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<p>AN INDUSTRIAL TRAINING REPORT UNDERGONE AT</p> <p>PREPARED BY: PAVSIYA CHINTAN B. S.Y.B.B.A. +91 9277503367</p> <p>GUIDED BY: MR.SHAHEZAD BODILA LECTURER</p> <p>SWAMI SAHAJANAND COLLEGE OF COMMERCE AND MANAGEMENT BHAVNAGER UNIVERSITY BHAVNAGAR</p> <p>BATCH: 2009-2012</p> <p>A PROJECT SUBMITTED A PROJECT SUBMITTED TO BHAVNAGAR UNIVERSITY OF BHAVNAGAR TO BHAVNAGAR UNIVERSITY OF BHAVNAGAR IN PRACTICAL FULFILMENT OF IN PRACTICAL FULFILMENT OF THE DEGREE OF THE DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF BUSINESS ADMINISTARTION BACHELOR OF BUSINESS ADMINISTARTION PREPARED BYPAVSIYA CHINTAN B. S.Y B.B.A ROLL:-NO:-145 +91 9277503367</p> <p>GUIDED BYSHAHEZAD BODILA (LECTURER)</p> <p>SWAMI SAHAJANAND COLLAGE OF COMMERCE &amp; MANAGMENT BHAVNAGER UNIVERSITY BHAVNAGAR ACADEMIC YEAR 2009-2012</p> <p>CANDIDATES STATEMENTI undersign PAVSIYA CHINTAN.B the student of S.Y.B.B.A hereby declare the project work presented in this report in my own work and has carried it out under the guidance of SHAHEZAD BODILA of SWAMI SAHAJANAND COLLEGE OF COMMERCE AND MANAGEMENT the data contain in the project report is authentic and not copied from any project report.</p> <p>DATE:. PLACE:-BHAVNAGAR</p> <p>SIGNATURE:.. (PAVSIYA CHINTAN B)</p> <p>.</p> <p>PREFACE</p> <p>B.B.A is management course and as a part of S.Y.B.B.A. I am student S.Y.B.B.A of SWAMI SAHAJANAND COLLEGE OF COMMERCE AND MANAGEMENT BHAVNAGAR. The main objective behind this is to get practical knowledge about industry and environment. Now I can say confidently that this report will be inclined my practical knowledge and improve my not only managerial skills but also personal skills. As a part of the curriculum the industrial training was to be taken in an industry and a report was to be prepared the report basically comprises of :General information and history Human resource department Marketing department Finance department According to our syllabus prescribed by BHAVNAGAR UNIVERSITY, I have finished my practical study. With a great zeal and gaiety, I put this report before you. I have presented information of four subjects according to S.Y.B.B.A. syllabus. this report is the reflect of which I have tried my level best to present information regarding NAVBHARAT. For this purpose I had visited NAVBHARAT STEEL RE- ROLLING MILL Bhavnagar- Rajkot highway, sihor. Bhavnagar.</p> <p>ACKNOWLEDGEMENT</p> <p>The phenomenon remains same that no project report ever can be executed proficiently and efficiently without sharing the meticulous ideas managerial expertise and innovative thought put forwards by the managerial and non managerial veterans by the managerial veterans. Knowledge in itself is a continuous process at this moment of my substain encasement. I ready find enough words to expressed my gratitude towards those who were constantly involve with me during my project report. I would like to place on records my grateful thanks to people who have help me through the successful competitions of my project report. In this regard first of all I would like express deep gratitude to our college trust managing directors Dr. SURESHBHAI SAVANI and principal Miss. HETALBEN MEHTA and B.B.A coordinator Mrs. POOJABEN MEHTA and SHAHEZAD BODILA for sharing their precious knowledge with me and helpful to me. I would like to thanks AJAYSINH SARVAIYA of NAVBHARAT STEEL RERONG MILL who give us the permission of training in NAVBHARAT STEEL REROLLING MILL and all the other staff members who have been helpful to us either directly or indirectly. I am thankful to all the other faculties of my ssccm college for providing me support either directly or indirectly. The practical knowledge which is necessary in this world which I got through this project report by studying B.B.A in such a good ssccm.</p> <p>DATE: PLACE:-BHAVNAGAR.</p> <p>NAME:-PAVSIYA CHINTAN B. SIGN:-</p> <p>INDEX</p> <p>SR. NO</p> <p>PARTICULAR</p> <p>PAGE NO.