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Olympics - Competition - Sports - Law · PDF file 2011-07-21 · Olympics - Competition - Sports - Law International Conference on the Competition and Sports Law is-sues of today’s

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  • Olympics - Competition - Sports - Law

    International Conference on the Competition and Sports Law is- sues of today’s sport

    (29-30 September, 2011 - Budapest)

    Sport and competition law – Day 1 (Thursday, 29 September)

    8.00-9.00 Registration

    9.00-9.15 Welcome speech by Miklós Tóth (Hungarian Society of Sport Sciences, President)

    I. Broadcasting rights and competition law

    Chairman: Tihamér Tóth (Pázmány Péter Catholic University Faculty of Law, Vice-Dean; White & Case LLP, Counsel)

    9.20-9.50 Ágnes Szarka/Krzysztof Kuik (EU Commission, DG Com- petition, Unit C2 Media, Sport) t.b.c.: The law enforcement practice of DG Competition in the field of selling sport broadcasting rights

    9.50-10.20 Julien Zylberstein (UEFA, Legal Counsel, EU Affairs Advi- sor): The experience of UEFA in relation to the joint selling of football broadcasting rights, the competition law aspects

    10.20-10.50 Nick Fitzpatrick (DLA Piper London, Partner): The expe- rience of selling sport broadcasting rights from the aspect of a private practitioner

    10.50-11.20 Pim Smits (NMa, Netherlands Competition Authority, case handler): The dutch case law on selling sport broadcasting rights

    11.20-11.45 Break

    11.45-12.30 Panel discussion on the application of competition law to sport broadcasting rights including the previous speakers and Tihamér Tóth as a chair.

    12.30-14.00 Lunch

    II. The organisational issues of sport and competition law

    Chairman: Pál Szilágyi (Director, Competition Law Research Centre; lecturer PPKE JÁK)

    14.00-14.30 Prof. Richard Parrish (Edge Hill University, Director of Centre for Sports Law Research): A general overview of the competi- tion law problems with regard to the organisational issues of sport

    14.30-15.00 Ian Forrester Q.C., LL.D. (White & Case Brussels, Part- ner): The ECJ/CFI disagreement on the rationale for entrusting to sporting bodies the right to regulate the game

    15.00-15.30 Ádám Remetei-Filep (Pázmány Péter Catholic University, Faculty of Law, Competition Law Research Centre, Hungarian Society for Sport Sciences): The competition law analysis of anti-doping rules

    15.30-16.00 José Luis Buendía (Partner heading the Garrigues Brus- sels Office): The lack of compensation for clubs for the release of players for international tournaments, a competition law analysis (the Oulmers case and similar rules)

    16.00-16.30 Zsuzsanna Remetei Filep (Pázmány Péter Catholic Uni- versity, Faculty of Law and Political Sciences, Competition Law Re- search Centre): Sport and the application of State Aid rules

    Sports law issues – Day 2 (Friday, 30 September)

    8.30-9.30 Registration

    I. The Olympics and law

    Chairman: Zsigmond Nagy (Hungarian Olympic Committee, Director of International Affairs)

    9.30-10.00 Zsolt Borkai (Hungarian Olympic Committee, President): The challenges of Hungarian sport, the involve- ment of non-govermental institutions

    9.40-10.25 Howard Stupp (International Olympic Commit- tee, Director of Legal Affairs): The Evolution of Legal Issues Affecting Sport and the Olympic Movement

    10.25-11.10 Matthieu Reeb (Court of Arbitration for Sport, Secretary General): The Arbitration Practice in Sport and at the Olympic Games

    11.10-11.30 Break

    11.30-11.50 Ildikó Mihók (Hungarian Olympic Committee, Marketing and Communication Director): Who owns the athlete?

    11.50-12.30 Panel discussion on the topic ‘Who owns the athlete?’. Chair: Olivér Török (Hungarian Olympic Commit- tee, press officer)

    Tóth A. Péter (Magyar Telekom Zrt. – Director of Sponsor and Marketing Division), Horváth Magyary Nóra (K&H – Managing Director, Communications Directorate), Károlyi Zsuzsanna (E.ON Hungary Zrt. – Head of Corporate Com- munications, Corporate Communications), Cserpes Fábián (Sportagency, Owner – Managing Director), Lakatos Zsófia (Hill and Knowlton, Managing Director), Váczi János (Sport Economist)

    12:30-14:00 Lunch

    II. Various sports law issues

    14.00-14.30 Dick Pound t.b.c.

    14.30-15.00 Attila Czene (The Minister of State for Sport, Ministry of National Resources): New System of Sport Fi- nancing in Hungary

    15.00-15.30 Zsigmond Nagy (Hungarian Olympic Commit- tee, Director of International Affairs): The Athlete Olympic Contract

    15.30-16.00 Professor Albert Buisman (International Fair Play Committee, Member of the Council): Sport and ethics

    16.00-16.15 Concluding remarks by Miklós Tóth (Hungarian Society of Sport Sciences, President)

    17.00 Press conference

    Main Patron: Mr. Zsolt Borkai, President of the Hungarian Olympic Committee and Olympic Champion

    Patron: Mr. Attila Czene, State Secretary Responsible for Sport and Olympic Champion

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