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Nexgenn Health Protection for Educational Institutions 1 NexGenn HEALTH

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  • Nexgenn Health Protection for Educational Institutions*NexGenn HEALTH

  • Overview : NexGenn HealthNexgenn HEALTH has been started in 2010. NexGenn Health is a subsidiary of NexGenn Group. It has been started as an initiative to Provide Healthcare Facilities and Insurance. We are pioneers in bringing out the new concepts and services, which could be helpful for the People in their day to day life and to bring quality in their Healthy Life Style. Designing, building, and maintaining an effective Health care program requires substantial amounts of varying skills and resources.

  • Overview contWe have been successful in helping our customers develop a customized Healthy Lifestyle . You can trust us to define Healthcare recommendations to align your Life style with your Healthy Lifestyle. At Nexgenn Health we help you invest in your Healthy Lifestyle by liberating your day to day changes.

    NexGenn Health delivers Health care Program solutions for the Schools, Colleges & Corporate. The expertise in Applied Healthcare encompasses a broad spectrum of Services. Like Setting Up the Fully operational Medical room, Full time Trained Nurse at customer premises, Basic Medicines for minor illness & Insurance etc.

  • Overview contAt NexGenn Health we integrate knowledge with experience, with tools and techniques from around the globe to enable & achieve excellence & quality. We are constantly bringing in Tools and techniques from our partners to give best available Health Care comprehensive , coaching and consulting services. NexGenn Health emphasizes on practical principles and processesAt NexGenn Health, our mission is simple: to provide a Learning capacity building with the cutting edge Tools & Technologies service which frees our customers from the worry and inconvenience of there health. Our experienced and dedicated operations development Team are standing even at odd hours, seven days a week, and 365 days a year. Nights, weekends and holidays we are ready to help you. NexGenn Health are led by an experienced team of senior executives who are dedicated in providing the highest level of Health services to the customers. These key executives live by our mission every day.

  • Your circle of risks and concerns

  • Your institution needs an all-round protectionPropertyLiabilityStudentsTeachers/Staff

  • Enhanced Protection against Personal Accident RisksStudentsEarning ParentStaffSafe and secure environment is a prime concern of any institution.

    However accidents can happen and can lead to Death, Permanent/Temporary Disability and Medical Expenses

    Your institution needs complete accident insurance protection.

  • Ensuring Uninterrupted EducationFinancial crisis caused by the accidental Death or Permanent Disablement of the earning parent can play havoc with the childs education and future.

    Our policy ensures that the insured student continues to receive his education from the same institution, uninterrupted by the death or disablement of his fee-paying parent.

  • Protection for the teaching staffTeachers are the assets of the institution and need safety and security. Accidents can lead to financial stress and sometime rob a teacher of his livelihood.

    Our policy provides cover for accidental death and disablement to the entire teaching staff.

  • Accidental DeathPermanent Total / Partial DisabilityMedical Expenses (hospitalisation) up to Rs.50,000Broken Bones (treatment expenses) up to Rs. 5,000StudentsAccidental DeathPermanent Total/Partial DisabilityTemporary Total Disability (weekly benefit for max 52 weeks)

    School StaffAccidental DeathPermanent Total Disability*Claim amount goes towards continuing education of the student in the same institution

    Earning Parent *Ambulance Charges up to Rs. 1,000Carriage of dead body up to Rs. 2,500

  • Options to suit every budget..Basic CoverGroup Personal AccidentQuick Cover360 Degree Shield + Group Personal AccidentWider CoverEducation Shield + Group Personal AccidentProperty Cover360 Degree Shield/ Education ShieldWe will be happy to assist you in assessing your risks and choosing the right insurance protection

  • Thank You

    P-16, Malviya Nagar, New-Delhi 110016Phone: +91 11-26676471, E-mail: [email protected] Web: www.


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