</p> <p>1 2 3 4 5</p> <p>GENERAL INFORMATION HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT MARKETING MANAGEMENT FINANCE MANAGEMENT BIBLIOGRAPHY</p> <p>1-12 13-35 36-46 47-62 63.</p> <p>CONTENT</p> <p>NO 1 2 3 4 5 6 7</p> <p>PARTICULAR INTRODUCTION HISTORY OF THE COMPANY PROFILE OF THE COMPPANY SIZE OF THE UNIT FORM OF THE ORGANIZATION MENUFACTURE PROCESS ORGANIZATION STRUCTURE OF THE UNIT TIME KEEPING SYSTEM INDUSTRIAL CONTRIBUTION OF THE UNIT</p> <p>PAGE NO 1-2 3 4 5 6 7-8 9-10</p> <p>8 9</p> <p>11 12</p> <p>INTRODUCTION</p> <p>I have completed my industrial training In NAVBHARAT, for the practical knowledge as part of management and general information of industry, in that HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT, MARKETING MANAGEMENT,</p> <p>FINANCE MANAGEMENT. A rolling mill is a machine for factory for shaping metal by passing it between rollers. Rolling mills are often incorporated into integrated steel works, but also exist as separate plants and can be used for other materials. Rolling mills historical have been of several kinds.</p> <p>A slitting mill was used to cut flat bar iron into rods for nall marking.</p> <p>From the industrial resolution, peddled iron, after consolidation with a powered hammer , was rolled into bar iron using a rolling mill with grooved rolls, the droves provided were progressively smaller, so that on successive of the bar became smaller and the bar itself longer. By designing the rolls appropriately, it is possible to obtain iron or steel with and railway rails, electrics and steels are normally used in every industrial unit but iron is also very important and necessary in industrial unit.</p> <p>The main products of the companies are.</p> <p>1- M.S.Flat bar.</p> <p>2- M.S.Angle bar.</p> <p>3- M.S.Round bar.</p> <p>4- M.S.Square bar.</p> <p>-1-</p> <p>-2-</p> <p>HISTORY &amp; DEVELOPMENT OF THE UNIT</p> <p>The history of NAVBHARAT defines that how it progressed and how it got success. NAVBHARAT STEEL RE-ROLLING MILL Established in the year 1994 having the purpose to manufacturing various products of steel bars. The production of the company has started with the help of single rolling mill is that with 7 stands with and also with well furnished. Then, in the year, 1999-2000 company has installed another set of machinery with further develop with the production of M.S. Angle, M.S. Flat, Square and Round Bar and also produce various sizes bars like 6, 8, 10, 12, and 16. Initially production of the unit was 4000 increased capacity the company has got ISI mark and ISO 9001-2000 certificates.</p> <p>-3-</p> <p>FORMATION OF THE COMPANY</p> <p>Company Name Address</p> <p>::-</p> <p>NAVBHARAT STEEL RE-ROLLING MILL Survey No:-268/1 Rajkot-Bhavnagar highway Sihor-364240 Dist. Bhavnagar-(guj)</p> <p>Office</p> <p>:-</p> <p>12, sagardeep, lokhand bazaar Bhavnagar.</p> <p>Managing director</p> <p>:-</p> <p>Mr.Bhagirathsinh G. sarvaiya Mr.Bhagirathsinh G. sarvaiya Mr.Ajaysinh state bank of India V.M.Shah &amp; co. Bhavnagar. 1994 1st April to 31stMarrch</p> <p>Promoter of the company: Manager Banker E-mail add Web site ::::-</p> <p>Auditors of company: Establishment year : Accounting year :-</p> <p>-4-</p> <p>SIZE OF THE UNIT</p> <p>Size of the unit means, how much the investment of company and how much the turnover is. According to Indian government rules or say policy, this is recognizing by the government.</p> <p>THERE ARE MAINLY 3 TYPES (SCALE) OF INDUSTRIES:-</p> <p>1. SMALL SCALE: -Investment is up to Rs. 1 to 5 corers.</p> <p>2. MEDIUM SCALE: - Investment is between Rs. 5 to 10 corers.</p> <p>3. LARGE SCALE: -Investment is more than Rs. 10 corers.</p> <p>According to India government rules NAVBHARAT STEEL REROLLING MILL is small scale industry, because the investment is of Rs.40 lacks. Small scale industry plays a vital role in the countrys economy.