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October 2014 issue of Indy Kids' Directory

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  • Please say I found it in the IndyKidsDirectory! Thanks! 3

    Our six year old daughter, Mireille, attended the VBCA for the summer program. We researched a number of options for her and felt most comfortable with the ability of the VBCA staff to walk us through how to begin what was all a very new process to us. We were concerned about our daughter beginning first grade in a new school setting with some gaps in pragmatic social skills and we hoped spending the summer at the VBCA would be a good transition time to help prepare her for a successful school year in the fall.

    Mireille does not typically feel safe in a new setting with new faces and new routines. However, from her very first day at the Center, Mireille was excited and happy and looking forward to returning the next morning. We saw progress and pride blossom in her that we had never seen before. She came home chatting about her new friends and told us stories about her activities that day. This was all so new and encouraging for us to hear from her! She clearly felt an instant connection with her peers at the VBCA and safety

    with the adults.

    The staff always greets us with a smile and shows us with their attitudes

    that they see their work as more than a job, but as an investment in children. Sabrina is an expert in

    helping us wade through questions related to logistics

    like insurance, scheduling, and

    timelines. I can always

    count on a prompt reply

    from the appropriate

    staff member when I have a


    We are very excited to see how proud our daughter feels of her own accomplishments and how motivated she is to use her new skills in a variety of environments. We still have areas to continue working on and we know the Center will continue to be a valuable and reliable resource.

    For more information,contact the VBCA at 317-848-4774 or

    www.vbca.org.Dr. Breanne Hartley, Clinical Director of the

    Verbal Behavior Center for Autism


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    Applied Behavior Center for Autism See pgs. 16, 17, 32www.appliedbehaviorcenter.orgLocations in Greenwood, Indy West, and FishersApplied Behavior Analysis (ABA) focuses on using proven procedures to increase desired behaviors and decrease unwanted behaviors.

    BACA Behavior Analysis Center for Autism See pg. 31Contact Sarah Cox: Scox@TheBACA.com317.436.8961High quality, intensive ABA Programs overseen by PH.D. behavior analysts.

    Brain Balance See pg. 7www.brainbalanceindy.com317.843.92009510 N. Meridian St., IndianapolisBrain Balances Program has changed the lives of kids suffering with ADHD, learning disorders and behavioral issues. We integrate cognitive, sensory-motor and nutritional training into a highly effective, drug-free program that targets your childs specific challenges.

    Conduct Curb See pg. 15conductcurb.com317.966.1987 Physical Aggression, Verbal Aggression,Property Destruction, Tantrums, Refusals& Inappropriate Public Behavior.

    I Can We Can See pg. 9www.icanwecan.orgkelly@icanwecan.org224.515.9060Aquatic Therapy Gymnastic-Based Therapy1:1 & Small Group Sessions AvailableSessions are insurance-eligible

    Minds In Motion See pgs. 15www.mimlearning.com317.571.8752879 W. Carmel Drive, Carmel, IN 46032 A Revolutionary Way to Help All Children Achieve FULL

    Potential! Dramatic Results using Cutting-edge NASA Technology!

    Natural Valley Ranch See pg. 4www.NaturalValleyRanch.comwww.NaturalValleyTherapeuticRiding.orgMarie@NaturalValleyRanch.com317-509-3577Birthday Parties, Trail Rides, Lessons, Petting ZooHayride/Bonfire, Therapeutic Riding

    Pilipis Behavioral Group LLC See pg. 12b.weir@pilipisbg.comwww.pilipisbg.comtel. (317) 572-1313, fax (317) 572-9999152 S 9th St., Noblesville, IN 46060.Specializes in School Social Work and provides support and guidance to families and children.

    The Verbal Behavior Center for Autism See pgs. 2, 3www.vbca.org317.848.47749830 Bauer Drive Indpls., IN 46280The Verbal Behavior Center for Autism provides year- round services offering one-on-one Applied Behavior Analysis therapy to children with autism ages 2 -12. All programs are overseen by Board Certified Behavioral Consultants who together have a combined 45 years of experience. Tour our center, call us or view our website today!

    Proud Sponsors ofResources forSpecial Needs


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    Not even sure where to begin except for WOW, THANK YOU Brain Balance. Our journey started when my son was in kindergarten and consistently coming home with notes from his teacher. At a loss we started a conversation with our pediatrician who indicated that he had ADHD symptoms but not enough to make a diagnosis. In first grade the behavior continued. In January we met with a therapist (to learn coping mechanisms) and psychiatrist (for prescription management) and received an ADHD diagnosis.

    He began taking medication in January 2013 and we saw an improvement.

    At this time we were questioning if medication was best for him as we had seen a change in his personality, he was very emotional, got angry very easily, had low self-esteem, would quit if he wasnt winning and had lost a lot of weight because he was never hungry. I started researching our options and came across Brain Balance.

    We started at Brain Balance not really knowing what to expect. Our biggest immediate change came when we had the food sensitivity test done and worked with the nutritionist. I cannot tell you what a difference this has made in the lives of our ENTIRE family.

    My husband and I started doing extensive research ourselves on ADHD diagnosis and diet and decided that even when our elimination diet was over we were going to stay with many of the changes that we had adopted. Since we had maintained this diet for several months we decided to try and take my son off of medication and see what happened. Well, we are now medication free for 3 months and I am seeing my sons true personality come out. He is happy, funny and not emotional anymore. He can focus on a task and accept mistakes without tears.

    All of this is possible because we went through Brain Balance. I firmly believe it is because of Brain Balance that we are medication free. ~Jacque



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    School is back in session and the honeymoon period is over. You should have received some information from your childs teacher regarding progress toward the goals you established in the last IEP. How are things going? Is your child making progress?

    As you take time to communicate with your childs school and teacher, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Many teachers are happy to respond to emails you send and are willing to send you a daily update. If this is the kind of communication that you want, ask your childs teacher if this is possible.

    In general, any classroom concerns should be referred to the classroom teacher who is providing instruction to your child. It is a good idea to make a note on a calendar if you find you need to contact the teacher regarding an issue. Most times the teacher is able to answer your questions and address your concerns.

    If you have questions or concerns that are related to school policy or procedures, certainly make the classroom teacher the first point of contact, but be prepared to talk to the building and school system administration.

    It makes sense that your first contact would be a simple phone call to express your question or concern. If you find that your initial contact is not enough to resolve your concern, you should be prepared to write a letter discussing the problem. The letter should be written to clearly define the problem you are having. Make sure to date the letter and keep a copy for your files.

    If this does not resolve the issue, and the issue is related to the special education services your child is receiving, you may contact the Department of Education: Sp