Lamphouses according to your purposeTwo 100W mercury lamphouses (U-LH100HG and U-LH100HGAPO) areavailable, the latter with color correctionextending to UV wavelengths. The U-LH75XEAPO is available for 75Wxenon lamps, also with correction extendingto the UV. The U-LH50MH is available for50W metal halide lamps, increasingly usedfor routine observation and featuring a longlifetime with no centration required.





    Bright, even reflected lightfluorescence illumination

    A wide range of illuminationmodules for light adjustment

    Excitation light balancerfor even illumination

    Lamp housing can be selectedaccording to purpose

    Luminous mirror unit indicator for easyconfirmation in dark roomBright,easy-to-see self-illuminated labels areused to denote fluorescence filter sets,easily visible in a dark room. Three filterpositions aredisplayed simultane-ously makingselection of the nextfilter easy andintuitive.

    Bright, consistent illuminationTwice the brightness provided byconventional models can be obtained withthe10X ~ 20X objectives, or 2-3 times thebrightness when light is narrowed to F.N.12. This enables efficient observations atlower magnifications.

    Double lamp housing adapter U-DULHAfor exchange between two light sourcesWhen two different light sources areattached at the same time, this adapter unitenables easy exchange between themaccording to the user's purpose. (Optical path: 100/0, 0/100, F.N.11)

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    Rectangular field stop for digital imaging/U-RFSSThe rectangular field stop can be set to theexact size of the imaging sensor to avoidfading outside of the imaging area anddamaging sensitivetissue.

    Pinhole field stop module/BX-RFSPOTThis slider makes it possible to use the lightsource as a spotlight, illuminating tinyindividual areas on the fluorescencespecimen an especially valuable featurein experimental work.The slider is attachedto the BX-RFAfluorescenceilluminator in the fieldstop position.

    Unnecessary exposure areacaused by a round field stop

    Blue enhanced

    Blue and red enhanced

    Green and red enhanced

    Neuro glear cells

    Fluorescence excitat