</p> <p>-5-</p> <p>FORM OF ORGANISATIONThere are various types of organization structures are as under:Sole proprietorship:- only one owner</p> <p>Partnership:- minimum 2 &amp; maximum 20</p> <p>Joint stock company:- artificial person created for carrying one some business by an association of person</p> <p>Co-operative organization:-minimum 2 &amp; maximum 10</p> <p>Government department:-public undertaking that is directly under the control of the minister</p> <p>Public corporation :- public corporation is a form of organization established for public welfare</p> <p>Government company:- Gov. Company is a company where in 51% of shares held by the central government and a state government jointly.</p> <p>Form of organization means weather the company is sole proprietor firm or partnership firm. Here NAVBHARAT is a partnership firm. The reason to choose the partnership firm is the investment is not to be done by only the single person and also an idea is not of the one person. According to Indian partnership Act.1932 Where two or more persons make an agreement to start a business &amp; share profits &amp; loss of the business can stated as partnership firm.</p> <p>-6-</p> <p>MANUFACTURING PROCESSManufacturing process means in what way the product is to be produce:The most time raw material comes from along ship breaking yard. Generally production process should be short, fair and speedy, because cost, price, and quality are depend upon the production process and technology. Therefore, manufacturing process is an important factor and plays vital role for profitability of firm. NAVBHARAT is producing items like M. S. Flat bar, M. S. square, M. S. round bar, M. S. angle bar, so the manufacturing process should not be very slow. The company is making this type of product at different size like 6, 8, 12, 16, 18 gage etc according to the demand. The company NAVBHARAT is produces. So, they use different ingredients for different products the whole process of the company may be classified in following stages:</p> <p>MANUFACTURING PROCESS CHARTRaw material (M.S.Billets / M.S.Ingots, M.S.Bars) Breaking in required size Pieces of billets &amp; ingots heated in furnace at require temperature. (Furnace heating by coal) Hot pieces of metal entered in to rolling mill stand. After passing hot pieces through rolling mill stand For Achieving Final product (Final products = M.S.Angle, M.S. Flats, Square bar, Round bar, etc.)</p> <p>-7-</p> <p>EXPLANATION OF MANUFACTURING PROCESS1) we are producer of angle, flats, round &amp; square , etc</p> <p>2) M.S. Billets is IS: 2830 is over basic Raw Material.</p> <p>3) Purchased M.S. Billets are bracken into required sizes with help of hammer.</p> <p>4) The pieces of Billets are heated to the require temperature in heating furnace running by coal.</p> <p>5) The hot metal is then entered into rolling stand where rolls are fitted according to the required size and type of the final product.</p> <p>6) After passing through the six rolls in rolling mill stand accordingly we achieve the required size and type of final product.</p> <p>Moreover it is note that this process is carried out under supervision of three skilled persons like foreman and his assistants. The entire process is been worked in the same time table.</p> <p>-8-</p> <p>ORGANIZATION STRUCTUREGenerally, the organization structure mainly depends upon the size &amp; the form of the form of the company. The organization structure of NAVBHARAT Includes Three Levels.</p> <p>1) Top level 2) Middle level 3) Lower level</p> <p>CHART Now, lets look at the organization structure of the NAVBHARAT STEEL RE-R OLLING MILL.</p> <p>PARTNER</p> <p>OFFICE ADMINISTRATOR</p> <p>FACTORY AMINISTRATOR</p> <p>LABOUR</p> <p>From the above organization chart we can see that the proprietor of the company is at the beginning by office administrator, factory administrator and labor.