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NIK MOHD SHAHFIZ - G13 Gallery · 2019. 4. 16. · NIK MOHD SHAHFIZ Born 1993, Malaysia EDUCATION Bachelor (Hons) in Fine Art, Faculty of Art & Design, Universiti Teknologi MARA Diploma

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Text of NIK MOHD SHAHFIZ - G13 Gallery · 2019. 4. 16. · NIK MOHD SHAHFIZ Born 1993, Malaysia EDUCATION...



  • G 1 3 P R O J E C T R O O M

    22 APR I L - 4 MAY 2019



    G13 Project Room was establ ished in 2016. G13

    Project Room was init ia l ly created by G13 gal lery as a

    platform to highl ight new faces to the industry. G13

    Project Room also promotes new innovat ive direct ion

    of those who wish to divers i fy their arts by ventur ing

    into new methods and mater ia ls .

    G13 Project Room is in i ts f i f teenth instal lment and

    G13 gal lery is proud to present Nik Mohd Shahf iz ,

    a f resh graduate art f rom Univers i t i Teknologi Mara

    (UiTM). Known in the scene mainly f rom his s ibl ings’

    group, Nik Brothers, the group comprises his elder

    brothers Nik Mohd Hazr i , Nik M Shazmie, and himself ,

    the youngest one. The G13 Project Room showcase

    this t ime is focusing his recent body of works that

    he’s been up to, underl in ing his idea developmental

    s ince his previous works. Nik Shahf iz has been act ively

    part ic ipat ing in numerous exhibit ions inside and also

    outs ide the country recent ly.

    ‘Factual Gl i tch’ represents the art ist ’s interest in

    incorporat ing gl i tching bugs that commonly happen

    in computing and electronics industr ies, into the

    works of art . Gl i tch is general ly descr ibed as a sudden,

    temporary, smal l problems or fault that prevents

    a system from being successful or working as wel l

    as i t should. Interested in i ts formal qual i t ies that

    take into the form of pixelated images, sometimes

    dupl icated and warped, Nik Mohd Shahf iz integrated

    this somewhat digital aesthet ic to s imulate meaning

    for the ser ies of paint ings this t ime around. As far

    as the t i t le is concern, ‘Factual Gl i tch’ suggests

    the inescapable of human being from having f laws

    ‘gl i tches’ so to speak.

    In retrospect, many of his works are these ser ies of

    paint ings that are unique in sty le as one can f ind

    his unusual swir l ing-Van-Gogh inspired brushwork in

    his previous creat ions. Interested in experimenting

    atypical approach in paint ing, he then progressed

    his oeuvre into str ipe ser ies where str ipe l ines were

    used to create double narrat ive or images in one

    paint ing. Pretty much a cont inuance of that ser ies,

    hence, his new gl i tches ser ies t i t led ‘Factual Gl i tch’

    showcasing s ix gl i tching-sty le paint ings presented by

    G13 Gal lery.


    I am interested in looking at the interconnect iv i ty

    between the world of computing and real l i fe.

    Especial ly the gl i tches created by the computing

    bugs, i t is commonly assumed as the error and

    somewhat imperfect ions for the system. Although i t

    seems bad in general , i t has i ts own eccentr ic value.

    In popular culture, we can see this idea is being

    used over and over again especial ly in movies such

    as The Matr ix (1999) where gl i tches were used to

    demonstrate the error in the matr ix .

    Taking this idea further, I want to employ the

    def init ion into real l i fe, metaphorical ly s ignif ies f laws

    that we possess. Instead of seeing them as ‘bugs’ in

    our l ivel ihood, I see them as part of l i fe. Each one

    of us has our own different f laws, and those are the

    things we should probably embrace as part of l i fe

    rather than try ing to sweep i t under the carpet.


