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  • Of Mice & Men Author biography information for John Steinbeck
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  • John Steinbeck Born Feb. 27, 1902 in Salinas, CA Only child Dad: county treasurer Mom: school teacher Star of football team Excellent student Accepted to Stanford University
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  • John Steinbeck Attended Stanford for 6 years, but never graduated Took Journalism & biology classes Worked as lab. assistant & farm laborer during summers Interested in attempting to write a novel
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  • John Steinbeck 1925: decided to travel to gain experience for novel Deckhand on ship San Francisco to New York via the Panama Canal Pirate attack in Caribbean! 1929: Cup of Gold published
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  • John Steinbeck Returned to Salinas Married to Carol Henning, 1930 1933: To a God Unknown: poor farmer loses land due to Depression 1935: Tortilla Flat: winos in Monterey/ Salinas 1936: In Dubious Battle: grape pickers strike in central California
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  • John Steinbeck 1937: Of Mice & Men: friendship & responsibility between 2 men, Salinas Valley The Dust Bowl: drought and wind in central U.S. Poor farmers lost their land, went to California for better life Steinbeck wrote articles for S.F. Chronicle, then wrote Grapes of Wrath, 1939; won Pulitzer Prize 1941 movie version
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  • The Dust Bowl
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  • John Steinbeck WW2, 1941: due to football injury, Steinbeck did not fight, but was journalist Divorced, remarried to Gwyn Conger 1944: Cannery Row: descriptions of life in Monterey 1949: The Pearl 2 nd divorce, 1950
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  • John Steinbeck 1950s: backlash from fame, Steinbeck became an alcoholic 1961: 3 rd (final) marriage to Elaine Scott 1961: The Winter of our Discontent: alcohol issues with married couple 1962: Travels with Charley: U.S. travelogue 1962: Nobel Prize for Literature December 28, 1968, died of heart attack, New York City
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  • Issues in Of Mice & Men The Depression Stock market crashed Unemployment Abandonment of families by men Hobos wandered the country Possessions on back Walking or jumping on boxcar trains Going door to door for food or work Loneliness & drifting
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  • Hobos
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  • Issues in Of Mice & Men Controversial issues: Foul language Mental retardation Racist terminology ASSIGNMENT: Using your Cornell notes, please write a summary of John Steinbecks life. You should put the information in your own words. Your summary must be a minimum of 250 words in length. The notes need to be attached to the back. This assignment is due on Wednesday, September 14th. The notes are worth 10 points; the summary is worth 25.
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  • ORGANIZING/FINISHING your Cornell notes CREATE CATEGORY HEADINGS for different parts of your notes: CHILDHOOD-H.S. ADVENTURE for 1 st book LISTS of published books GRAPES of WRATH and the DUST BOWL WW2 death OF MICE & MEN issues SUMMARY: At the bottom of your notes, the last thing you do is SUM UP all the notes in one sentence: JOHN STEINBECK is an author who wrote about controversial real history issues in the 1930s. The author JOHN STEINBECK used real historical events as the setting and theme for many of his famous novels. Award-winning author JOHN STEINBECK showed Americans what life was like during the Depression with the plots of his novels.
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  • Start your summary Each of your categories will be a SEPARATE PARAGRAPH in your summary. A SUMMARY tells important points. The idea is to REDUCE all the information in about to its original length. Tell IMPORTANT ideas, but not every little detail. Your summary needs to be at least 250 words long. I count words: first two full lines, get average words per line; multiply this by all the lines that are at least half a line long; answer is within 25 words of your word length. Summary is due Wednesday. Completed Cornell notes are 10 points; the summary is 25 points, for a total of 35 points!