</p> <p>-9-</p> <p>TOP LEVELTOP LEVEL MANAGEMENT mainly consists of Board Of Director, Chief Executive, Managing Director Etc... They manage the whole business unit &amp; take decision about right policy, business promotion, legal provision &amp; all liabilities of a business unit. They also look after Human Resource Management, Marketing Management as well as Finance Management of company. In NAVBHARAT STEEL RE-ROLLING MILL Company in Top Level Bhagirathsinh G. Sarvaiya. He is director of the company</p> <p>MIDDLE LEVELMIDDLE LEVEL MANAGEMENT is the link between the Top</p> <p>Management&amp; The Lower Management. It consists of function like production, sales account &amp;personnel officers. They are experts of specific field and try to accomplish work by preparing programs for different section. In NAVBHARAT STEEL RE ROLLING MILL, the Middle Level Management consists of finance head, production head, and sales</p> <p>LOWER LEVELGenerally, BOTTOM LEVEL MANAGEMENT of Jobbers, Workers, Foreman etc...These people are important to the company as they are persons who produce the different products of the company, which the company producing on the Large Scale. IN NAVBHARAT STEEL RE ROLLING MILL INDUSTRY, the bottom level consists of many workers who take the guidelines for middle level, who is instructed by the top level.</p> <p>-10-</p> <p>TIME KEEPING SYSTEMTime keeping system is very important for each and every person organized for any small or large scale unit. It is basic requirement of all units. If we want to be success in our business we need to be very time punctual system. The organization can obtain their Goal If They Are Working in a Time System Set by the Firm. Time is very important in business and also our life one times its goes than they never return. In the same way NAVBHARAT STEEL RE ROLLING MILL is very strict in this matter. The manager director of the unit is very conscious that here aches in time. So, its employees and workers needs to reach at firm in time or before time but should not be late. The unit has been runner in a single shift only but if the demand of product is increased and if they are to be sent earlier than they go for two shift also. The regular shift is only one shift and the time is 10:00P.M. To 6:00A.M. It does not allow to workers, visitors or trainees to enter without the permission of higher authority and they keep attendance register for the record of its employees. The employees have to signed into that register when they enter in NAVBHARAT STEEL RE ROLLING MILL and when they leave the unit. The attendance register has been checked by the manager and it any loop poles are there they are rectified and checked upon</p> <p>-11-</p> <p>INDUSTRIAL CONTRIBUTION OF THE UNITIt is necessary for each and every organization to maintain a healthy relationship not only with their employees or customers but also with the industry situated in surrounding area of the industry. For getting such success in the market this relation should be maintain by a good organization. The following is being taken into consideration by the unit:</p> <p> The unit has maintained a good relationship with a view to developing its marketing channel. The unit a leading part in the industrial association and also in marketing such decision.</p> <p>The unit tries their level best to fulfill the demand of its customer by providing them better quality product and by providing employment the unit helpful by reducing such unemployment.</p> <p>-12-</p> <p>HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMET</p> <p>CONTENTNO 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 PARTICULAR INTRODUCTION DEFINITION OF HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT ORGANIZATION OF HUMAN RESOURCE DEPARTMENT RECRUITMENT SELECTION &amp; INDUCTION TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT JOB DESCRIPTIONHEALTH AND SAFETY</p> <p>PAGE NO 15 16 17 18 19...</p>