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New Mexico FFA Agricultural Mechanics Career Development Event Plumbing

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New Mexico FFA Agricultural Mechanics Career Development Event Plumbing Slide 2 Agriculture, Food and Natural Resource Standards Addressed! PST.01.02. Apply physical science and engineering principles to design, implement and improve safe and efficient mechanical systems in AFNR situations. PST.01.02.02.a. Identify the tools, machines and equipment needed to construct and/or fabricate a project in AFNR. Slide 3 Slide 4 Slide 5 Boiler Drain Used to release waste liquids from some type of storage vessel such as a hot water heater. Slide 6 Slide 7 Chain Wrench Used to hold pipe and other round objects and for tightening or loosening of pipe and fittings. Slide 8 Check Valve A check valve allows liquids to only flow in one direction. Slide 9 Clear Vinyl Tubing Clear Vinyl tubing is used to carry fluids that are under high pressure, very flexible which eliminates fittings. Slide 10 Compression Repair Coupling Should be used to make temporary repairs on PVC and metal pipes where a break or leak occurs. Slide 11 Copper Hot Water Heater Plumbing Pipe. Used to attach a hot water heater to inlet and outlet valves. Slide 12 Copper Tubing Cutter Used to cut and de-burr copper tubing. Slide 13 Slide 14 Slide 15 Drum Auger Quite often referred to as a plumbers snake. May be electric or hand powered and is used to clear stopped drains. Slide 16 Flange A rim or collar used to hold a pipe or shaft in place. Slide 17 Slide 18 Float Valve Used for controlling the water level in a storage reservoir. Slide 19 Slide 20 High Pressure Tubing Used to prevent hose rupture on implements such as sprayer and power washers. Slide 21 Hose Bib A threaded male end faucet also known as a wall hydrant Slide 22 Lawn Faucet/Sillcock A threaded female end faucet generally used on the exterior wall of a building. Slide 23 Gate Valve A valve in which the line-closing element is a gate that is raised or lowered to regulate flow Slide 24 Ball Valve A valve that uses a ball to seal against the seat Slide 25 Globe or Stop Valve A valve in which the closing element is a sphere, or a flat or rounded gasket, which is moved into or onto a round port Slide 26 Slide 27 O Ring An O ring is used to form a seal between two metal parts. Slide 28 Slide 29 Pipe Plug Closes off the end of a pipe similar to a cap but fits inside the pipe. May also be used on a flat surface such as an oil pan, engine block. Slide 30 Pipe Cap Closes off the end of a pipe by threading on to the outside of the pipe. Slide 31 Pipe Thread Compound A putty applied to pipe threads before fittings are tightened. Aids in forming a water tight seal. Slide 32 Pipe Vise Used to hold pipe securely when cutting, threading, or reaming. Slide 33 Plastic Pipe Black in color and comes in rolls. Size may vary and it is joined together using clamps and fittings. Relatively inexpensive and used when covering a great distance. Slide 34 Plastic/PVC Pipe Cutter A plier like tool designed to cut plastic and PVC pipe. Slide 35 Pipe Dies Used to thread a variety of sizes of pipe manually, uses a ratcheting handle. Slide 36 Pressure Switch An electric control mechanism that activates a pump when water levels drop in a storage reservoir. Also used to activate air compressors. Slide 37 Propane Torch Generally used to heat copper tubing for sweating purposes. Slide 38 PVC Coupling A glue on fitting used to connect two pieces of pipe. Slide 39 PVC Elbow May be a 45 degree or 90 degree, used to form a corner in pipe. Slide 40 PVC Pipe Rigid plastic pipe, generally white in color, used for a variety of plumbing purposes. Fast glue based assembly. Slide 41 Rigid Copper Tubing May be used for water and some gases. It is normally connected with sweat on fittings. Slide 42 Stop and Waste Valve This type of valve allows you to turn off the flow of liquid and drain the system. Slide 43 Street Ell or elbow Used to connect two different sizes of pipe while making a forty five or ninety degree turn. Generally found in black and galvanized pipe. Slide 44 Submersible Pump An electric powered pump that is placed inside well casing to pump water to the surface. Slide 45 Sucker Rod Rods used to connect a wind mill to the pump at the bottom of the well casing, or a pump jack to a pump in the casing. Slide 46 Sump Pump A pump that is used to remove water that has accumulated in some type of pit. Slide 47 Sweat On Copper Tubing Fittings Copper fittings that are connected using heat and solder rather than threads Slide 48 Tee Used to connect three joints of pipe. May be found in black, galvanized or PVC. Slide 49 Teflon Tape A thin, flexible tape attached that seals threads to form a water or gas tight seal. Used in place of pipe thread compound. Slide 50 Thermcouple A sensor for measuring temperatures. Used in hot water heaters and furnaces to activate the heating elements in gas units. Slide 51 Union Most commonly used to connect two gas lines or pipes together, may be black pipe or galvanized. Slide 52 Washing Machine Hose A short heavy duty hose used to connect a washing machine to a hose bib. Slide 53 Ag Teacher Recliner (Also known as the Lazy Bowl) Used for critical thinking, problem solving, and reference review.

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