Ng ā ti Tama Mandate Limited Reconfirmation of Mandate

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Ngati Tama Mandate Limited

Ngti Tama Mandate LimitedReconfirmation of Mandate

11pm Mihi whakatauCup of tea 1. 45pm Karakia Purpose of mandate huiThe mandate process Questions and Answers Voting: Mandate ResolutionKarakia Whakamutunga

Objective of this hui

To reconfirm the mandate for Ngti Tama Mandate Limited to seek a Crown recognised mandate to negotiate ALL Ngti Tama Wellington historical claims in relation to the Port Nicholson Block that relate to those Ngti Tama Wellington who choose these claims to not be represented by the Port Nicholson Block Settlement Trust.

325 August 2008 Crown and PNBST sign a Deed of Settlement following a ratification process.

Clause 8.2.3 provides that:

all persons who descend from a Ngti Tama tupuna fall within the definition of Taranaki Whnui ki Te Upoko o Te Ika unless they choose to have their historical claims settled by another group with a Crown recognised mandate...


4 ... Should a settlement negotiated by that other group with a Crown recognised mandate become unconditional, those persons will, to the extent that they rely on descent from a Ngti Tama tupuna, be excluded from the definition of Taranaki Whnui ki Te Upoko o Te Ika, in this Deed of Settlement, settlement legislation and governance entity.

Crown Settlement Policy A reconfirmed mandate for Ngati Tama Mandate limited enables the representatives to facilitate the process of clause 8.2.3 Known to us as the Margaret Wilson clause (the opt out clause).

Negotiation with those Ngati Tama Wellington who do not consider their historical claims in the Port Nicholson Block to be represented by the Port Nicholson Block Settlement Trust, will be possible on two conditions:1. That the two Ngati Tama Wellington groups negotiate under one entity; and2. This single entity achieves a Crown recognised mandate. WE FIND OURSELVES IN THIS POSITION TODAY.

Ward, Louis Ernest, 1866-1938 :Sketch plan[s] showing the original sections sold by ballot in London, July 29th 1839; the original purchasers and claimants, or subsequent owners (in parenthesis) / compiled by Louis E. Ward from T H Fitzgerald's survey 1840 [ms map]. [ca Claimant DefinitionThe claimant definition will include all Ngti Tama members who are included in the definition of Taranaki Whnui ki Te Upoko o Te Ika under in the Port Nicholson Block Settlement Act 2009 (PNB Act 2009) who choose to have their claims settled by another group with a Crown recognised mandate (eg. a single group such as Ngti Tama Mandate Limited)Ngti Tama in PNB Act 2009In PNB Act 2009 Ngati Tama are described as being descended from:(a) (i)a recognised ancestor of Ngti Tama; and(ii)1 or more of(A)the Ngti Tama signatories of the 27 September 1839 Port Nicholson Block purchase deed; and(B)the Ngti Tama persons listed in the Schedule to the Declaration of the Native Land Court in Wellington dated 11 April 1888; and(C)other Ngti Tama persons not referred to in subparagraph (A) or (B), but who exercised customary rights in the Port Nicholson Block, Wellington District, on or after 6 February 1840 by virtue of being descended from 1 or more of the recognised ancestors of the iwi referred to in paragraph (a)(i); and

Ngti Tama in PNB Act 2009(b)any whnau, hap, or group to the extent that it is composed of individuals referred to in paragraph (a); and

(c)every individual referred to in paragraph (a).

WAI CLAIMS Wai 377(including Wai 474)Wai 735

Area of Interest

Structure and Accountability of Ngti Tama Mandate LimitedThe representative body is a Company The decision making process is by majority vote of the directors (set out in the mandate strategy). The directors are appointed through mandate of our constituent hapu / organisations. The directors can be removed by the same process that mandated them.The directors are: Sheryl Connell, Eldon Potaka, John Chadwick, Chris Toa, Bill Simpson, Karewa Arthur

Structure and Accountability Ngti Tama Mandate Limited will report back to the constituent Hap / Organisations through:Newsletters posted on website every two monthsHui for all members every three monthsAnnual General Meetings

NegotiatorsNgti Tama Mandate Ltd directors will appoint negotiators to negotiate with the Crown in order to present an initialled deed of settlement to the claimant community for ratification.It is anticipated that some Ngti Tama Mandate Ltd directors will be appointed as negotiators themselves

Mandate StrategyNgti Tama Mandate Limited will be inclusive of all Ngti Tama Wellington groups in relation to any claim presented for negotiation to reach the common goal of a Deed of Settlement for ratification. Inclusive mandate sought15Next StepsIf a Crown recognised mandate is achieved:Negotiations will be entered into with the CrownCrown offer receivedSettlement negotiatedNgti Tama Mandate Limited will present an initialled Deed of Settlement to be ratified by the claimant communityNew entity to be created to receive redress post settlement Next Steps16Deed of MandateFollowing the results of this hui, Ngti Tama Mandate Limited will submit a Deed of Mandate to the Crown to prove there is widespread support from members of the claimant group to carry out Treaty of Waitangi negotiations with the Crown. If the Deed of Mandate is recognised by Ministers, Ngti Tama Mandate Limited will achieve a Crown recognised mandate.Deed of MandateWhat will my vote for Ngati Tama Mandate Limited meanShould Ngti Tama Mandate Limited achieve a Crown recognised mandate through this reconfirmation hui and should it negotiate an unconditional settlement with the Crown, Ngti Tama Wellington members will choose which settlement addresses their Ngti Tama historical claims in the Port Nicholson BlockWhat will my vote for Ngti Tama Mandate Ltd do?First Question"Do you as a Ngati Tama person who comes within the definition of Taranaki Whanui ki te Upoko o te Ika (Port Nicholson Block Settlement) choose to have your historical claims settled by another Ngati Tama group with a Crown recognised mandate?"Hui ResolutionThis vote confirms the mandate of Ngati Tama Mandate Ltd to represent Ngati Tama (Wellington) in negotiations with the Crown for the comprehensive settlement of all historical Treaty claims of Ngati Tama Wellington

Ngti Tama this is your time



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