New First Baptist Church (Taylorsville) ¢â‚¬“Women¢â‚¬â„¢s Day 2014 Celebration¢â‚¬â€Œ Elementary Education with

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Text of New First Baptist Church (Taylorsville)...

  • ANNOUNCEMENTS / BULLETIN UPDATES … Please submit in “writing” no later than Wednesday at 6:30 pm for the following Sunday in order for them to appear in the bulletin or to be announced.

    Drop off at Church Office, Church Office Mailbox or E-mail

    Church Office Hours: Monday: Church Clerk/Secretary Out of the Office. Tuesday: 12 Noon — 6 PM Wednesday: 9:30 PM — 4 PM & 6 PM — 7 PM Thursday: 9:30 AM — 4 PM Friday: 9:30 AM — 4 PM


    Scripture: ________________________________________________________________

    Sermon Topic: ____________________________________________________________

    Notes: ___________________________________________________________________





    PRAYER … Now that I have listened and learned, now LORD, help me to live

    according to Your Word. Amen

    Noon Day Prayer Band Each Tuesday

    Mid-week Prayer Meeting Wednesday, 7:00 pm - 7:45 pm

    Youth Bible Study Wednesday, 7:00 pm - 8:15 pm

    Adult Bible Study - Wednesday 7:45 pm - 8:30 pm

    Deacon C. Leslie Williams Chairman, Deacon Ministry

    757– 393-2424

    Trustee Michael E. Kearney, Sr. Chairman, Trustee Ministry


    Church Office: 757- 399-6730

    Church Fax: 757- 399-6358

    Transportation: 757-726-3334

    Web site / NewFirstBaptistChurchTaylorsville


    Sister Emily V. Harris


    In Reverence to the Holy Spirit, we request that there be no walking during Prayer, Reading of Scripture and Ministering of THE WORD.

    Women’s Day 2014


    New First Baptist Church (Taylorsville)

    2720 Turnpike Road ~ Portsmouth, Virginia 23707

    “Women Walking by Faith, Not by Sight”

    2 Corinthians 5:7 (KJV) . . . For we walk by faith, not by sight.

    Sunday, September 21, 2014

    Worship Services

    7am & 11:15 am

    First Lady Dennine J. Smith

    Women’s Ministry Leader

    Trusteette Joycetine Burton


    Reverend Dr. William J. Smith, Jr., Pastor

  • “Women’s Day 2014 Celebration”

    From Our Pastor . . .

    We give glory, honor, and praise to our God who has provided us with another

    opportunity to celebrate Women’s Day. Women are a vital part of our

    congregation, and I am blessed to have a dynamic woman of God standing beside

    me in ministry, First Lady Dennine Smith. Quiet, as it is kept, if it was not for

    women in our church many pews and positions would be

    vacant. Thanks for taking charge this Sunday.

    Excitement fills the air today as we hear from guest

    preachers to share with us what the Lord has given

    to them. Thank you, Pastor Reid and Elder Mason,

    for taking time to share with us from God’s word.


    We praise God for the leadership of our

    Women’s Day Chair and Vice Chair and the entire

    committee who have supported them. I am appreciative

    of the enthusiasm you demonstrate each year while putting together this annual

    experience. I encourage you as Women of Faith to continue “walking by faith

    and not by sight.” May God bless us this day as we continue in up building

    God’s kingdom.

    Peace and Love,

    Rev. Dr. William J. Smith, Jr.

    Our pilgrim walk is not by sight,

    For we cannot see ahead;

    We walk by faith in Jesus Christ…

    And by His hand we are led.

    Our Shepherd meets our every need,

    Great blessings are ours to reap;

    Faith as a grain of mustard seed…

    Can move mountains that are steep…

    Walk by Faith!

