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The Chief Officer

Mumbai Building Repairs & Reconstruction Board

3rd Floor, Nirman Bhavan,

Bandra (East), Mumbai 400 051.Subject: Redevelopment of property at C.S. Nos. ______ of _____Division in ______ Ward, situated at ___________, Mumbai 400 016 in the Registration District of Mumbai.I/We Shri _______________________________________________________ tenants of the cessed building no. ______ of the above mentioned property and occupying Room No. ____, ______ Floor at building known as ____________ admeasuring about _____ sq. ft. i.e. _____ sq. mtr. Carpet area approx in the old existing building, hereby irrevocably give our consent for the redevelopment of the captioned property, in accordance with the modified D.C. Regulations 33 (7) / 33(9) as per the Government Gazette dated 25.1.99, 2.3.2009 and 21.5.2011, amendment thereof on the following terms and conditions:

1. I/we fully agree to the construction of the above said redevelopment scheme by landlord/developer __________________ having his office at Office ___________________________________________________________________________________and/or its Business Associates.2. The above said Landlord/Developer shall construct self- contained tenements in the building proposed to be reconstructed and shall allot to me a tenement of carpet area 27.88 Sq.Mt. (300 Sq.ft.) or a carpet area equivalent to what was occupied in old building if the carpet area in the old building was more than 300 Sq.ft., subject to a maximum carpet area of 70 Sq.Mtrs. (753 Sq.ft) Further the above Developer shall provide carpet area equivalent to that occupied in the old building in case of Non Residential tenements.3. I hereby undertake to shift to the temporary transit accommodation made available on the same site or elsewhere by the said developers/landlords during the period of construction the captioned property. 4. I hereby guarantee that I will vacate and handover peaceful possession of the temporary transit accommodation after I have been given the possession of tenements in the form of permanent alternate accommodation in the newly constructed building by the said Landlord/Developer.5. I hereby declare an oath that I am voluntarily participating in the above scheme of redevelopment and shall not claim any right of whatsoever nature against MHADA/MBBR Board.6. I hereby declare that this irrevocable written consent shall be binding upon my legal heir, executers and successors or whosoever derives the tenancy/occupancy of the above mention room/tenement.7. The scheme of redevelopment is clarified by the Owner/Developer along with proposed building plan amenities to be given in the new building likely maintenance charges of new tenement arrangement or transit accommodation during course of reconstruction etc and I/We have satisfied with the same excepted without any hesitation, force and coercion from anybody.8. The irrevocable consent is binding on me, my legal heir, mutilates mutants applies to third person during course of pendency of completion of redevelopment scheme.SignatureName - Date - Identified by me

BEFORE ME and registered at Sr. No _______

in Register No. ___________________ as per the

Notaries Act.