NGN Information Gateway_Issue 1 (What is NGN CPI)

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1NGN InformationWays to Provide FeedbackHuawei NGN CPIWays to Obtain Huawei DocumentationHuawei Documentation SystemSales engineerTechnical support engineerSupport websiteTraining centerMarketing and Sales DocumentMarketing DocumentSales DocumentTechnical Service DocumentNetwork Design DocumentRelease DocumentTesting DocumentPatch DocumentMaintenance CasesCPIDocumentCPITraining DocumentTraining DocumentCustomerHuawei customer product information (CPI) is managed by using the HedEx Lite and can be obtained from cases of product solutions are out of the scope of the CPI and can be obtained from You can obtain other documents such as patch document from Huawei engineers.01Ways to Obtain Huawei DocumentationSoftX3000UMG8900CPI02HUAWEINGN CPI IGWB...Architecture of Product CPI1Huawei NGN products include the SoftX3000, UMG8900, and IGWB Each product has its own product CPI with the same architecture.3 Delta documents are added to the description documents of the V300R010C09 product CPI.2Huawei CS product CPI consists of description documents, operation documents, and references and provides theme documents in user manuals.03Operation and MaintenanceFault ManagementReferencesInstallation and CommissioningProductVersion DeltaDescriptionHardware InstallationSoftware InstallationInitial ConfigurationCommissioningConfigurationManagementAlarmsHandingCommands CountersNetworking DescriptionProduct DescriptionHardware DescriptionSoftware DescriptionFeature DescriptionFeature CommissioningLicense DescriptionPreventFailuresEquipment SafetyHealth andSafetySaftyDescriptionsTroubleshootingProduct CPIUser Manual4The user manuals consists of number analysis document, AGCF document, Signaling Analysisdocument, and BAM document.04Browse documents and cases by productSubmit your feedback on the websiteHuawei Support WebsiteDownload HedEx Litehttp://support.huawei.comProduct CPI05You can download the HedEx Lite from the homepage of or the web page for downloading Huawei CPI.You can open Huawei CPI package downloaded from only after Huawei CPI package is loaded to the HedEx Lite.If you have any doubts when using Huawei CPI, provide your feedback at Huawei NGN engineers will handle you feedback as soon as possible.Ways to Obtain Huawei CPI and Provide FeedbackDownload a CPIDownload a HedEx LiteSubmit feedback on a document 13206Centralized documentation managementQuick searchSubmission of feedback on documentationAutomatic library UpgradeFree installationAddition of reading notesIntroduction Of Huawei HedEx Lite ToolFeatures of Huawei HedEx Lite Feedback07Automatic Upgrade LibrariesCheck that upgrade parameters are configuredHedEx Lite detects for new libraries available on http://support.huawei.comDownload the new libraries to your local HedEx Lite if new libraries are detected132Create folders based on document type and drag documents to different foldersSearch for documents by typeFile Mangement Libraries by Type12112208Click Website Feedback at to give your feedback. For details, see page 5.Click Thanks for your comments in the webpage for downloading Huawei CPI at to give your feedback. For details, see page 5. Support Website1 HedEx Lite2 Email3Send your requirements and doubts on the documents of NGN products to We will provide you with the solutions, plans, and milestones as soon as possible and communicate with you regularly.Click Feedback in the main window of the HedEx Lite. For details, see page 7.