    Sunday, September 21st

    7 AM — Guests: Brower/Shamberger Horseshoe Tournament Group

    Monday, September 22nd


    Tuesday, September 23rd

    12 Noon Noon Day Prayer Band 1 PM Helping Hand Ministry Meeting with Pastor Smith 6:30 PM Women’s Day 2014 Committee Officers Meeting

    Wednesday, September 24th: 7 PM — 8:30 PM

    7 PM Midweek Prayer Service — Female Usher Ministry in Charge 7 PM Youth Bible Study 7:45 PM Adult Bible Study

    Thursday, September 25th

    11 AM Trusteette Ministry Meeting 6 PM Evening Line Dance Class (Tutoring Room, 2nd. Floor)

    Friday, September 26th

    10 AM Boxing Items for EBOLA Outbreak

    Saturday, September 27th

    10 AM — 1 PM Combined Usher Ministry Meeting MANDATORY — Fellowship Hall 12 PM — 2 PM Angels with Wings Praise Dance Ministry Rehearsal 2:30 PM Steelettes Youth Choir Rehearsal

    Monday, September 29th

    6 PM — 8 PM Angels with Wings Praise Dance Ministry Rehearsal 6 PM Deacon Ministry Meeting 6:30 PM Deaconess Ministry Meeting 7 PM Joint Board Meeting

    “EBOLA Outbreak”

    Asking the congregation for support in providing supplies for the EBOLA Outbreak. Please consider

    purchasing at least one of the following:

    Chlorine Bleach  Hand Sanitizer  Canned Beans (kidney, lima, butterbean, black-eye peas, red beans)  Canned tuna, chicken breast or sardines Uncooked Rice Medical Gloves  Medical Masks  Clorox Wipes

    Supplies are needed by Wednesday, Sept. 24th. Pastor

    Smith will also need assistance boxing items on Friday, September 26th at 10AM. Contact the church office or sign up in the fellowship hall if you are able to assist in boxing the items. Please share your support. Thanks in advance.

    Helping Hand Ministry Meeting

    with Pastor Smith Tuesday, Sept. 23rd @ 1 PM

    Those interested in being a part of this Ministry are encouraged to attend.

    Combined Ushers Ministry Meeting

    Saturday, Sept. 27, 2014 10 AM — 1 PM, Fellowship Hall

    Mandatory — All Ushers to be in Attendance. Discussion: NFBCT

    Ushers Handbook / Election of 2015-2017 Officers.

    Sis. Doris Belton, Ministry Leader


    Registration: Senior & Evening Line Dance Sessions. Forms located in

    the Fellowship Hall.

  • “Women’s Day 2014 Celebration”

    Trusteette Joycetine Burton, Vice-Chairperson

    “The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want” . . . Psalm 23:1

    Hello, New First Baptist Church Taylorsville Family & Friends

    It has been a pleasure working with the Women’s Day 2014

    Committee and being asked to serve as Vice-Chairperson for the

    “Women Day Celebration 2014”. The road that you have to

    travel, to make this day a success, has truly been an experience. I

    am honored and blessed to have had the opportunity to serve you.

    It has also been a great pleasure serving with Chairperson, Sister Emily V. Harris

    (Cookie). She is such a lovely person. There should be more people like her. I thank

    you for the prayers, guidance, love, and support. With God’s strength and grace, I

    will continue this journey “Women Walking by Faith, Not by Sight”.

    “May God Be With You Always”

    Sister Emily V. Harris, Chairperson

    To the all wise “GOD,” our Father, His son, “JESUS,” and

    The Comforter — “The Holy Spirit,” to whom I give all Honor,

    Glory, and Praise.

    I Pray God will Bless all my Brothers and Sisters with Peace,

    Prosperity, and Power as you seek to have a closer relationship

    with the Almighty. Every day is a gift given to us by our Heavenly

    Father. It belongs not more to the young than to the old, and

    tomorrow belongs to no one. The day is always his who works in it with

    sincerity and love; for Love should stay with us because God is Love. I pray that the

    outward man and inward man be as one for we need to give God the recognition as

    the giver of all things good and Holy. To my Precious, Meek, and Loving Vice-Chair,

    Trusteette Joycetine Burton, I wish to share these words of Love to you:

    “I believe that God will never send, A gift so Precious as a Friend.

    A Friend who always understands, and fills each need as it demands.

    Who sees no fault and merits no blame, But keeps on Loving just the same;

    Earth's gifts a sweet enjoyment lend, But only God can give a true Friend.”

    God Loves you and I do Too!!!!

    To all my supportive, Brothers and Sisters of NFBCT, during this Women's Day 2014

    Celebration, I say "Thank You". I wish


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