New Teeth Specialists in Stamford Talk About the Habits that Ruin Your Teeth, PART 3

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This four-part article series covers the many habits - some innocent, some not-so innocent - that could be destroying your teeth and oral health, leading to the need for dental implants.


This four-part article series covers the many habits - some innocent, some not-so innocent - that could be destroying your teeth and oral health, leading to the need for dental implants. Welcome back to our four-part article series in which specialists of New Teeth in Stamford explain the top habits and behaviors that could be wrecking the health of your pearly whites. In our previous article post, the second of the series, we discussed the perils of bedtime bottles for babies, lip and tongue piercings for adults and of course the most notorious of bad dental habits: tobacco-use. Theres still plenty more habits and behaviors to discuss, so lets get to it! Teeth-Wrecking Habit # 6: Teeth Grinding Chasing deadlines, enduring a 14-hour day and competing with that new, prettier intern for the attention of your boss can send stress to stratospheric heights. While the exact cause of teeth grinding is not exactly known, most dental healthcare specialists believe there to be a strong connection with stress. The trouble with this condition - also known as bruxism - is that you tend to be totally unaware of what youre doing when youre doing it. Many people also grind their teeth at night. Bruxism can totally erode away ones dental enamel, explain new teeth specialists in Stamford. This has a terrible impact upon dental health and can require some extensive restoration of the tooth crowns. In some advanced cases of damage and internal decay, some teeth may require root canal procedures, while others need replacing altogether! There is no easy treatment for teeth grinding, but you can help prevent the damage it does. Go to your dentist to have a mouth guard fitted and wear it to bed at night when youre most likely to grind your teeth without knowing it. Also try to incorporate some stress-busting techniques into your lifestyle, whether its a Thursday night yoga class or regular walks on the beach. Alternatively, you could take up kickboxing and punch the living daylights out of a bag. Teeth-Wrecking Habit # 7: Sticky, Gummy Candy So you have a sweet tooth: welcome to the entire human race! However, your choice in sweet indulgence may just be the difference between healthy and decayed teeth! Sticky toffees, gummy candies and caramels are absolutely terrible for your teeth. They have a habit of getting stuck in the tiny cusps, cracks and crevasses in and between your teeth, providing bacteria with an absolute feast for hours! Plaque levels can soar after such an indulgence and if you dont brush your teeth soon, this plaque (which is actually bacteria) can cause the development of cavities and tooth decay. Surprisingly enough, chocolate is a far safer sweet indulgence! Its molecules are quite fatty, which means that they get washed away by saliva far easier and dont tend to stick to the surface of your teeth. Whatever your weakness is, however, always maintain a high standard of oral hygiene to minimize your risk of tooth decay and tooth loss, or you may just find yourself booking an appointment with the Stamford dental implants specialist! Stay Tuned for Part 4 If you want to avoid needing Stamford dental implants later on in life, stay tuned for the fourth and final installment of this article series to find out more of the bad habits, addictions and behaviors you should be avoiding or seeking professional treatment for!


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