Newest Attractions in Orlando Theme Parks

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If your family is visiting Orlando anytime soon, you will be delighted to know that the theme parks are loaded with new attractions such as rides, shows, and parades that would truly make your vacation worthwhile.


  • 1. Newest Attractions inOrlando ThemeParks

2. Newest Attractions in Orlando Theme ParksIfyour family is visiting Orlandoanytime soon, you will bedelighted to know that the themeparks are loaded with new attractionssuch as rides, shows, and parades thatwould trulymake your vacationworthwhile. Here are the newestOrlando theme park attractions towatch out for. 3. Newest Attractions in Orlando Theme Parks SeaWorldAt the SeaWorlds Waterparkcalled Aquatica, you will find OmakaRocka. This is a new water ride thatboasts of speedy tubes and half-pipefunnels that will allow you to slidewhatever direction you want, climbwalls, and have the ultimate splash.Another fantastic ride to lookforward to is Manta. It is a flying 4. Newest Attractions in Orlando Theme Parkscoaster inspired by Manta. It sweepsriders over the sea to show peopleunderwater marine creatures andthen over the sky to give them thethrill of a lifetime. Both rides are packed with peopleso you better get to SeaWorld early ifyou want to catch these rides withouthaving to squeeze into the crowds. Itwould be a good idea to check in atOrlando Hotelslocated near 5. Newest Attractions in Orlando Theme ParksSeaWorld so that arriving early willnot be too much of a big challengefor you or your family. 6. Newest Attractions inOrlando Theme ParksUniversal StudiosUniversal Studios recentlyintroduced the Wizarding World ofHarry Potter, which can be found atthe parks Islands of Adventure.Dotted with various attractions, stores,and signature-eating establishment, itis one attraction that you reallyshouldnt miss when you go to thisfamous theme park. 7. Newest Attractions in Orlando Theme ParksThe theme park also unraveled theopening of Hollywood Rip RideRockitSM. This one is a high-tech andmulti-sensory rollercoasterthatfeaturesexciting soundtrack,lighting, and special effects that willhave your adrenaline rushing in alldirections. Make sure youre boldenough to brave this distinct ride.If youre going to Universal Studios,expect to have lots of people 8. Newest Attractions in Orlando Theme Parkscrowdingin thethemeparkespecially if youre coming hereduring the peak season. To save timeon planningandpreparations,consider getting Universal StudiosVacationPackages,whichareavailable from reputable travel agentsonline. 9. Newest Attractions inOrlando Theme Parks Disney WorldAt the House of Mouse, you willfind the famous Main Street ElectricalParade making a comeback at theMagic Kingdom Park, but only for alimited time. This favorite parade hasbeen improved to feature LED andaudio technology that would surelycaptivate everyone.After Magic Kingdom, move on to 10. Newest Attractions in Orlando Theme ParksEpcot, where youll find the newestattraction called, The Sum of AllThrills. Its one unique attractionwhere you get to design your ownride using this high-tech interactivetouch screen. The best thing about itis that you can test it yourself byriding a 4-D robotic simulator thatmakes use of sensory elements likesight, movement, and sounds to makethe ride as realistic as possible. 11. Newest Attractions in Orlando Theme ParksDisney is one of the most famoustheme parks in Orlando so you knowthat it would be filled with people,particularly during the holidayseason. See to it that you book DisneyHotels or Disney Condos in advanceso you dont have to worry aboutrunning out of accommodations. 12. Universal Studios Vacation Packagesand Affordable Orlando HotelsUn iversal Studios is one of the most populartheme parks in the world, today. It isknown foritsbreathtakingattractions that are taken straightfrom the movies made by thestudios in the past. Millions ofpeople from all over the world makeit a yearly tradition to visit this world 13. Universal Studios Vacation Packagesand Affordable Orlando Hotelsfamous theme park. To save moneywhile in their greatest adventure,some people go for affordableOrlando hotels. Some people alsolearned the secret of enjoyingdifferent Universal Studiosvacation packages. These vacationpackages save travelers from toomuchexpensesas they enjoydiscounts and freebies in Disney. 14. Universal Studios Vacation Packagesand Affordable Orlando HotelsFor those who visit Disney withkids, it is best to choose Orlandohotels that accommodate childrenwho are 17 and under free ofcharge. It is not difficult to find anaffordable accommodation inOrlando with world-class amenities.Located in the heart of centralFlorida, Orlando is home to manytheme parks and attractions such as 15. Universal Studios Vacation Packagesand Affordable Orlando HotelsDisneyWorld,Disneys AnimalKingdom, EPCOT, DisneysHollywood Studios, Sea World, andUniversal Studios. Aside from thetheme parks, visitors can also enjoyvariousshopping and diningoptions in Orlando. It is then a greatthing to stay in an affordableOrlando hotel.As one of the major theme parks 16. Universal Studios Vacation Packages and Affordable Orlando Hotelsof Orlando, Universal Studios is oneof thefavoritedestinations ofOrlando vacationers. Visitors fromall over the world do not have tospend too much just to visit thisworld famous theme park though.Through Universal Studio vacationpackages, visitors can enjoy thevacation at a more affordable anddiscounted price without 17. Universal Studios Vacation Packages and Affordable Orlando Hotelscompromising the quality of thevacation. These vacation packagesinclude freeadmissiontothestandard Universal Studios themepark. It may also include freeentrance to Universal Islands ofAdventure theme park, which isfamous for its thrilling atmosphere.There are many Universal Studiosvacation packages to choose from. 18. Universal Studios Vacation Packages and Affordable Orlando HotelsTypically,the basic vacationpackages include accommodationsfor two or more nights at certainOrlando hotels like Portofino BayHotel, Hard Rock Hotel, Lowes Hotelor the Royal Pacific Resort. Thereare vacation packages that includeCity Walk privilege pass with theUniversalExpress ride. Thisprivilege pass gives the advantage 19. Universal Studios Vacation Packagesand Affordable Orlando Hotelsof choosing the rides and themepark attractions you want to visit forthe day. Advantages also includepriority seating arrangement atselected world-class UniversalOrlando restaurants and free shuttleservices from the hotel directly tothe theme park.Disney does not always have tobe too expensive. You do not have to 20. Universal Studios Vacation Packagesand Affordable Orlando Hotelsstay in expensive Orlando hotelsand spend a lot of money to enjoythe magic of Disney. Throughvacation packages, guests all overthe world can enjoy the world-classtheme parks even with a limitedbudget. Availing of the vacationpackages allows the visitors to havethe advantage of discounts andfreebies in their accommodation 21. Universal Studios Vacation Packages and Affordable Orlando Hotelsand in Universal Studios. There aremany different Universal Studiosvacation packages available today.Whether you travel alone or with agroup, study well which vacationpackage works best for you. 22. For more informationaboutUniversal Studios VacationPackages and Orlando hotels, please check