NURAGHE/ESCS: Telescope driving subsystem Andrea Orlati

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NURAGHE/ESCS: Telescope driving subsystem Andrea Orlati. Nuraghe. Designed for the Sardinia Radiotelescope It’s modular We hope it will have comparable durability and robustness…. Carried on by GAI06 starting from 2004 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of NURAGHE/ESCS: Telescope driving subsystem Andrea Orlati

  • NURAGHE/ESCS:Telescope driving subsystem

    Andrea Orlati

  • NuragheDesigned for the Sardinia RadiotelescopeIts modularWe hope it will have comparable durability and robustness..Carried on by GAI06 starting from 2004The formal goal of the group is to develop the software for the telescope commissioning and for acceptance tests...but sooner or later the control software must be ready also for hungry astronomers.

  • ESCSStands for Enhanced Single-dish Control SystemCurrent Medicina control software is based on Field System, designed for VLBI experiments.The new K band 7-feeds receiver urged the definition of new requirements for the single-dish observations.

  • System overview

  • RequirementsSupported frames: Horizontal, Equatorial, GalacticTracking precision: 2 arcsecondsOTF scansCross scansRaster scansSolar System bodiesProbes and artificial satellitesCataloguesCalibration cataloguesSimulation mode

  • Technical Specification Time Tagged Program TrackAuto stow on high speed windsIstantaneous offsets from metrologyFault toleranceEvents loggingAlarms propagation on hardware failuresRemote consoleCode reuse for all telescopesVLBI supportBoth user and technical documentationLGPL based

  • ToolsPlatform Scientific Linux (kernel 2.6.9)Development:C++ (99%) and PythonScripting: bashCompilation: GNU MakeDatabase schemas: XMLRepository: CVSDocumentation: Doxygen and HTMLCORBA Vendor: TAO (C++)On-the shelf libraries: curses, slaLibrary, QT

  • Alma Common SoftwareDistributed Objects Centralized loggerCentralized data base for system configurationAlarms hierachy propagationError systemMultiplatform and multilanguageComponent/Container modelACS is based on CORBA

  • ACS architecture

  • Component Diagram

  • Class diagram

  • Observation management

  • Coordinates generator

  • StatusProbes and artificial satellites still missingSRT ACU driver still missingOTF, sidereal tracking fully testedQuite stable during few hours of observationTo be tested under productionRemote console and FS support almost doneSome known bugs are to be tracked downHopefully well be ready together with acquisition part before winter, so the first 22 Gigs map can be produced

  • PeopleGiuseppe Maccaferri (Permanent position)Carlo Migoni (Permanent position)Andrea Orlati (Fixed Term position)Simona Righini (PHD Student)Rashmi Verma (PHD Student)