  • Data Impress ion I 160 x 153cm | Oil on Canvas | 2019

  • Data Impress ion I I 160 x 153cm | Oil on Canvas | 2019

  • Mot ion Emot ions 160 x 153cm | Oil on Canvas | 2019

  • Beauty in The Gl i t ches 160 x 153cm | Oil on Canvas | 2019

  • One wi th Nature160 x 122cm | Oil on Canvas | 2019

  • Down wi th The Nature160 x 122cm | Oil on Canvas | 2019

  • N I K M O H D S H A H F I Z Born 1993, Malaysia

    EDUCATIONBachelor (Hons) in Fine Art , Faculty of Art & Design, Univers i t i Teknologi MARADiploma in Fine Art , Faculty of Art & Design, Univers i t i Teknologi MARA

    SOLO EXHIBITION2019 G13 Project Room: Factual Gl i tch by Nik Mohd Shahf iz , G13 Gal lery, Malaysia

    INTERNATIONAL SHOW/ARTFAIRS2018 Sol i loquy with The Gal lery, Shanghai, China2016 Tranqui l i ty in Clamour with The Gal lery, Shanghai, China Mosaic Art Project, Malaysia Art Expo with HOM Art Trans Gal lery, Malaysia VICE VERSA, Artemis [email protected] i Rumah Jat i , Bantul Yogyakarta, Indonesia

    SELECTED GROUP EXHIBITIONS2019 It ’s LIT, Segaris Art Center, Publ ika, Kl , Malaysia2018 Merah Putih Biru Kuning, G13 Gal lery, Malaysia 2017 5 Bintang, Volume 1 with Segaris Art Centre, Malaysia Unparal leled Eye Beyond Sight - 2 Person Show, G13 gal lery, Malaysia 80 Art ist 2nd Wave, TAPG The Art People Gal lery, Malaysia We Are 5, Artemis Art ’s Fi f th Anniversary Exhibit ion, Artemis Art Gal lery, White Box [email protected] ika, Malaysia G13 Gal lery 7th Anniversary Show, G13 Gal lery, Malaysia2016 Contemporary Art in Interfusion and Intergrowth-Discovering Malaysia Contemporary Art NANDO’s Art In i t iat ive Group Exhibit ion-Your Art Your Story, Solar is Dutamas, Malaysia “See You Later, Mimie”, One Day Farewel l Slash Exhibit ion, Ruang Sementara Gal lery, Publ ika Solar is Dutamas, Malaysia Versus Animal #1, ChinaHouse @Penang & HOM Art Trans, Georgetown Penang, Malaysia Cerita Kami, Pel i ta Hati Gal lery, Bangsar , Malaysia Transit A2, HOM Art Trans & MARS, Malaysia Youngsters, HOM Art Trans, Malaysia2015 Orbit , Degree Show, FSSR UiTM, Malaysia ArtTr io The NIK Brothers Art Group Exhibit ion, G13 Gal lery, Malaysia NANDO’S Art Ini t iat ive, Art Group Exhibit ion by The Runners-Up, NANDO’S Art Gal lery, Malaysia2014 NANDO’S Peri fy Your Art-Al ive, NANDO’S Art Exhibit ion, Malaysia2013 FineArt ’s Diploma Show, FSSR UiTM, Malaysia2012 Pameran Bank Negara Malaysia

    AWARDS2016 Second Runner’s Up Winner, NANDO’s Art In i t iat ive-Your Art Your Story2014 First Runner’s Up Winner, NANDO’s Per i fy Your Art-Al ive2012 Department Best Student Award, Fine Art Department UiTM Best Graduate Award, Pre-Graduation Ceremony, UiTM


    G13 Gallery identifies and collaborates with the artists that show potential, relevance, and depth in their

    works. The gallery aspires to develop synergy between artists domestically and internationally, and it

    achieves this through cross-border collaborations, residences, and exhibitions.

    G13 Gallery aims to realize a greater appreciation for Asian art, has been actively participating in

    multiple regional art fairs over the past few years.

    Published in conjunction with the exhibition :

    G 1 3 P R O J E C T R O O M : ‘ F A C T U A L G L I T C H ’ B Y N I K M O H D S H A H F I Z2 2 A P R I L - 4 M A Y 2 0 1 9


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    G13 Gallery, GL 13, Ground Floor, Block B, Jalan SS7/26, Kelana Square, 47301 Kelana Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

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