Networking Relationships What is a computer network?

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  • Networking RelationshipsWhat is a computer network?

  • What is a Computer Network?a network is: group of two or more nodesconnected together by transmission mediafor the purpose of sharing resources

  • Network ElementsNodea node is any hardware device that is directly connected to a networkExamples include:Assorted types of computer systemsPrinters and plottersScannersCommunication hardware (modems, etc.)Hard Disk Drives

  • Network ElementsTransmission Mediathe transmission media consists of the physical connections, that facilitate the transmission of signals, between nodes on a networkTelephone linesTwisted Pair cableCoaxial CableFiber-optic CableMicrowave TransmissionSatellite Transmission

  • Network ElementsResourcea resource is a hardware, software, or data sourceExamples include:Storage space on Secondary StorageAbility to send a email from an iPhoneProcessing power of high performance CPUOutputting to high quality printerApplication executed from HD of remote systemTransfer of data files from node to nodeWeb Pages requested and received

  • Types of NodesA typical network includes several nodes; some nodes act as server, some as client, and some as both server and clientServera server is a node that makes its resources available to and for use by other network nodes; therefore, a server shares its resources across the networkClienta client is a node that requests and uses resources on a network which are made available and shared by a server on the network

  • How are Resources Shared?Resources are shared across networks through network servicesServicea service is a communication scheme or standard supplying some public demand for shared resources on a network; scheme consists of user interaction characteristics and the protocol for transmitting signal.

  • Network ServicesLets look at a specific network, the InternetInternetthe Internet is a global public network facilitating all sorts of services; the Internet is the largest world-wide networkLike in smaller networks, resources are shared over the Internet using services

  • Network ServicesSome of the services facilitated by the Internet are:E-mailthe email service is a network service that facilitates exchange of messagesWorld Wide Webthe world wide web service (WWW) is a network service facilitating the transfer and display of hypertext document filesFile Transfer Protocolthe file transfer protocol service (FTP) is a network service that allows for relatively fast transfer of whole files