New Vendor Information Portal - DPI Specialty 2 - New...New Vendor Information Portal ... •Food Safety Information Tab •HACCP Plan Info ... * Documents are Mandatory •Vendor Agreement Tab

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  • DPI Specialty Foods 2012

    New Vendor Information Portal

  • Vendors need to fill out information on 9 separate tabs

    Progress is checked on the left toolbar as vendors submit information.

  • Vendor Information TabCompany NameAddressCity, StateZip CodeTax ID NumberContact NameContact TitleContact PhoneContact EmailDPI Division

  • Accounting Information TabPayee NamePayee AddressCity, StateZip CodeDPI Division(s) AR ContactAR TitleAR PhoneAR Email

  • EFT Information currently part of Accounting Info TabPayee NameFinancial InstitutionAddressCity, StateZip CodePayee ContactContact EmailNotification EmailRouting NumberDeposit Account NumberEFT Terms Agree to Terms checkbox

  • Procurement Information TabDPI Division

    Must select allLead TimeMin. Order SizeOrder Size UOMPO ContactContact EmailCompany NameContact PhonePreferred Method for POTransmission EmailFaxPickup location

  • Food Safety Information TabHACCP Plan Info

    AddressCity, State, ZipCompletion Date3rd Party Audit ?

    Product Recall InfoRecall PlanCompletion DateRecall ContactTitleAddressCity, State, ZipPhone

  • Broker Information TabDPI Division(s)Company NameBroker Tax IDContactAddressCity, State, ZipPhone EmailBroker Authorizations

  • Portal Authorization TabContact NameVendor PhoneVendor EmailDPI Division(s)Broker NameBroker Phone Broker EmailBroker AuthorizationsVendor Portal Terms

  • Documents Upload Tab*W9*Certificate of Insurance*Specs List*Price List*FDA RegistrationHACCP Plan3rd Party AuditW9 for Broker

    * Documents are Mandatory

  • Vendor Agreement TabVendor NameContactTitleTermsCheckbox to Accept