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<p>Score</p> <p>No More NightWalt Harrah</p> <p>3 .. &amp;4D min7 C7</p> <p>G/B F/A</p> <p>G sus4</p> <p>.</p> <p>G</p> <p>.F</p> <p>C</p> <p>. </p> <p>C</p> <p> j C</p> <p>&amp; G</p> <p>G</p> <p>theme round</p> <p>earth and now the</p> <p>will bow</p> <p>pass down F</p> <p>The time - less See all a -</p> <p>hea - ven na - tions</p> <p>11</p> <p>&amp; &amp; &amp;e I</p> <p>15</p> <p>A bmaj7</p> <p>dream sound</p> <p>God will is the F min7</p> <p>a - way to sing</p> <p>It's not a the on - ly</p> <p>j </p> <p>that our F</p> <p>make prai -</p> <p>19 A maj7</p> <p>b</p> <p>Gone Slow</p> <p>-</p> <p>is the ly the</p> <p>-</p> <p>23</p> <p>&amp;</p> <p>C</p> <p>vil know</p> <p>.</p> <p>is the</p> <p>j F F</p> <p>curse namesmin7</p> <p> b j G</p> <p>all ses</p> <p>things to</p> <p>new Christ C/E</p> <p>day King C</p> <p>from which I from the</p> <p> stum - bled book</p> <p> and are G</p> <p>ban King</p> <p>ished</p> <p>b</p> <p>No F</p> <p>more</p> <p>night</p> <p>so</p> <p>to there's C</p> <p>j </p> <p>C/E</p> <p>e no</p> <p>-</p> <p>ter need Am</p> <p>F</p> <p> nal to</p> <p>fell read</p> <p>No</p> <p>more C</p> <p>pain</p> <p> F</p> <p>hell dread</p> <p>No</p> <p>more</p> <p>D min7</p> <p>tears D min7</p> <p>Nev - er</p> <p> I</p> <p>29</p> <p>&amp; </p> <p>cry - ing G</p> <p>.</p> <p>j G we will C</p> <p>a - gain</p> <p>Prai</p> <p>G</p> <p>the C sus4</p> <p>-</p> <p>ses G sus4</p> <p>to</p> <p>Great</p> <p>34</p> <p>&amp; Am</p> <p>live</p> <p>in the</p> <p>F</p> <p>light of</p> <p> sen</p> <p>.</p> <p>1.</p> <p>C</p> <p> ..</p> <p>the</p> <p>Ri</p> <p>-</p> <p>Lamb</p> <p>1984 Word Music ASCAP</p> <p>240</p> <p>No More NightC sus42.</p> <p>&amp; . &amp;C</p> <p>C</p> <p>Lamb</p> <p> j G</p> <p>G</p> <p>See o - ver</p> <p>there</p> <p>it's a</p> <p> e</p> <p>pre E sus4 -</p> <p>F</p> <p>E</p> <p>man - sion</p> <p>pared</p> <p> for</p> <p>45</p> <p>me</p> <p> j where I</p> <p>na -</p> <p>can</p> <p>live</p> <p>with my</p> <p>Sav - ior</p> <p>-</p> <p>ter</p> <p>ly</p>


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